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Thursday, February 17, 2005 (Youth Day)
February 18-20, 2005


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Thursday, February 17, 2005

8:30 a.m.
Opening Sessions

Youth Day 2005 officially gets underway with the enthusiastic sounds of Jesse Manibusan and Nellie Cruz in the Arena! You will also get to hear the great sounds of Youth Day newcomers Jacob and Matthew in Hall B. Our keynote speaker will be Fr. J-Glenn Murray from the Cleveland Diocese – a Youth Day favorite! Fr. Tony Ricard, from the New Orleans Archdiocese, will be giving the keynote address in Hall B.

9:45 a.m.
Morning Workshops

Immediately following our Opening Sessions, participants will be able to attend one of 13 Morning Workshops (listed on the following pages). We suggest that you share the list of speakers with your youth and let them choose (as a group) who they want to hear. There are many great speakers to choose from and most will be repeated in the afternoon.

11:00 a.m.

This day would not be complete without our Eucharistic Liturgies! Cardinal Roger Mahony will celebrate our Arena Liturgy, with music provided by youth from throughout the Los Angeles Archdiocese, under the direction of Ed Archer of St. Monica Parish in Santa Monica. Concurrently, we will have a second liturgy in Hall B. This Liturgy welcomes Fr. Tony Ricard of the New Orleans Archdiocese as its presider. Music for this Liturgy will be provided by youth from across the Santa Barbara Region, under the direction of John Vasellina of St. Raphael Parish in Goleta.

12:15 p.m.

Share a moment with other youth from the Archdiocese – and beyond – and catch some great lunchtime entertainment in the Arena!

1:30 p.m.
Afternoon Workshops

The Afternoon Workshops are a second chance to hear from some of the nation’s best speakers for young people.

2:45 p.m.

3:30 p.m.

Closing Rallies will be offered in the Arena and Hall B! These are great ways to end this incredible day! Join youth from across the Archdiocese as we close out Youth Day with speakers and musical artists seen earlier!


Thursday, February 17, 2005

A       The Great Adventure!

Truly living our faith is a great adventure! We are challenged by a loving God to make a difference in the world, to be witnesses of the faith that we profess – not in the future ... but TODAY! We’re not supposed to be waiting until we get older or wiser ... until we become priests, nuns or ski instructors. We live in a world that is desperate to know God’s love and we are called to be a light for this world. Take courage, see what an adventure life can be!

STEVE ANGRIASNO has been featured at major youth events nationally and internationally, including three World Youth Days, six National Catholic Youth Conferences and countless parish, school, camp and diocesan events. A youth minister, parish musician, and music director for 12 years, Angrisano is a composer of published liturgical and contemporary music.

B       Keeping Close to God

Sometimes, being close to God is easy. Other times He feels like He’s a million miles away. Our relationship with God is something we need to constantly work at keeping strong. Join APeX as they explore, in their unique way, the challenges of maintaining a strong faith life.

APeX MINISTRIES – a.k.a. Brad Farmer and Gene Monterastelli – are two young men who make their living by crisscrossing North America as evangelists. They use a unique presentation style they call “Christian Vaudeville,” which includes death-defying juggling, humor, drama, storytelling, audience participation and personal testimony. The duo can be found at APeXministries.com.

C       Give Me a Clean Heart: Reconciling Acts in Today’s World

Acts of reconciliation can be acts of heroism. This workshop will explore themes of reconciliation for young people in a complex and threatening world, using the stories of David and his children, as found in the Second Book of Samuel. Attention will also be paid to the prayer of Solomon, for discernment.

Born in East St. Louis, FR. JOSEPH BROWN is a member of the Society of Jesus and Pro­fessor and Director of the Black American Studies Program at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale. Prior to serving at SIU, he was Director at the Institute for Black Catholics Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans. Fr. Brown has written “A Retreat with Thea Bowman and Bede Abram” and “To Stand On the Rock.”

D       You’ve Been Punk’d!!

We’ve all been punk’d! Convinced that what we see around us on TV, in the movies and in magazines is real and the life we live is fake or, at the very least, not enough. We need a dose of reality and now! Created by a God who loves us as we are and calls us to be all we can – it is enough! The life we have and the reality that our life can be enough – and was created to be enough – allows us to live healthy, happy and holy lives. No longer punk’d!

Youth minister, retreat director, consultant – TAMMY EVEVARDE is a past member of the National Evangelization Team and Reach Youth Ministry Team, both traveling retreat teams. She has appeared in several publications, including YOU magazine, and featured on several television programs, including “Choices We Face.” She is currently trying her hand at writing.       

E       In Living Color – Celebrating a World of Cultures!

What does it mean to truly be part of a multicultural community? How can I learn to celebrate the diversity of my sisters and brothers? Each day we learn how boring the world would be if we were all the same. Come grow in our understanding of what it means to be the one Body of Christ!

PAUL FLOREZ has over 15 years experience as a bilingual diocesan youth minister and public relations professional. His time is split between on-stage work with Amigos Ministry (as performing song artist and bilingual workshop speaker) and behind-the-scenes work with Bridges Marketing Research Co., which works with dioceses to assess and develop ministry through budget planning, design and implementation of certification procedures.

H       Tears in Heaven: Coping with Hard Times

In this workshop participants will explore how faithful people find ways to cope when bad things happen in their lives. This workshop is interactive, so bring one story to share of how God’s presence was revealed to you during a hard time.

