2020 RECongress Period 7

Religious Education Congress
Sunday, February 23, 2020

10:00 - 11:30 am



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7-01      What Happens When You Pray?  Arena

One of the most confusing questions in the spiritual life is: What happens when you pray? Many people are baffled by what is supposed to happen, or can happen, when you close your eyes. We will explore how emotions, desires, memories, insights, words, images and feelings are ways that God has of communicating with us personally. Fr. James Martin will be drawing from his upcoming book, “Learning to Pray.”

Rev. James Martin, SJ

Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin is Editor at Large of the Catholic magazine America. He is author of several award-winning books as well as his most recent, “Building a Bridge,” and his upcoming “Learning to Pray.” A popular speaker, Fr. Martin has given presentations at the Religious Education Congress each year for the past several years and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, retreats and parish groups. He has also appeared on several CNN documentaries.

7-02      Casting the Net Far and Wide: Implementing the New Pastoral Response for Asian-Pacific Islander Communities 

The new U.S. bishops’ pastoral response, “Encountering Christ in Harmony,” offers us a model of how to better minister toward and alongside of our Asian and Pacific sisters and brothers. Join us for a dynamic panel discussion among key Asian-Pacific Islander leaders on how this may be implemented in your diocesan, parish and classroom settings.

Most Rev. Oscar Solis

When Philippine-born Bishop Oscar Solis was ordained an auxiliary for the Los Angeles Archdiocese in 2004, he became the first Filipino- American bishop, and served as Episcopal Vicar of San Pedro Pastoral Region. In 2017, he was named to become the 10th bishop of Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah. Bishop Solis is a member of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church and Chair of the Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Island Affairs.

Most Rev. Alejandro Aclan

Born in Pasay City, Philippines, Bishop Alex Aclan was ordained a priest for the Los Angeles Archdiocese at St. Vibiana Cathedral in 1993. In addition to administrative roles at three parishes, he also served on the Council of Priests, the Vocations Office and was Vicar for Clergy. He was elevated to Monsignor in 2017 and ordained a bishop on May 16, 2019. Bishop Aclan serves as the Episcopal Vicar for the San Fernando Pastoral Region and is a member of the U.S. bishops’ Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs.

Jayne Ragasa-Mondoy

Jayne Ragasa-Mondoy is Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Honolulu, Hawaii. She serves as Vice-President of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership and is an advisory committee member to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Island Affairs. Ragasa-Mondoy is coproducer of the award-winning “One ‘Ohana” video series, has published numerous diocesan catechetical resources and articles, and is author of “Cultivating Your Catechists.”

Rev. Ricky Manalo, CSP, PhD

In addition to his liturgical compositions, Fr. Ricky Manalo has written numerous articles and books. He is a Paulist priest currently teaching in California at Santa Clara University and at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley. Fr. Manalo is also Director of the Cultural Orientation Program for International Ministers/Priests at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and serves as an advisor to the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church and the Secretariat on Divine Worship.

7-03      A Culture of Grace  

In the sacraments, we experience a true foretaste of heaven. You have likely experienced it firsthand. Perhaps you’ve even thought, “If everyone knew what I knew, they would all be here!” Well … they don’t know what they don’t know. In a culture steeped in consumerism, we have made even the reception of the sacraments a transaction. How do we bring greater richness to both our sacramental preparation and sacramental experiences so that our parish gathers not as consumers of sacraments but as a community steeped in a culture of God’s grace?

Steve Angrisano

Musician, composer and youth minister, Steve Angrisano has made countless appearances from diocesan gatherings to major events around the world. He has been featured at numerous conferences, including seven World Youth Days. Angrisano has presented at several National Catholic Youth Conferences, the National Pastoral Musicians Conference, and the L.A. Congress & Youth Day. His works include the CD “Leading Us Home” and the book, “Essential Songs for Youth Ministry.”

7-04      What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Global Church: A 360-Degree Review of the Catholic Landscape  

John Allen, a veteran observer of the Vatican and the global Catholic scene, will trace the major news headlines of the last year and tease out what they mean in terms of which personalities, movements and ideas in Catholicism seem to be gaining traction, and which seem to be falling by the wayside as the tides of history sweep on. He’ll pay special attention to the Vatican and Pope Francis, but will also bring other key venues and major players into sharp focus.

