2005 PERIOD 7

Religious Education Congress
Sunday, February 20, 2005
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


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7-02   Four Papacies, Four Futures for the Church 

John L. Allen, Jr.

John Allen will survey the four “political parties” he sees in today’s College of Cardinals, and then sketch out what it would mean for the next quarter-century in the Catholic Church if each were to produce a pope.

7-03   Shall We Gather? Faith Formation Assemblies for the Whole Community 

Leisa Anslinger

So much can happen when we invite the whole community to share faith and learn together. This session will take a look at faith formation for everyone in a variety of styles, for every season. See how intergenerational gatherings can become part of parish life and support households of faith.

7-04   Two Approaches to Catholic Identity: Modern and Post-Modern   (workshop closed)

There have been many proposals for what makes someone truly Catholic. How might a faithful person sort them out, and how do our biases about what makes us Catholic inform our ministries and relationships? Recent discussions in theology and cultural anthropology about the nature of communal identity can help shed light on these questions. Participants will learn two different basic ways of defining Catholic identity – “Modern” and “Post-Modern” – and will discuss how our presuppositions about Catholic identity influence our ministry.

Dr. Tom Beaudoin

Dr. Tom Beaudoin is Assistant Professor in the Religious Studies Department at Santa Clara University. He is author of “Virtual Faith: The Irreverent Spiritual Quest of Generation X “ and “Consuming Faith: Integrating Who We Are With What We Buy,” as well as many articles on theology and culture. Dr. Beaudoin is a frequent and popular speaker at the Religious Education Congress.

7-05   Let The Children Sing! Practical Ideas for Using Music in Religious Education    (workshop closed)

John Burland

From an early age, music plays an important role in the learning and development of children. Through song, movement and imagination, Australian John Burland will demonstrate and discuss practical ideas for using music to nurture faith development and spiritual formation in children. These songs and activities are suitable for children from early childhood to the elementary level. Come ready to sing, wiggle and celebrate!

7-06   A Novel Method of Adult Education & Formation: Explain What We See and What We Do 

Rev. John C. Cusick

Catholicism is a religion rich in ritual and symbol. We Catholics keep alive the meaning of our faith through the many symbols and images in our church buildings and through the varied rituals and actions that are a part of our Mass and Sacraments. Yet too many people – young and old – have only a vague idea of what all of it means. This workshop will explain it all!

7-07     Leadership for Ministry 

James J. DeBoy

The effectiveness of leaders is a crucial factor in moving successfully through complex and challenging situations. This is especially true for leadership in ministry. This workshop will address the criteria for a Catholic understanding of ministerial leadership, with focus on the importance of dialogue and collaboration as essential commitments for effective leadership in the Church today.

7-08     Biblical and Theological Foundations for a New Global Ethic 

Carol J. Dempsey, O.P., Ph.D.

Our Jewish ancestors celebrated the goodness of all creation and linked social sin to the suffering and devastation of the natural world. Today we speak of the sacramentality of all creation. In the context of the biblical text, this workshop revisions the Genesis creation story, explores the link between social and environmental justice, re-examines the concept of Imago Dei from a cosmological perspective and in relation to today’s global ethical challenges, and offers a new vision for a new global ethic, one that is rooted in a transformative understanding of “right relationship.”

7-09   Are You Purpose-Driven?

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forest, Calif., has blessed millions of Christians and “seekers” with his phenomenally successful book “The Purpose-Driven Life.” Some Catholic parishes have even gone through the Forty Days of Purpose program as a means of clarifying their mission. This workshop will look at the principles in “The Purpose-Driven Life” from a Catholic perspective. Participants are urged to bring their copy of the book. (Find ordering information at www.purposedrivenlife.com.)

Msgr. Raymond East

Msgr. Ray East is Director of the Office of Black Catholics and Vicar for Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. He served in six Washington parishes before being named to his present position. He has worked in the areas of liturgy, youth ministry and evangelization, and serves on the boards of St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, Pa., and of the University of Dallas.

7-10     Equipping Evangelizers: The Right Stuff

According to the “General Directory for Catechesis,” effective evangelization requires “the penetration of the deepest strata of persons and peoples by the Gospel” (GDC 109). What do we need to be and do to evangelize? What “strata” do we need touch with the transforming power of the Gospel?

Carole M. Eipers, D.Min.

Dr. Carole Eipers has served for over 20 years as a teacher, Director of Religious Education, youth minister and pastoral associate. She was Director of the Chicago Archdiocese’s Office for Catechesis for nine years and also served as President of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. An author and presenter in the area of catechetics, Dr. Eipers is currently Executive Director of Catechetics for William H. Sadlier.

7-11     Christian Meditation as Grace   (workshop closed)

This session turns to Thomas Merton, St. John of the Cross, and the 14th-century work “The Cloud of Unknowing” in exploring meditation as a way we can personally enter into the rich mystical heritage of the Christian faith. Intended for both beginners and experienced meditators, this session will include some basic guidelines for practicing meditation as well as a brief period of silent group meditation.