CAROLE GOODWIN has spent over 25 years in full-time ministry. The former Director of Religious Education, youth minister and pastoral associate has taught all ages, from first grade through graduate school. She is presently an adjunct professor at Spaulding University in Louisville and the University of Dayton in Ohio. She is currently Director of Youth Ministry and Young Adult Ministry for the Archdiocese of Louisville, Ky.

I        God “Verses” You

Most people think that reading the Word of God is about as exciting as reading a chili recipe ... but that wasn’t God’s plan for you. Join Mark Hart – a.k.a. “the Bible Geek” – and singer Matt Maher as they break open the Scriptures in a way you can understand. Laugh yourself into a deeper relationship with the Lord as you see how the Bible can change your life, even in 2005! (Afternoon Arena session only.)

An award-winning writer/producer, MARK HART currently serves as Vice President for LIFE TEEN International, running its Evangelization and Media division, which includes an Internet arm and television/film studios. Hart travels the world, speaking to both teenagers and adults, and may be better known under his penname “Bible Geek,” publishing biweekly Scrip­ture periodicals through www.lifeteen.com.

Since his appearance at World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto and the release of his first CD that same year, MATT MAHER has become a popular performer at youth ministry conferences and rallies. In 2003, he received the Unity Award for “Best New Artist of the Year.” Maher continues to lead music ministry with friend and mentor Tom Booth at St. Timothy Parish in Tempe, Ariz.

K       What It Means to Be Family

This workshop will celebrate families and help us to understand that we all have different definitions of “family.” In it, we will learn how to strengthen and transform our families through a better relationship with God.

ANNE McGAUGH works as a Deanery Coordinator of Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Knoxville, Tenn. She currently serves on their Youth Event Management Committee and has worked with youth for over 16 years. She was a speaker at the 2003 National Catholic Youth Conference in Houston and has presented workshops at several diocesan conferences.

M     Sharing Your Faith with Your Friends

This session will look at how to effectively share our faith with other teens. We will address the questions: How can we share our faith without being offensive? What do we say? How can we use our life in an evangelizing way? How do we build an environment that is evangelizing? Through an interactive approach and video case studies, participants will leave with some practical ideas on how to share their faith.

FRANK MERCADANTE is founder and Executive Director of Cultivation Ministries, based in St. Charles, Ill. Since 1991 this former director of youth ministry has trained thousands of youth ministry leaders across the United States and internationally. He has designed and written numerous youth ministry resources and has authored the books “Growing Teen Disciples,” “Positively Dangerous” and “Make It Real.”

P       Youth Leaders: Silly Putty or Super Glue?

Lots of people don’t give teens a chance to lead. Some people feel teens aren’t ready for the responsibility. Sometimes it’s easy to believe critics. Sometimes the tasks are tough and we get overwhelmed. Come, share and reflect on ideas to be builders of good service and leadership.

MIKE PATIN uses energy, humor and stories in his speaking engagements in 45 dioceses to groups of 10 to 10,000. Since 1984 he has worked with teen­agers and adults in a variety of settings as a high school religion teacher, campus minister, and assistant coach. He served in the CYO/Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office of the New Orleans Archdiocese for 12 years. He cur­rently travels across the country as a ministry consultant and speaker.             

S       Are You There, God?

Do you feel like you don’t know how to pray? When you do try to pray, do you feel like your prayers aren’t answered? Through her stories and songs, Danielle Rose will help to deepen your understanding of how to find Christ in your daily lives. This year, Danielle comes to Youth Day directly from her pilgrimage to Calcutta, where she is spending three months with Mother Teresa’s Sisters, the Missionaries of Charity.

At the age of 17, DANIELLE ROSE felt called to India to serve as a volunteer with Mother Teresa’s Missionary Sisters of Charity. One of Danielle’s prize possessions is a rose that Mother Teresa gave her as a reminder to share her gift of music. Born Danielle Skorich, she has taken the professional name “Danielle Rose” in commemoration of that occasion. Since 2002, she has been singing her way around the globe before crowds at conferences, youth gatherings and national conventions as a Catholic music missionary.

X       Sex has a Price Tag

In this session Pam Stenzel will tackle the tough issues of sex with candor, insight and humor and challenge young people to get the chastity advantage. (Morning Arena session only.)

PAM STENZEL’s career as a speaker stems from years of counseling young girls with crisis pregnancies. She is founder of Enlighten Communications, Inc., which empowers parents, youth leaders and educators to lead informed discussions on sexual abstinence and the benefits it produces. Stenzel travels both domestically and internationally, and has been a guest on numerous national TV and radio programs.

Z       Will God Help Me to Change for the Better?

David Wells uses short stories and comedy to illustrate how God takes our failure and confusion and uses them to help us grow stronger. Come and be amazed by what God can do with the little we give Him. This session is for anyone who quietly wants to change, finds it difficult, and sometimes feels like a hypocrite!

DAVID WELLS is Director of Formation for the Diocese of Plymouth, England. Previously, he served in England as Director of Adult Religious Education for the Nottingham Diocese. His speaking engagements have taken him throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States. Wells, who is also an author, has appeared at conferences of catechesis and evangelization and has appeared on several Canadian TV broadcasts.


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