John L. Allen Jr.

Based in Rome, John Allen is President and Editor of Crux, the independent Catholic news site in partnership with De Sales Media, the Los Angeles Archdiocese and Word on Fire. He is the Senior Vatican Analyst for CNN and author of 12 best-selling books on Vatican and Catholic affairs in addition to numerous articles in major publications worldwide. A popular speaker both in the United States and abroad, Allen is author of “Robert Barron: To Light a Fire on Earth” and “Shahbaz Bhatti: Martyr of the Suffering Church.”

7-05      Dancing Our Way to Holiness: The Soul’s Slow Ripening  

How can we allow the temple of our bodies to be a dwelling place for the God of mercy? The path of Celtic Christianity teaches us many simple practices such as surrender, blessing each moment, holy pilgrimage and living closely to the earth. Come learn six simple movement prayers based on Celtic spirituality that can open your heart to mercy, deepen your call to holiness and become resources for your home community.

Betsey Beckman, MM

Betsey Beckman is a dancer, teacher, spiritual director, author and founder of The Dancing Word: Embodying the Sacred in Liturgy and Life. Her ministry includes liturgical movement, online prayer resources created with Abbey of the Arts, embodied arts retreats, and storytelling pilgrimages to sacred lands. The freelance choreographer presents internationally. Beckman is also Director of Movement Ministry at her home parish of St. Patrick Church in Seattle.

Laura Ash

Laura Ash is Music Director at St. Patrick Parish in Seattle, where she has supported the ministry of movement for over 20 years. Laura and her husband, David, have composed and published three collections of liturgical music, have created music for many dance offerings with Betsey Beckman, and have composed the music for the musical “Grace on the Margins,” which debuted in April 2013.

7-06      The Three S’s of Holiness: Surrender, Sacrifice, Single-heartedness

As we surrender to the Great Love and sacrifice our own agendas, we sense the wholeness, the holiness of God’s holding it all together. God’s invitation to jump-start each day is not easy! But they are the doorway into freedom, transformation and wholeness. Feeling pulled in too many directions? Come and hear a fresh invitation to holiness and mercy that is warm and welcoming.

Sr. Kathleen Bryant, RSC

Sr. Kathleen Bryant, a Religious Sister of Charity, lives in Dublin, Ireland and serves on her order’s leadership team. She has ministered as a retreat facilitator, spiritual director and workshop presenter revealing her passion for justice, spirituality, formation, women’s spiritual development and the abolition of human trafficking. Sr. Bryant has authored numerous articles and books and has presented workshops in Australia, Ireland and Africa as well as throughout the United States.

7-07     Seeking Healing Through Forgiveness  

Have you ever wanted to live a vibrant and abundant life, yet feel “stuck” with certain memories or experiences that you would rather forget? Have you wanted to be free of anger or resentment? At the very heart of our Catholic faith is the call to receive God’s forgiveness and to share it. Being wounded by the injustice of another is part of human life, and only through the graced experience of forgiveness do we let go of the anger and resentment that accumulate around our wounds. In this workshop, we will delve into what forgiveness really is, how it sets us free, and how it brings Christ’s powerful, healing love into our hearts and into the world.

Rev. John Burns

Rev. John Burns, a priest of the Milwaukee Archdiocese, is a promoter of vocations and of women’s religious and consecrated life. He speaks at national men’s and women’s conferences, preaches missions and directs retreats throughout the country and has appeared on Relevant Radio’s The Inner Life. Fr. Bums is author of “Lift Up Your Heart: A 10-Day Personal Retreat with St. Francis de Sales.” He also works extensively with the Sisters of Life and the Missionaries of Charity, giving retreats and conferences for them.

Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT

Sr. Miriam Heidland is a former Division I athlete who joined the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) in 1998. Her story has been featured on EWTN’s “The Journey Home,” and at the SEEK Conference, Relevant Radio and other outlets. She currently is Assistant to the SOLT Sisters’ General Superior and speaks regularly on the topics of conversion, authentic love, forgiveness, healing … and sports! Sr. Heidland is author of the book, “Loved As I Am,” and her podcast, Abiding Together, can be found on iTunes.

