Transcript of online session with Cardinal Roger Mahony and students from St. John Chrysostom School in Inglewood

Friday, March 19, 2010, 10:15-11:15 a.m.

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Cardinal Roger Mahony annually conducts a nationwide, online chat live during the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. Check back to see the transcript from the private chat session with students from St. John Chrysostom School in Inglewood. Chris Krause (RECongress) moderated with the Cardinal from the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim. And special thanks to Sr. Antoinette Czuleger, CSJ, principal at St. John Chrysostom.

Beginning of chat (chatroom created Fri Mar 19 2010)

This room is expressly for Cardinal Roger Mahony's School Chat on Friday, March 19, 2010 with students from St. John Chrysostom in Inglewood -- only the eighth school ever to be involved in such an event!

Cardinal Roger Mahony was born in Hollywood, Calif., and was ordained a priest in 1962 for the Diocese of Fresno, Calif. While there, he taught social work at California State University, Fresno. In 1975, he was made Auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese of Fresno by Pope Paul VI. That year, California Governor Jerry Brown appointed Bishop Mahony as the first chair of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board, where he worked with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers and various growers in the state to resolve labor disputes.

In 1980, Bishop Mahony was appointed as Bishop of the Diocese of Stockton. Only five years later he was appointed to lead the Archdiocese of Los Angeles -- the first native Angeleno to hold the office. Bishop Mahony was elevated to Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1991.

Cardinal Mahony joins us this morning, in his 35th year as a cardinal and in his 25th year as leader of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the nation's largest diocese.

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lab: I should note, this is the lab at St. John Chrysostom School!
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Moderator: Good morning
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trinity & alea: Good morning
spellingmaster23: Good morning
Caradi Star: good morning
Marvin: Good Morning
Richard: Good morning
Moderator: My name is Chris, and I'm over at the Anaheim Convention Center
Iv@n: Good morning
The homies: good morning
Uche: Good morning
forever2010: good morning
spellingmaster23: Where's that
El1j@h: Good morning
Henri: Good day
Maria: Good Morning
lovelytink: hi alea
lovelytink: good morning
Tre: Good morning
James: Good Morning! How are you?
lovelytink: sorry miss mgrary
El1j@h: Good Morning Everyone

Moderator: Doing well. The Cardinal is approaching!!
lovelytink: ok where
James: Great!
Marvin: Cool!

: Hi all. My name is Chris and I'm down at the Anaheim Convention Center
trinity & alea: Nice to meet you.
Iv@n: Hi
Moderator: Good morning, are you all ready?:
Marvin: Please to meet you
trinity & alea: yes, we are very excited
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Marvin: Yes
Henri: Hello Chris nice to meet you
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Tre: I excited
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forever2010: yes we are ready
Henri: yes, I'm ready
James: It is very nice to meet you! I am James.

Moderator: Hi, James, and to all the students
spellingmaster23: It is nice to meet you. My name is Baba
forever2010: hello how are you doing we are imani and anna

Moderator: Has anyone met the Cardinal?
Uche: No
Emani: no
lovelytink: no
Marvin: No
trinity & alea: no I have not but my dad has when he was building the cathedral
uniquealexi: no
El1j@h: no
Maria: No, not yet.
Angelica: no but I would like to
Richard: No
Tre: no I have not
Iv@n: no
Caradi Star: no I have not but I really would love to
aaron&anabelle: No we have not.
Matthew: no but I would like to
Iv@n: I would like to

Moderator: Well you will today ... but just online
Henri: I have not
spellingmaster23: no I have not? I am very excited to meet him. I heard he was really nice
Uche: no I have not but I would love to
forever2010: no we have not met him yet but we are looking forward to it
Caradi Star: that is still very cool
James: No I have not, but my father and sister have.
Henri: I am excited to
Uche: I have heard wonderful things about him
forever2010: we have seen him at mass
Iv@n: I can't wait

