2005 PERIOD 6

Religious Education Congress
Saturday, February 19, 2005
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


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6-01   With One Voice! Songs for Celebrating the Church Year With Children 

Music is a powerful and prayerful tool for awakening children to the riches of our yearly journey within the Catholic community. This workshop will present a variety of songs and associated activities that can assist children in developing a deeper understanding and knowledge of Church. Music for celebrating the Sacraments will also be shared and discussed. (These songs are­ suitable for children at the elementary level.)

John Burland

John Burland is an educator and composer of religious music for children and adults. The former assistant principal was a classroom teacher for 14 years and has spent 20 years as a religious educator in schools and parish communities. He is currently the Project Officer of Liturgy/Music for the Catholic Education Office in Sydney, Australia, where he conducts workshops, cele­brations and reflection days for children and teachers.

6-02   Simple Faithful to Mature Believers – Expectations of Catholic Adults    (workshop closed)

In the last 40 years in the United States there has been a dramatic shift in the expectations of Catholic laity from simple faithful to mature believers. Central to this development is a deepened understanding of the meaning of Christian discipleship. Using the U.S. Catholic bishops’ statement on adult faith formation, “Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us,” this workshop will identify the expectations of Catholic adults today and suggest approaches for fostering their continuing growth in faith.

James J. DeBoy

Jim DeBoy has been the Vice President for Mission at Bon Secours Hospital in Baltimore, Md., since 1999. Prior to accepting his position he served in the Baltimore Archdiocese for 21 year as Dio­cesan Director of Religious Education and Director of Leadership Development. He has been President of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership and contributed to the U.S. bishops’ document, “Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us.”

6-03     Claiming Our Prophetic Vocation for the 21st Century

The vision and charism of the prophets call us to act justly, to love tenderly, to walk humbly with God. This prophetic way of life also invites us to dream new dreams and become people of hope for all of life. This workshop explores the charism and spirituality of the prophetic tradition in light of the Jewish‑Christian biblical text and tradition, and in light of our contemporary world context that challenges and invites us to be poet‑prophets, history-makers and story‑tellers of a new day.

Carol J. Dempsey, O.P., Ph.D.

Sr. Carol Dempsey is Professor of Theology (Biblical Studies) at the University of Portland, Ore. The internationally known speaker serves on several national professional and editorial boards. Dempsey is author or editor of more than a dozen books and numerous articles in the areas of prophets, biblical ethics, biblical hermeneutics, the Bible and ecology.

6-04   The Scrutinies: Where Liturgy and Catechesis Meet    (workshop closed)

Dr. Jerry Galipeau

The three Scrutinies present an ideal opportunity for initiation catechists and Liturgy planners to minister together. Discover ways to prepare, celebrate and reflect on the Lenten Scrutinies for the Elect, both for adults and children. Examine ways to celebrate Penitential Rites for baptized candidates seeking to complete Christian initiation.

6-05     Mentoring in Ministry 

Michael J. Hagarty

“To love another person is to see the face of God” is a powerful line from the play “Les Misérables.” God connects with us deeply through the relationships of our lives. It is the U.S. bishops’ “Charter for Protection of Children and Young People” that has forced us to re‑examine our ministerial relationships. How do we foster mentoring relationships in Confirmation, faith formation and youth ministry programs that maintain safe environments yet effect real change? Participants will learn how to identify mentors, match them to young people, and train and support them.

6-06     Ministry Through the Lens of Evangelization    (workshop closed)

Evangelization is the essential mission of the Church. Christ calls us to follow Him. Yet there is no discipleship without evangelization – and there is no evangelization without discipleship. In this session, looking through the lens of evangelization, we will link ministry and discipleship.

Rev. John E. Hurley, C.S.P.

In 1997, Paulist priest John Hurley was appointed to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C., where he now serves as Executive Director of the Secretariat for Evangelization. The former Pastor of historic Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco frequently speaks before gatherings of clergy and lay leaders in dioceses across the country.

6-07   The Search Process: Recruiting Qualified Volunteers and Paid Staff for Church organizations     (workshop closed)

Quality ministry begins with hiring qualified pastoral ministers and selecting the right volunteers. This workshop will identify all phases of the successful recruitment process and discuss strategies for recognizing and rewarding good staff members and volunteers.

Mary Kessler

Mary Kessler has 20 years of human resource experience in the Catholic Church environment. She has assisted parishes and dioceses throughout the country in creating personnel systems grounded in Gospel values and Catholic social teaching on workplace justice. Currently, she is Director of Program Services for the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators. Kessler is author of two books.


6-08   understanding and ministering to young adult Catholics   (workshop closed)

Young adult Catholics bring a unique set of gifts, experiences and values to the life of the Church. This workshop offers reflection on the lived experiences of young adult Catholics and recommends “best practices” for young adult ministry.