7-08     Do Not Be Afraid, I Am With You: How Sung Prayer Nurtures Courage, Hope and New Beginnings

Our sung prayer has the power to touch the human heart in times of pain and crisis, more than most medicines that are prescribed. Come together with your sisters and brothers to pray and sing “through, with, and in” Christ – to discover healing, peace, courage, strength and wisdom that we can access and call upon when we travel through the dark times.

David Haas

David Haas is Director of The Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer and Ministry in St. Paul, Minn., as well as the Animator for the Order of Baptized Franciscans. He has composed and produced over 50 collections of original liturgical music and authored more than 35 books. Haas was founder and Executive Director for 19 years of “Music and Ministry Alive!” and has traveled throughout all 50 states as well as internationally as a conference speaker, workshop presenter, retreat leader and concert performer.

7-09     What Would Jesus Post?  

This experiential session will explore how digital communications can be a beacon and messaging tool for the faithful, fallen away and future generations of our Catholic family. Using interactive activities and examples from Scripture, we will explore how and why Jesus would use digital communications today and the seven themes he would center his posts around. Examples will be shared during the session to help attendees visualize how they can implement digital communication for cate­chesis and connecting the parish community.

Sherry Hayes-Peirce

Sherry Hayes-Peirce serves as a social media consultant, lector and welcome center volunteer at her parish, American Martyrs Church in Manhattan Beach, Calif. She is a contributing writer for Catholicmom.com, the Hawaii Catholic Herald and the “Living Catholic in the 808” series for the Honolulu Diocese. She has presented at national and local Catholic conferences held in Sacramento, Las Vegas and Dallas as well as custom presentations for the dioceses of Honolulu and San Diego.

7-10        Making Happiness a Habit: Four Steps to a More Joyful Marriage  

Happiness in marriage comes, not so much from the “once in a lifetime” events (wonderful as they are), but by the things we do over and over again. What are these “habits of the heart” that lead to joy and fulfillment? They are firmly grounded in our Catholic faith, but social science research has also suggested their importance for human happiness.

Dr. Jim Healy

Jim Healy has spoken in over 90 dioceses on marriage and family topics and his marriage materials are widely used. President of Rooted in Love since 1999, he was Director of the Office of Family Ministry for the Diocese of Joliet, Ill., from 1989 to 2019. Dr. Healy has served as an advisor to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Marriage and the Family. He was honored with the 2000 Family Ministry Award from the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers.

7-11        “What Now, God?” Listening for God’s Call and Finding Our Path  

What does it mean to have a calling or vocation in today’s economy? These days, no one is expected to work at the same job for 40 years and retire with a gold watch. Even Jesus had two careers! Is God’s call a once-in-a-lifetime event, or do we experience God’s call in different ways throughout our adult lives? How do we know what God really wants us to do? We’ll explore what Scripture and tradition have to say about work, career and vocation. We’ll also review some practical discernment tools that can help answer these questions and help us minister to other adults and young adults wondering where God may be calling them next.

Douglas Leal

Douglas Leal is Vice President of Mission Inte­gration with Providence St. Joseph Health in Orange County, Calif., and previously led the Division of Adult Faith Formation for the Los Angeles Archdiocese. He has also worked as a management consultant and a professional actor and director. Leal is author of the skill-building book for lectors, “Stop Reading and Start Proclaiming!” and co-authored the 2017 and 2018 editions of LTP’s “Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Proclaimers.”

7-12        Called to Participate: How We Learn the True Christian Spirit  

We all know that liturgical participation is important. But it takes more than just showing up and doing a liturgical ministry to genuinely embody the true Christian spirit. It takes openness, discernment and conversion. To put it bluntly, we need to ask ourselves what good is it if the bread and wine change, but we don’t? Together we will explore three levels of liturgical participation that will help us enter more deeply into the life-changing encounter with Christ who invites us at every liturgy to be formed by the Spirit to give glory to the Father by our lives.