: He has been a bishop for 35 years. And Archbishop of Los Angeles for 25 years!
Matthew: WOW!!
Iv@n: WOW
Uche: Wow that's really Awesome
spellingmaster23: really. I did not know that

: And he just had a birthday last month
Moderator: He is approaching now
uniquealexi: how many years can the bishop serve
trinity & alea: that's a long time, that's great to hear.
spellingmaster23: I mean really
Uche: Ok we are ready
Matthew: we are ready!
lovelytink: That's really nice. I am hoping to see him sometime

: Here is the Cardinal
Cardinal Mahony joined the chat
Tre: How old was he when he started to be a bishop?

Cardinal Mahony: Good morning, everyone!
trinity & alea: Good morning Cardinal!
Uche: Hello Cardinal
El1j@h: hi cardinal
Angelica: Good morning Cardinal
Caradi Star: good morning wow wow
Iv@n: Good morning
Uche: How are you doing today?
lovelytink: good morning. nice to meet you
: Hello cardinal
Tre: Good morning
Richard: Hi Cardinal
uniquealexi: Good morning cardinal
Marvin: good morning

Cardinal Mahony: Which school do we have today?
Angelica: St. John Chrysostom school
trinity & alea: St. John Chrysostom School
Iv@n: St. John Chrysostom
spellingmaster23: Good morning Cardinal Mahony. My name is Baba
El1j@h: St. John Chrysostom
Marvin: St. John

Cardinal Mahony: And which grade?
trinity & alea: 6-8
uniquealexi: 7th
Angelica: 7th grade
Caradi Star: I am in 6th
uniquealexi: this is the decathlon team
Henri: I am in 6th grade
lovelytink: 8th
forever2010: eighth grade
spellingmaster23: I'm in sixth right now
James: James of 6th grade

Cardinal Mahony: Are you in a computer center there at school?
trinity & alea
: yes we are .
Iv@n: yes
Uche: you are talking to the decathletes

Cardinal Mahony: How many are you this morning?
trinity & alea: about 24 students

Cardinal Mahony: Tell me a little bit about "decathletes"?
trinity & alea
: the decathletes recently participated in a deanery decathlon and a large academic decathlon at the Sports Arena

Cardinal Mahony
: Do you have to study a lot to get ready?
: yes
spellingmaster23: yes you do
Matthew: yes we try are best
Angelica: What do you see as your greatest accomplishments as Cardinal and what areas did you have challenges in?
Uche: we really have to study REALLY hard
El1j@h: yes we try our best
aaron&anabelle: Yes many different subjects to study!
Caradi Star: yes it was my first time on the team
El1j@h: yes we do
Tre: you would not believe how much studying

Cardinal Mahony: Give me an example of a really tough decathlon question.
Iv@n: what was the first Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?
James: We had to study about the history of photography.
uniquealexi: one of questions was when did the year of the priest begin?
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spellingmaster23: I was a second in science which means if the first person wasn't there I would get to go up.
aaron&anabelle: At what age did you find interest in the priesthood?

Cardinal Mahony: I thought about being a priest when I was in grammar school, at St. Charles Parish in North Hollywood.
: that's wonderful

Cardinal Mahony: We always had great priests in our parish, as well as Sisters. So they encouraged us to think about following Christ as a priest or sister.
lovelytink: did you find it interesting?
aaron&anabelle: Thank you we appreciate knowing that!
Uche: that's wonderful

Cardinal Mahony: You have a beautiful Church!
aaron&anabelle: Thank you very much!
Uche: thank you
lovelytink: thank you
Iv@n: thank you
Marvin: Thank you
trinity & alea: Thank you!
El1j@h: likewise
James: Thank you
trinity & alea: we enjoy getting to sing in the choir loft during mass.

Cardinal Mahony: Do you remember when the Year for Priests began?

Henri: I heard you are interested in photography, what are some of the things you like to take pictures of.