James Finley, Ph.D.

James Finley lived as monk for over five years at the cloistered Trappist monastery of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. For three of those years Thomas Merton was his spiritual director. Finley, also an author, has given silent retreats throughout the United States and Canada. He founded and teaches in the Contemplative Way program at St. Monica’s Church in Santa Monica, Calif., where he is also a clinical psychologist in private practice.

7-12   I’ll Be There For You: The Search for Connection in a Culture of Individualism 

Fran Ferder & John Heagle

From “Cheers” to “Frazier” to “Friends,” our popular culture is fascinated with the meaning of community and friendship. However superficial these TV sitcoms might at times be, they nevertheless reveal a deep longing for human relationships and a place where “everyone knows our name.” This presentation explores the hunger for human communion and the ways that we, as individuals and faith communities, can be there for one another in friendship and love.

7-13     Cultural Challenges to Worship in the United States 

Mark R. Francis, C.S.V.

Contemporary American culture influences the way in which we worship in the United States, both positively and negatively. Often, however, this influence is very subtle and not easily recognized. How can we creatively challenge both liturgy and the cultural influences that affect our worship to be true to the Gospel?

7-14     Embracing the Vision: Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation   (workshop closed)

The “General Directory for Catechesis” has inspired us with a whole new way of approaching sacramental catechesis in the Church: “catechumenal formation should inspire the other forms of catechesis in both their objectives and dynamism” (GDC 59). This workshop will provide a whole new context for doing sacramental preparation for Confirmation that renews the entire parish community, is liturgically based, promotes harmony vs. fragmentation in parish structures, and encourages a “conversion” catechesis for Confirmation that leads to transformation of the person.

Sr. Linda L. Gaupin, C.D.P., Ph.D.

Linda Gaupin, a Sister of Divine Providence from Pittsburgh, is currently Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Orlando, Fla. She has served as Chair of the Theology Department at La Roche College, Pittsburgh; Director of Worship for the Diocese of Wilmington, Del.; and Associate Director of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat for the Liturgy. Sr. Gaupin is a noted author and speaker, and has given presentations, workshops and keynotes in more than 30 U.S. and Canadian dioceses.

7-15   The Arts and Faith Formation

Music, dance and the visual arts are powerful means to pass on the heart of our beliefs. Come and explore, with composer Marty Haugen and theologian Susan Briehl, how music and drama can inspire and guide faith formation. Examples will include selections from the performance work, “That You May Believe,” based on the Gospel stories of John.

Marty Haugen

For the past 25 years, composer Marty Haugen has presented workshops and concerts across North America, Europe, Polynesia, Asia and Central America. His range of musical compositions continues to appear in numerous hymnals for Canadian and Australian Catholics, U.S. Evangelical Lutherans, as well as countless Catholic and Protestant denominations.

Rev. Susan R. Briehl

The Rev. Susan Briehl is a Lutheran pastor for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, serving as Executive Director of Holden Village in Washington state. Previously, she, along with her husband Martin Wells, served as campus pastors at Wash­ing­ton’s Pacific Lutheran University and at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Bellingham. Her writings include a devotional book for families with children.

7-16     Creative Ideas for Celebrating the Liturgical Year for Parish Families    (workshop closed)

Have your parish programs lost their attraction, become ho-hum, need some life? On a wagon trek west, a tour through “Holy Bones Cemetery,” and through the belly of a whale, Marianne Heames will take participants on a creative journey celebrating the liturgical year with fresh ideas.

Marianne Heames

Marianne Heames, a catechist, storyteller and retreat presenter, is also a clay artist and owner of Faith Expressions, which has exhibited at Congress for many years. She is a former co-Director of Religious Education, an Advanced Catechist for the Diocese of Tucson, Ariz., and certified catechist for the “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” program. She has presented parish and diocesean workshops and retreats throughout the West Coast.

7-17   A Holy Saturday Spirituality to Enliven Lent   (workshop closed)

How will you spend this Lent so that it really makes a difference in your spirituality and in your ministry? This workshop offers catechists, youth ministers and adult seekers some perspectives on Holy Saturday that can help to enrich the experience of this Lent, so that we can approach Easter with renewed perspective on our spiritual lives as individuals and as a Church.

Dr. Michael Horan

Michael Horan is currently Associate Professor of Religious Education and Pastoral Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He has ministered to youth and young adults in high schools and college campuses in New York and Washington, D.C., and is a well-known presenter of workshops and addresses. Dr. Horan is a contributing author to the parish textbook series entitled, “Blest Are We.”

7-18   Gospel Music: Singing the Teachings of Christ

This will be a session of songs that center on the teachings and commands that Jesus Christ gave to us. This exciting, hands-on overview will illustrate how music can be used as a valuable tool for conversion, mission and discipleship. Come experience sung music designed to be used at liturgy or at home – music that nourishes the whole community.