Diana Macalintal

Diana Macalintal is a speaker and author on liturgy and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults; her latest publications include “Your Parish Is the Curriculum: RCIA in the Midst of the Community” and the liturgical year resource, “Living Liturgy.” She is co-founder and Co-Director of the online resource, TeamRCIA. She has been keynote at several national gatherings, including the National Association of Lay Ministry, the Mid-Atlantic Congress and the Los Angeles RECongress in addition to her appearances there as prayer leader.

7-13     Engaging and Accompanying Young People: The Challenge and the Blessing!  

The research by Saint Mary’s Press published in “Going, Going, Gone: The Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics” focuses on young people who have left the Church. Now we need to identify the practical pastoral strategies that enhance affiliation and engagement with the faith community and examine implications for parish/school life, vocational discernment, liturgy and pastoral ministry. We will explore how young people are crafting a religious identity in a secular age and consider Catholicism as a comprehensive way of living. As ministry leaders and as caring individuals, we will explore what it means to accompany young people on their spiritual journeys.

Robert J. McCarty, DMin

Bob McCarty is a pastoral ministry consultant and trainer and has been in professional ministry since 1973, serving in parish, school, dio­cesan and national settings. He is Project Coordinator for Saint Mary’s Press’ research project on disaffiliated young Catholics and author of “Faith Talk” and “The Vision of Catholic Youth Ministry: Fundamentals, Theory and Practice.” McCarty also serves as a volunteer in youth ministry and faith formation at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Fulton, Md.

7-14     Be Merciful as Our God Is Mercy Incarnate  

Mercy is the virtue of martyrs and mystics, prophets and poets and mature disciples of Jesus, the living breathing mercy of our God in flesh. Mercy looks like a stranger, “the other,” the least and poorest, all awaiting our hospitality and friendship. Mercy is born of justice and embracing human dignity in our relationships with everyone and the earth itself. Someone once described it as “mercy singing in the night,” God lying in wait for us, ready to leap out at us. Mercy breathes quietly, deeply in hidden corners. It is where our God hides, seeking us, breathing on us, as the Risen Lord breathed on his friends. Come, learn to feel his breath on you.

Megan McKenna

A New York native now living in Albuquerque, N.M., Megan McKenna travels internationally working with base communities, parishes, dioceses, religious orders and organizations. She is author of 49 books, including “The Book of the Poor”; her previous publication, “This Will Be Remembered of Her,” won a Catholic Press Association award. McKenna is an Ambassador of Peace for Pax Christi USA. She teaches at many universities, colleges and pastoral institutes around the world and presently works training elders in First Nations communities and dioceses in Canada and the United States.

7-15     Christian Activism as a Practice of Holiness  

We live in a historical moment in which many Catholics in the United States are reconnecting with the practice of “speaking out in the name of the Gospel.” Whether we advocate about life, human dignity, peace, care of the created order, just treatment of immigrants, global solidarity, etc., there is a conviction that we have something to say because we believe in Jesus Christ. This workshop is an invitation to reflect on the relationship among holiness, contemplation and advocacy as part of Christian activism. We will look at some examples and explore their implications.

Hosffman Ospino, PhD

Dr. Hosffman Ospino is Professor of Pastoral Theology and Religious Education at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry, where he is also Director of Graduate Programs in Hispanic Ministry. He is author and editor of several books on Hispanic ministry, religious education and Catholic parish life. Dr. Ospino served as a principal investigator for the National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry (2014) and for the National Survey of Catholic Schools Serving Hispanic Families (2016). He presently advances a National Study on Hispanic Vocations.

7-16     The Time Is Now! Early Investment in Faith Formation Lasts a Lifetime  

Participants will explore and investigate the guiding principles of a developmentally appropriate practice for children preschool through third grade. They will evaluate their faith formation instruction and approaches to develop strategies that are better aligned to the unique learning needs of our youngest catechists. The new stra­tegies will create connections and mastery for young children.