Cardinal Mahony: I like taking pictures of almost everything, especially events at the new Cathedral.
lovelytink: 1909
Angelica: June 19th 2009 I believe
forever2010: June 19
trinity & alea: That's wonderful! my dad helped build part of the cathedral and he said that you were very nice
Uche: oh. Do you take lovely images

Cardinal Mahony: Actually, the Year for Priests began on June 19, 2009; will end on June 19, 2010.
Iv@n: What would you think is the best way to find your vocation in life?

Cardinal Mahony: I just got a new Canon EOS Rebel T2i, so am learning its features.
Uche: oh ok
Henri: that is nice
trinity & alea: that's exciting!
aaron&anabelle: Wow! That's great!
Uche: oh that's wonderful. Does it have good graphics?
James: Whoa! My dad is thinking of getting one of those.
Caradi Star: that is a very nice camera I also like taking pictures

Cardinal Mahony: What are you studying in your Religion classes now?
trinity & alea: in 8th grade we are learning about Justice
uniquealexi: the infancy of Jesus
Tre: Morality
Uche: 6th grade is studying about lent
Cardinal Mahony: I grew up with film cameras, so it's great having the digital ones!
forever2010: do you think that you would ever want to become pope?
: they must take a lot of pictures

Cardinal Mahony: 8th grade: tell me something about Justice.
Iv@n: The 7th grade is learning about the church
aaron&anabelle: Justice people treat other people respectfully.
trinity & alea: we have been learning that to be just people we must respect the humanity of others
forever2010: well we have recently been learning about the different kinds of injustices such as forced labor

Cardinal Mahony: 7th grade: tell me something about the Church.
: it was established by Jesus Christ
uniquealexi: Jesus set up the foundation so his disciples can create the church after he left
Angelica: Peter was first to go out and speak after Pentecost
uniquealexi: Peter was the first pope

Cardinal Mahony: A good place to look for how to treat others is in Mathew's Gospel, chapter 25. Really challenging for us!
: that was a reference in our religion book
trinity & alea: Thanks! we will be sure to share that with our classmates.
James: That's the Beatitudes, Right?

Cardinal Mahony: Is your school diverse with students from many backgrounds? If so, which groups?
aaron&anabelle: Yes, so how do you feel about being Archbishop of Los Angeles for 25 years?
Angelica: yes my parents are Nigerian
uniquealexi: yes I am Nigerian
Uche: I'm from Nigeria
Marvin: My family comes from El Salvador
aaron&anabelle: Our heritage is from Mexico.
spellingmaster23: My dad is a Nigerian and my mom is American.

Cardinal Mahony: James--no, not the Beatitudes in that chapter; but the Beatitudes are also a list of justice maxims by Jesus.
James: Oh thanks!
Richard: My family if from Mexico
lovelytink: I part Guatemala
Caradi Star: I am native American, black, and Mexican

Cardinal Mahony: Wow! You folks are from all over the world--terrific!!
: Yes we are!
trinity & alea: I am part Filipino and Creole! and Alea is from Trinidad
lovelytink: thanks
Uche: I know right
Marvin: Thanks I think so too
Iv@n: thanks I think so too
Henri: I know ha
Matthew: thanks I think so to
uniquealexi: have you traveled and what food have you tasted along the way that you have enjoyed?
forever2010: cardinal what do you think about the recent closing of some of the Catholic schools

Cardinal Mahony: Our goal is to keep all of our Catholic schools open. But when the demographics change, and there are no young families with children in the area, sometimes we need to combine two schools into one.
: What is your native place of birth?

Cardinal Mahony
: I was born in Hollywood, and raised in North Hollywood.
Tre: how was being born in Hollywood like?
aaron&anabelle: Keep those Catholic schools open!
Uche: Yeah
forever2010: thank you make sure to keep our school open
Iv@n: Lets keep those Catholic schools open
trinity & alea: :)
Uche: Keep those Catholic schools opened. We love them
James: Yes, please keep the Catholic schools open.