Reneé LaReau

Reneé LaReau is a syndicated columnist and freelance writer for the diocesan press in Ohio. The former pastoral associate is a frequent contributor to both U.S. Catholic and the National Catholic Reporter, and her work has also appeared in America magazine. She is author of a book on vocations for young adults, “Getting a Life: How to Find Your True Vocation.”

6-09   Facing-down Burnout in Ministry     (workshop closed)

Fr. James Marchionda, O.P.

Face it, every minister risks burnout at one time or another. There are definite warning signs. There are also clear spiritual ways of facing-down the risks and keeping them under control. Attend this thought-provoking, sensitive and musically supported presentation. It has something very positive to contribute to every ministry in the Church.

6-10     Healthy Leadership   (workshop closed)

In this session we will explore leadership styles and implications for parishes and not-for-profits as they attempt to realize their mission.

Donna J. Markham, O.P., Ph.D.

Sr. Donna Markham holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a Fellow in the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. She has authored numerous articles on organizational change, leadership development and group behavior. She is currently Prioress General of the Dominican Sisters of Adrian, Mich.

6-11   Our Lady of Guadalupe: Faith, Theology and Tradition  

The basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City is the most visited pilgrimage site in the Western hemisphere. Pope John Paul II recently acclaimed Guadalupe as the patroness of the Americas. This presentation examines the ever‑expanding writings on Guadalupe down through the centuries and her influence in both Church and society. This workshop is recommended both for those who know little or nothing about Guadalupe as well as those who have had some experience of her and want to deepen their knowledge and appreciation.

Timothy Matovina

Timothy Matovina is Associate Professor of Theology and Director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. He works in the area of theology and culture, with specialization in U.S. Catholic/U.S. Latino theology and religion. In addition to his scholarly work, Matovina offers presentations and workshops throughout the United States.

6-12   Youth and Religion Survey: Catholic Trends    (workshop closed)

How often do Catholic youth go to Mass? What impact do parents have on the religious practices of their teen? Are Catholic youth more spiritual than religious? These are just a few of the questions answered in the recent national study of youth and religion. This workshop will focus on the findings of the study and the implications for the Church.

Charlotte McCorquodale, Ph.D.

For more than 20 years Charlotte McCorquodale has served in Catholic youth ministry as a youth ministry director or consultant for the dioceses of Mobile, Ala., Lake Charles, La., and Los Angeles. She is currently President of Ministry Training Sources. She was keynote at the 2004 Catholic Youth Minister Expo in Sydney, Australia, and speaker at the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry and National Catholic Youth Conference, as well as presenting in dioceses across the country.

6-13   Living in the Year of Matthew    (workshop closed)

Fr. J. Patrick Mullen

Since this year’s third reading at the Sunday Liturgy will be drawn from the Gospel of Matthew, this session will focus on understanding more deeply Matthew’s distinctive theology, the needs of his community, and his challenge to the modern believer. This workshop will provide material not only for preaching and Lectionary-based instruction, but also for believers who would live a Gospel-based life.

6-14     Toward a Portrait of Mary: The Feminine and the Divine Imagination 

John O’Donohue, Ph.D.

Mary is one of the most fascinating figures in human history. For too long we have reduced her immense presence; we have domesticated her into the role of theological-housewife to the Divine Project – when, in fact, without her, the whole adventure could never have begun. She has also been reduced to the ersatz figure for the neglected and repressed feminine within Catholicism. This has made her unreal and conveniently perfect. In this session, we will attempt to explore the riches and possibilities of her imagination that gave such subtle force and fervor to her presence.

6-15     Multiple Intelligences for Group Changes 

Dr. Robert A. Pavlik

This session will demonstrate how to use the Theory of Multiple Intelligences to build and refine the values, knowledge and practices of groups growing in the Catholic faith.

6-16   The Courage to be Apostles in the Third Millennium 

Fr. Erik Riechers, S.A.C.

If we, as aspostles, are to cast into deep waters, than we must nurture three forms of courage: 1) the courage of conviction that emboldens our intimacy with Christ; 2) the courage of contradiction in which we set our face like flint; and 3) the courage to bring Christ to the center of life and culture.

6-17   Prison of the Mind: A Creative Look at the Death Penalty   (workshop closed)

Join us for a thought-provoking play about the death penalty – from everyone’s point of view. It probes the conscience asking not, do you believe in the death penalty, but rather will this heal your heart? As the play’s Devil’s Advocate, Marion Scherer explores the moral and social issues with a woman who wants her sister’s murderer put to death. But she cannot hear the anguished cries of the prisoners who beg for forgiveness and come willingly to embrace their punishment for a crime that haunts their souls. Our heroine is forced to examine the prison her own mind has created and make the one decision that will satisfy her soul.

Marion Scherer

Actress, author and director, Marion Scherer began her professional career in New York. In Los Angeles she has had recurring roles on “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young and The Restless,” and many television guest appearances. Scherer is author of “If Only I Had More Time” and two children’s plays. She is currently presenting a series of morality plays in California focusing on social and moral issues in contemporary society.