Pamela M. Perrino

Pam Perrino has been an early childhood advocate and educational consultant for Perrino Consulting since 2004. She has worked as an infant and toddler teacher, preschool teacher, director of a childcare center with the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and Professional Development Coordinator for Ohio’s Association for the Education of Young Children. Perrino also serves as an adjunct professor in the Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy program at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

7-17     River of Fire: An Account of the Spiritual Awakening That Led to Death Row  

“River of Fire” is the prequel book to “Dead Man Walking” and tells of Sr. Helen Prejean’s “slow” quickening to faith that does justice. For her, for a long time, faith in Jesus meant being charitable to those around and praying for God to comfort people suffering from injustice. In “River of Fire,” she tells of God’s gentle, relentless grace that woke her up to serve impoverished African Americans, who quickly became her teachers, introducing her to the “other America,” and, in turn, led her to Death Row.

Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ

Sr. Helen Prejean, a sister of the Congregation of St. Joseph, is author of “Dead Man Walking,” the book that has spawned an Academy Award-winning movie, a play and an opera. The human rights activist and speaker has been instrumental in sparking national dialogue on the death penalty and helping to shape the Catholic Church’s newly vigorous opposition to state executions. Based in New Orleans, Sr. Prejean travels the United States, Europe and Canada giving talks about her ministry.


7-18     Knock, Knock! Who’s There? (It’s Me, Jesus!)  

Some of the funniest jokes are knock-knock jokes. They are funny because after “knock, knock” we have no idea “who’s there”! And, of course, we never expect the answer to be so ridiculous. Well, God tells us that there will come a time when we will hear a “knock” and we shouldn’t be surprised with who is at our door. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock” (Rv 3:20). This interactive workshop will explore the times that Jesus knocks at our doors. From the homeless man knocking on our churches to the immigrant knocking on our borders, Jesus is trying to enter our world. The big question is: Are you willing to open the door?

Rev. R. Tony Ricard, MTh, MDiv

Fr. Tony Ricard currently serves as Pastor of St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish and as Campus Minister and Chair of Theology for St. Augustine High School in New Orleans. He is also an Instructor for the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University and Director of Knight Time Ministries. Fr. Ricard is a native of New Orleans and a former public schoolteacher. He has authored several books and has given keynote addresses, retreats, revivals and youth talks across the nation and in a total of 22 countries.

7-19     The Scrutinies are Coming ... the Scrutinies are Coming!  

There’s no need to fear the Scrutinies ... they are a chance to celebrate God’s love and mercy. Each year in Lent, the Church celebrates the three Scrutinies for the elect who are approaching the waters of baptism. What should we be doing before and after these liturgies to make them more impactful? This workshop will creatively examine the structure of the Scrutiny and allow those present to reflect on water, light and life through song, Scripture and reflection.

Michael Ruzicki

Based in Chicago, Michael Ruzicki is the Training and Events Manager at Liturgy Training Publications and served as Director of Music at Notre Dame de Chicago Church for the past six years. He is author of “Guide for Training Initiation Ministers: An Introduction to the RCIA” and “Signs and Symbols of the Liturgy” and is a former team member of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. Since 2017, he has served as the MC and conference coordinator for the National Gathering on Christian Initiation in Chicago.

7-20     The Problem of Justice in the “Twelve Prophets”: Critical Views of Ourselves?  

Can “justice” be a problem in prophetic books? Recent work on the so-called “minor” prophets (meaning “shorter,” not less important) has tended to read these 12 short books as finally one work intentionally edited together. But this raises some interesting problems with regard to a biblical theology of justice! In this session, Daniel Smith-Christopher will outline some of the latest work on “The Twelve Prophets,” and then focus on why this way of reading “one book” raises all kinds of possibilities – and a few thorny problems! As we know, what looks (at first) like a biblical “problem” can often become a significant insight for growth and learning.

Prof. Daniel Smith-Christopher

Dr. Daniel Smith-Christopher is Professor of Theological Studies, Director of Peace Studies and Director of the New Zealand Study Abroad programs at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he has taught for 31 years. He has published over 40 scholarly articles and 14 books and has been honored with numerous awards for teaching and research. Dr. Christopher has also appeared on several TV documentaries for A&E and The History Channel.