Cardinal Mahony: When a grammar school student population drops below 200, it becomes difficult to maintain a good educational experience. But most of our schools are doing fine, like yours.
: Thank you for keeping our school open

trinity & alea: Thank You we love our school
Matthew: oh. thank you
Uche: Thank you for your great compliment
lovelytink: thanks were glad that our school is still open
James: Hopefully, our school does not close.
uniquealexi: have you traveled and if you have what food have you tasted along the way that you have enjoyed?
aaron&anabelle: Thank you we are very glad!
Angelica: What do you see as your greatest accomplishments as Cardinal and what areas did you have challenges in?

Cardinal Mahony: I don't have any accomplishments. We are here to follow Jesus closely, and let His grace work through all of our people. We are here to serve, and service does not have accomplishments.
Uche: Wow that is so true
Matthew: wow that is really true
aaron&anabelle: That is true! Thank you!
forever2010: what issues in our community do you think that we as catholic student can do to help out?
Iv@n: Do you see a promising future for Catholic Schools?
uniquealexi: are you eligible to become pope?

Cardinal Mahony: When you get to high school, be sure to get involved with the Christian Service projects--a great way to live out your discipleship with Jesus.
: Jesus died for us so we should do what is right with no regrets
Henri: thank for that message
lovelytink: thats true. we do service for the help of others
aaron&anabelle: Yes we are hoping to do that!
trinity & alea: When did you become a priest?

Cardinal Mahony: I was ordained a priest in 1962--a long time ago!!
: Wow! That's great!
lovelytink: wow! that's really interesting to know
trinity & alea: that's amazing! you've been serving Jesus for a long time

Cardinal Mahony: The more we reach out to others, the better we serve Jesus in the poor.
El1j@h: that was the year my dad was born

Cardinal Mahony
: Any of you around in 1962?!!!!!
: no I was born 35 years later
Uche: nope. I was born 1998
Iv@n: How many more catholic schools will be closing this year?

Cardinal Mahony: Our focus is on keeping schools OPEN, not closing them!!!!
: I'm from 1997
Matthew: How do you keep them open
Caradi Star: no I was born just little after that
El1j@h: I was born 1996
spellingmaster23: what made you want to be a photographer?

Cardinal Mahony: My dad had an old Kodak camera when we were kids, and he took a lot of pictures. I got interested at home.
forever2010: yes I am I plan on being in doing a lot of community service this summer
Iv@n: Did you go to a catholic school?
Angelica: what do you plan on doing after you retire?
uniquealexi: in the decathlon we had to study the history of photography
Uche: So did I.. I broke them and took the equipment out and put it back together

Cardinal Mahony: You keep schools open by having students in them. Be sure to encourage your friends and neighbors to go to a Catholic school.
lovelytink: really true. we should help out and reach out to others no matter how difficult and hard things are
Tre: do you have a old photo album?
trinity & alea: Next year a lot of us are going to Catholic High Schools and many of us are excited to move on to a Catholic High School where we will be responsible for many Service Projects
Uche: I'll try
spellingmaster23: Wow.
lovelytink: yes. Catholic school are the best. we have really good rules for students and we maintain them

Cardinal Mahony: After retirement, I want to focus on Matthew Chapter 25 projects: feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, and helping immigrants.
: I will, Cardinal
Uche: I will try to do as you are doing when I get older
Iv@n: What would you think is the best way to find your vocation in life?
Henri: I like taking pictures too, but I have only used a digital camera

Cardinal Mahony: The digital cameras are so neat!! Instant photos.
: What exactly is Matthew Chapter 25 about?
trinity & alea: yes! digital cameras take very clear pictures.
uniquealexi: what made you decide to become a priest?