6-18   From Story to Action: Hearing and Reading Spiritual Teaching Stories 

John Shea

Every religious tradition has spiritual teaching stories. We encounter these stories by hearing them told or reading them on a page. They are meant to communicate a perennial spiritual wisdom that promises to change the lives of those who can grasp it. But how is their spiritual wisdom communicated, how do we receive it, and how does it move us to action? This workshop will use teaching stories, show how their spiritual wisdom is distilled, and how this wisdom is slowly integrated into personal, social and pastoral situations.

6-19     Pastoral Councils as Agents of Transformation     (workshop closed)

Bro. Loughlan Sofield, S.T.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops indicates that the purpose of the pastoral council is “to build the parish as a living Christian community.” Parish councils were corporate bodies of management, concerned about “nuts and bolts” issues. The pastoral council has the potential to be a truly transforming structure. This workshop will look at such issues as purpose, membership, tasks and structure.

6-20     Building Inclusive Communities – A Cry for Justice 

Our communities these days are undeniably multicultural. The influx of immigrants to the United States brings with it a variety of cultural values, faith practices and other ethnic elements. The result is cultural diversity. Diversity makes the mission of the Church to build inclusive communities more challenging because it also opens a climate of tension and conflict, hurts and rejection, brokenness and polarization and, oftentimes, division. Under such circumstances, there is a cry for justice because inclusive communities demand right relationships among peoples, ourselves and God. And justice is about right relationships.

Bishop Oscar Solis

Bishop Oscar Solis, born and educated in the Philippines, served as Pastor of St. Joseph Cocathedral in Thibodaux, La. In 2004 he was ordained as Auxiliary Bishop for the Los Angeles Archdiocese, becoming the first Filipino American to be ordained a U.S. bishop. Besides English and his native Tagalong, Bishop Solis is fluent in Spanish and Creole-French.

6-21     Christian Morality in the 21st Century: Living at the Intersection of a Dozen Different Communities

Richard Sparks, C.S.P.

We’re Catholic. We’re Christian. We’re human. We’re American. We’re educated (or not). We’re wealthy (or not). We’re immigrants (or not). We’re ethnically fill in the blank. We’re young, old, or in between. We’re politically liberal, conservative, moderate or apathetic. We’re pre‑Vatican II, post‑Vatican II, or on our way in/out. How do we live a good and decent moral life amidst this jumble of identities? How do we create moral harmony among the competing values? Where can we turn to learn how to “connect the dots”? This promises to be a synthesis and overview of Catholic morality for this new century.

6-22     Character Matters 

Pam Stenzel

This workshop will be an in-depth discussion on the importance of character building in children. Come hear Pam Stenzel’s insights and knowledge in this comprehensive seminar for parents and educators. She will share valuable tools to assess and develop character in raising emotionally healthy children.

6-23   Waking Up To Liturgical Music   (workshop closed)

Christopher Walker

Music at Mass is more than a list of songs, it can help an assembly come alive and enter fully into the Mass. We will sing music that helps enhance, deepen and enliven liturgical moments in a regular Mass and at times of special celebration.

6-24   Why Do They Act That Way? A Guide to the Teenage Brain   (workshop closed)

David Walsh, Ph.D.

Revealing the latest scientific findings in easy‑to-under­stand terms, Dr. David Walsh shows why moodiness, taking risks, miscommunication, fatigue, territoriality and other familiar teenage behaviors are so common – all are linked to physical changes and growth in the adolescent brain. Going beyond the issues of hormones and peer pressure, Dr. Walsh explains exactly what happens to the human brain on the way from childhood into adolescence and shows parents and anyone who works with kids how to use this information to understand, communicate with, and stay connected to their kids.

6-25   Five Keys to Confident Children    (workshop closed)

Char Wenc, M.Ed.

This session assists all parents to learn five powerful steps to improve the self‑confidence of their children and to allow them to deal with the strong effects of peer pressure. This fun, high-energy session will have you laughing and learning.

6-26     Princess Diana, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Other Short Stories    (workshop closed)

David Wells with Jo Boyce & Mike Stanley

Can what happens in popular culture help us to communicate what we believe? Let us consider how we can use contemporary stories to enliven catechesis, challenge perceptions and help us to stay grounded in the world we are part of. Using global examples and local events, this session helps us to use life events as a resource for good catechesis. This will be a reflective session to revive and invigorate a Catholic imagination.

6-27   ADHD in the Religion Classroom: Strategies for Catechists   (workshop closed)

Joseph D. White, Ph.D. & Ana Arista White

On average, at least one child in every class is affected by ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), attention problems or impulsive behavior. In many settings, the numbers are much higher. In this session, presented by a clinical child psychologist and a veteran early childhood educator, you will learn the latest practical strategies for capturing and maintaining attention, toning down impulsive behavior, and discovering the gifts of the active child.

6-70   Vietnamese workshop    (workshop closed)


Bro. Fortunat “Frère” Phong, F.S.C.


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