ValLimar Jansen

ValLimar Jansen has sung sacred music since she was 5 years old. She has sung and toured professionally throughout the United States and abroad, appearing in plays, musicals or as principal vocalist. Jansen is a college and university professor who is also a workshop presenter or leader of worship and prayer at conferences across the United States.

Tom Kendzia

A liturgical musician for over 20 years, Tom Kendzia is known throughout the United States as a composer and arranger, recording producer, teacher, clinician and performer. He is currently Director of Music Ministries at Christ the King Church in Kingston, R.I. Kendzia has authored a number of articles and columns and is composer of the 2001 L.A. Congress theme song, “Clothed in Love.”

Frank Jansen

Frank Jansen, a professional musician for 30 years, is a well-respected composer, arranger, performer and teacher. He has a degree in Music Composition and obtained his master’s degree in Liturgical Music from Santa Clara University. He has been the composer/arranger for numerous Jazz liturgies at conferences and conventions. He often is musical accompanist for his wife, ValLimar, at her conferences and workshops.


7-19   mary: media and meaning

Rev. Richard Leonard, S.J.

In our catechesis and preaching Mary either gets too much attention or too little. By exploring how Mary has been presented in art, in song and on film, this workshop will reclaim devotion to Mary that is sane, inclusive, liberating and Catholic.

7-20     Swords into Plowshares: The Hebrew Witness of Peace 

Dr. Daniel Smith-Christopher

In this session we will look closely at one of the most famous passages in the entire Old Testament: beating swords into plowshares! What is the history and meaning of this passage in Isaiah 2 (and repeated in Micah), and how can the Hebrew vision of peace guide modern Christians?

7-21   Awaken the Grace of Children’s Initiation   (workshop closed)

Robert W. Piercy

Come and learn ways to celebrate the journey of children’s initiation. Learn music for the different rites and the importance of words that children can understand. Let’s learn to adapt! (Bob Piercy will present this session with Beth Thompson.)

7-22   renewing faith through the sacraments   (workshop closed)

Sr. Maureen Sullivan, O.P., Ph.D.

Like the woman in Luke’s Gospel who touches the hem of Jesus’ cloak and is cured, Sacraments are moments when we “touch the sacred.” Luke tells us many in the crowd that day “bumped” into Jesus, but only one is transformed. What happens to us when we touch God in the Sacraments? Are we transformed by the presence of God? Or do we walk a “untouched” by the tremendous possibility offered in the sacramental encounter?

7-23   Faith In Action: Caring for Our Dying    (workshop closed)

It is in doing for one another that we truly show our love and faith. Hospice is a lifespan issue that invites individuals, parish ministries and religious to bring comfort, hope and compassion to those with life-threatening illness – children and adults, birth and pregnancy tragedies. This session will present opportunities to collaborate with hospices to embrace our dying brothers and sisters.

Lizabeth H. Sumner, R.N., B.S.N.

Liz Sumner has been involved in hospice care for over 23 years and is currently a consultant for The Children’s Program of San Diego Hospice. In 1987 she created the regional Children’s Program for terminally ill children, which has become a nationally recognized model for pediatric hospice care. She has consulted statewide and nationally and has spoken at local, national and international meetings on end-of-life care for children.

7-24   Micah, Bono and the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Jim Wallis

For the first time in history we have the information, knowledge, technology and resources to bring the worst of global poverty virtually to an end. What we don’t have is the moral and political will to do so. Faith communities could provide this crucial social leadership that the world so desperately needs.

7-25     Freedom, Love and “Inner Space”: Gifts of the Spiritual Wisdom Figures

Robert J. Wicks

Psychiatrist Carl Jung once asked, “Where are the wise and wonderful [persons] of old who did not merely talk about life but actually lived it?” Drawing upon the writings and lives of Mother Teresa, Henri Nouwen, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, the ammas and abbas of the desert, Shunryu Suzuki, Metropolitan Anthony, and other spiritual figures, Robert Wicks illustrates how they help us open up new “inner space” in our lives.

7-26     Structure and Meaning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist    (workshop closed)

Joyce Ann Zimmerman, C.PP.S.

During this presentation participants will go through a Sunday Liturgy of the Eucharist (with special emphasis on the Eucharistic Prayer), discussing the overall structure and meaning of each element. Discussion will help participants understand how the Liturgy of the Eucharist captures our whole Christian story and life.

7-51   Jaime Cortez presents: I Want To Be A Better Guitarist (bilingual)    (workshop closed)

Jaime Cortez

Come with your guitar and learn the techniques that Jaime Cortez uses in order to be a great guitarist. Cortez will share his routines to stay in shape and will give you ideas on how to play certain rhythms. He will also reveal some secrets that will help you develop your improvisational skills. You should be at least an intermediate guitar player to attend. (This will be a bilingual presentation.)

7-70   Vietnamese workshop

Mai Bui


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