Cardinal Mahony: I decided to become a priest when I was in 8th grade.
Uche: Why
forever2010: today we are having liturgy for Saint Joseph of Carondlet
El1j@h: wow
spellingmaster23: really. That is cool

Cardinal Mahony: Any of you think God is calling you to be a priest or sister???
Uche: Maybe
Matthew: Maybe
Tre: I do not know
El1j@h: no
lovelytink: maybe
Richard: Maybe

Angelica: probably not I want to be a doctor when I grow up

Cardinal Mahony: St. Joseph is my very special Patron. I was ordained a priest on the feast of St. Joseph the Worker [May 1] and a bishop on the feast of St. Joseph [March 19].

lovelytink: God is calling us to be something important in life
Uche: Do you know what is in a camera and how it works?

Cardinal Mahony: Well, at least we have some "maybes"!!
Iv@n: My favorite saint is St. John Bosco
uniquealexi: wow in the decathlon I studied the process to become a priest. I learned about high schools for boys who want to become priests. did you attend one?

Cardinal Mahony: Yes, I attended a special high school for men thinking about being a priest. It was great.
Angelica: in 6th grade we did reports on saints. I did St. Elizabeth of Portugal
Tre: How do you know when God is calling you to become a priest?

Cardinal Mahony: You have to listen carefully to hear how God is calling you.
trinity & alea: Which High School was that?
forever2010: I did not know that do you do anything special on that day (May 1) or March 19
lovelytink: what high school did you attend?

Cardinal Mahony: It was called "Los Angeles College" on Detroit St. and 2nd St.
uniquealexi: what did you learn there and how many of your graduating class became priest?
Caradi Star: what was your best subject at that high school?
aaron&anabelle: How was it at an all male high school.
Uche: Is it still open?
lovelytink: That's nice

Cardinal Mahony: There were 9 of us ordained from my class in the high school seminary.
Cardinal Mahony: No, it was moved out to San Fernando Mission, but is now Alemany High School.
: Oh ok
Angelica: are there schools for girls who want to become sisters?
uniquealexi: how many were in your class
Iv@n: Do you still see some of your classmates from the seminary

Cardinal Mahony: There are not schools as such for younger girls, but if you contact one of the Orders--such as the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet--they have great discernment groups.
trinity & alea: We watched a video on Chastity that took place at Alemany High school
trinity & alea: ( in the 8th grade)
Caradi Star: that must be a very good class
forever2010: that is very interesting

Cardinal Mahony: Yes, I see many of my classmates often. In our ordination class of 1962, we have two Cardinals, one Archbishop and one Bishop.
Cardinal Mahony: Have you all been to the new Cathedral downtown???
: no not yet
Angelica: I haven't but I plan to go one day
Marvin: not yet
Richard: Not yet
Uche: they created a new one I didn't even know
Henri: That must not happen much
Matthew: no but I would love to
Emani: While you were in the seminary did you ever think of dropping out to become something else?

Iv@n: No, I would like to
spellingmaster23: That is really interesting to have two cardinals, one archbishop, and one bishop
Uche: is it wonderful and big
trinity & alea: no I have not been inside but I cant wait to go see it .

Cardinal Mahony: Many of our schools take the kids to the Cathedral for a visit, Mass, and lunch. Maybe they can take you.
Angelica: we should ask our principal. hopefully we can go
James: Yes, I have I went there for a play about Daniel.
Iv@n: I hope so

Cardinal Mahony: James--that play about Daniel was neat!!
James: That would be pleasant.
forever2010: I have never been to the cathedral but I hear that it is very beautiful there
Henri: That would be great if we could go

Cardinal Mahony: Or your parents could take you there on Sunday for Mass some time.
: that would be nice if our school went to the cathedral
James: Yes, I enjoyed it very much!
Tre: that would be fun just to go on a field trip for fun

Cardinal Mahony: Go to the Cathedral website:
: Really. I would like your schools to take our school to cathedral to visit mass, and lunch.
Richard: I would love to go there
Angelica: if we go to the cathedral can we meet you?
uniquealexi: if we go to the cathedral would we meet you?
aaron&anabelle: Okay we will be sure to do it.
forever2010: if we go to the cathedral will you come to meet us?
Uche: can you describe the Cathedral?
trinity & alea: do you lead the masses on Sundays?
James: Thank you I will write that down.