7-21      Beloved: Marriage Formation in a Post-Marriage Culture  

Does marriage matter anymore? That’s a question many ask today. But the sacrament of matrimony not only corresponds to our heart’s deepest desires, it leads to better lives and better societies. It is also at the very heart of God’s plan for human happiness. Discover how marriage is a “school of self-giving” in which men and women grow in Christ’s love, and how the key aspects of Christian marriage are at the service of the true love and happiness we desire in our married lives. Also, learn how the grace of the sacrament is available to couples so that they might participate more in Christ’s love and serve as a more profound sign of God’s love in the world.

Dr. Edward Sri

Theologian and author Dr. Edward Sri is an internationally known Catholic speaker who has spoken to hundreds of thousands of audiences – laity, catechists, clergy and religious. He is the host of the video series, “Symbolon,” and a founding leader of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), where he serves as Vice President of Formation. Dr. Sri is also adjunct professor at the Augustine Institute in Denver. He lives with his wife and children in Colorado.

7-22      Becoming the Face of Mercy    THIS SESSION IS CANCELLED

The prophets used symbolic language to make God present to the people: a burning bush; a mother who cannot forget her child. But, in Jesus, we encounter the human face of God, and through Jesus we come to know the unconditional love and mercy of God. Pope Francis has called on us to become agents of this mercy. We have a mission to proclaim the mystery of God to others. But only when we come to know this God personally can others enter into God’s mystery through us. If we truly are the “face of God” to others … when they see us, they will also see God.

Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP, PhD   Sr. Maureen Sullivan will not be attending RECongress 2020.

Sr. Maureen Sullivan is a Dominican Sister of Hope from New York. After 26 years of teaching theology, she is now Professor Emerita at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire. She also serves as a religion consultant for the William H. Sadlier Publishing Company. Sr. Sullivan has written two books on Vatican II: “101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II” and “The Road to Vatican II: Key Changes in Theology.”

7-23     Finding Christ on the Road  

Just like the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus, Jesus comes into our lives in mysterious, everyday ways, empowering us to become the people that God has made us to be. Through song, story and prayer, let’s discover, welcome and embrace the Christ in our midst.

Trevor Thomson

Trevor Thomson is Director of Music at Holy Name of Mary Parish in San Dimas, Calif. The full-time minister of music and liturgy has served as a recording artist and evangelist for 30 years. He is a published song writer and workshop presenter for Oregon Catholic Press and World Library Publications. Thomson has visited most of the United States as well as Canada and Italy through concerts, workshops, liturgies and prayer services. He has seven recordings, most recently the album, “In Shadow and In Light.”

7-70     Giáo Hội với nhóm LGBTQ và Thắc Mắc Về Tính Dục  

Lời giảng dạy của Giáo Hội về đời sống tính dục đã bị hiểu lầm, bóp méo và xuyên tạc đến độ nhiều bạn trẻ không chấp nhận vì tính vô lý của nó. Nhưng nếu nghiên cứu sâu xa và kỹ lưỡng, chúng ta hiểu được tại sao Giáo Hội có những lời dạy cần thiết này, đặc biệt là với cộng đồng LGBTQ.

               The Church and Sexual Morality – How to Care for the LBGTQ Community  

The moral teachings of the Church have been misunderstood, twisted and misinterpreted so much that many Catholics do not accept the Church’s teachings on sexual morality and view these teachings as illogical. However, when one explores the magnitude of the moral issues with all their possible dimensions, one understands why the Church teaches what she is teaching, especially with the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) community.

Linh Mục Matthêo Nguyễn Khắc Hy, PSS

Cha Hy Nguyen, một linh mục người Sulpician, đã được tấn phong năm 1997. Sau sáu năm giảng dạy tại Đại học & Chủng viện St. Mary ở Baltimore, Maryland, và ba năm tại Trường Thần học Oblate ở San Antonio, Texas, ông đã giảng dạy tại Đại học Công giáo Nước Mỹ ở Washington, D.C. Vào tháng 7 năm 2019, Fr. Hy được đặt tên là Hiệu trưởng Chủng viện Giả định ở San Antonio, Texas.

Rev. Matthew Hy K. Nguyen, PSS

Sulpician priest Fr. Hy Nguyen was ordained in 1997. After six years of teaching at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore, Md., and three years at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, he taught at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. In July 2019, Fr. Hy was named as Rector of Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, Texas.


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