Cardinal Mahony: Unfortunately, I am usually not at the Cathedral when students come on weekday mornings.
: if you ever are just tell us so we can go

Cardinal Mahony: The Cathedral website gives all kinds of information.
: Could you make an exception for us?
James: Oh that's too bad that we can't see you.
El1j@h: wonderful
Iv@n: I'm on the website right now
Henri: does the website tell when you will be there
Richard: I'm on the website you gave us and it looks pretty cool and nice
Marvin: im on the website
James: It is a very nice website.

Cardinal Mahony
: How did you get the name "spellingmastger23"???
: I'm the best speller in my 6th grade class.

Cardinal Mahony
: I usually celebrate the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass, but won't be there this Sunday.
: have you been to any of the decathlons?

Cardinal Mahony
: No, I have not been to any of the decathlons.
uniquealexi: did you attend the year of our priest
Angelica: this was our first year going to the Sports Arena
forever2010: well it is a very long day but it is also very fun there is a lot of good entertainment

Cardinal Mahony
: I'm glad several of you are hoping to go to Catholic high school!!
: Do you see a promising future for Catholic Schools
aaron&anabelle: How do you feel about being the Archbishop of Los Angeles for 25 years!
Angelica: I want to go to Marymount
trinity & alea: yes! I'm very excited to go! I will be attending Immaculate Heart High School next year
El1j@h: I am hoping that I get accepted into Loyola

Cardinal Mahony: Our Catholic Schools have a great and promising future!!! And I am committed to keep them open.
lovelytink: catholic school offers the best education
James: Yes, I plan on going to a Catholic High School
forever2010: I was accepted to Saint Mary's
uniquealexi: do you recommend any
lovelytink: I plan on going to St. Mary High School

Cardinal Mahony: They are all good, but St. Bernard's in your area is a terrific school. And they have lots of openings now.
aaron&anabelle: Yes I think Catholic education is very important!
Angelica: thank you for talking to us. we have to go to mass now because its the feast of St. Joseph
trinity & alea: It was very Nice meeting you Cardinal Mahony
Caradi Star: I have to leave. I'm very sorry we have to go to Mass. it was very nice talking to you

Cardinal Mahony
: Please say a prayer for me at Mass.
: We will be heading to mass for the special St. Joseph feast soon
trinity & alea: will do!
uniquealexi: are you eligible to become pope?
Marvin: I have to leave, I have to go to mass

Cardinal Mahony
: God bless all of you!!!
: ok I will thanks for talking to us
Maria: Bye Cardinal, its been a pleasure.
lovelytink: You will always be in our prayer
Uche: its a very special day at our school. Today is the feast of St. Joseph at church
forever2010: I will pray for you especially
Tre: goodbye Cardinal

Cardinal Mahony: Happy feast day, Sister!!
lovelytink: yes. it was nice talking to you
El1j@h: I have to go to mass cardinal and yes I am leaving
Marvin: yes, bye Cardinal
James: Well, I have to go to the Mass, we are celebrating St. Joseph. Sorry. I have enjoyed talking to you! Goodbye!
trinity & alea: we will be having a lot of sisters from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and a few 8th graders will get to eat lunch with them

Cardinal Mahony
: Is everyone leaving?
forever2010: I think a few people are staying
lovelytink: thank you for sharing a few things about you
Angelica: there will still be 4 here
trinity & alea: there will still be 4 students here
uniquealexi: they will be four
Uche: there will still be 4 here
Cardinal Mahony: OK, the 4 can continue!
spellingmaster23: good bye Cardinal Mahony it was nice to talk to you. Hopefully one day I get to see you.

Cardinal Mahony
: Which grade are you four??
: Wait, I can stay
uniquealexi: 7th
Matthew: ok Goodbye Cardinal I will pray for you
Iv@n: I'm going to stay and go to mass later
trinity & alea: I am in 8th grade.
James: 6th
Angelica: 7th
Iv@n: 7th
forever2010: yes we will good bye cardinal I will remember to pray for you
Uche: Goodbye cardinal I have to go
aaron&anabelle: Aaron is in 8th, and I am in 6th grade.
Uche: bye

Cardinal Mahony: OK--we still have a good group left!
uniquealexi: yes we did with lots of questions

James: Yes! I'm here
trinity & alea: yes! may I ask why you are in Anaheim today?

Cardinal Mahony: I know your pastor very well, and Fr. Marcos really encourages vocations to the priesthood.
: He is our pastor
Iv@n: Did you go to a Catholic School?

Cardinal Mahony
: Yes, I went to Catholic grammar school--St. Charles Borromeo; and to the high school prep school.
: he was happy to hear we were going to talk to you
uniquealexi: father Gonzalez is very active in our school
Iv@n: I serve a lot with Fr. Marcos Gonzalez
aaron&anabelle: Fr. Marcos is a very good priest!
Angelica: he also helped us prepare for the religion portion of the decathlon
Iv@n: I'm a alter server

Cardinal Mahony: Yes, Fr. Marcos is a really fine priest, very involved with everything in the parish!
Cardinal Mahony
: Was the religion portion of the decathlon hard?
uniquealexi: his homilies not only reteaches the readings but I actually learn something
James: Do you know Sr. Antoinette Czuleger? She's our Principal
Iv@n: Yes he has helped us a lot in our faith
aaron&anabelle: Yes it was about St. Jean Vianney!

Cardinal Mahony: Give me very best to Sr. Antoinnette!
Angelica: we did the year of the priests and St. john of Ars

Cardinal Mahony: St. John Vianney was an incredible priest!
uniquealexi: yes it was I took the test I had to study father Damien of Molokai and the sacrament of holy orders
Iv@n: We learned about him in the Decathlon

Cardinal Mahony: Fr. Damien was awesome in his ministry to the lepers. I was able to visit Molokai once.
uniquealexi: really his hand is buried there under a tree
aaron&anabelle: Yes, he did give so much for others.
trinity & alea: Do you enjoy being Cardinal?

Cardinal Mahony: Many of you have great first names--names of Saints. Do you study about your own Saint?
uniquealexi: dr. Hyde was really mean to him after his death and bad mouthed him
Iv@n: I don't know if I have a saint
uniquealexi: Where are the places you have visited

Cardinal Mahony: Being a Cardinal means I get to visit with lots of people, and all over!
Cardinal Mahony: Ivan: go to Google and you will find St. Ivan.

Iv@n: Thank you
uniquealexi: Is there a Saint Alexandria
trinity & alea: That's wonderful! where's the most recent place you have visited

Cardinal Mahony: I have visited Latin America, Europe, Africa, and a lot of Asia.
aaron&anabelle: Is there a St. Aaron
Angelica: is there a St. Angelica

Cardinal Mahony: Yes, there is a St. Angela--Angelica is a derivative of Angela.
uniquealexi: What food have you tried and what is your favorite?

Cardinal Mahony: St. Alexander is the saint, and Alexandra is taken from that Saint.
: Is there a St. James?

Cardinal Mahony: yes, two of the Apostles were named James!
Cardinal Mahony
: Most of the foods around the world are great. However, I avoid some of the weird things!!!
uniquealexi: Like what
Iv@n: I have a book on saints at home
trinity & alea: what's your favorite food?

Cardinal Mahony: Just go to Google for all of your Saint searches.
aaron&anabelle: I would like to try all foods even if its weird.
Iv@n: I did and found my saint, thanks
aaron&anabelle: How do you feel about being the Archbishop of Los Angeles for 25 years!

Cardinal Mahony: 25 years is a long time! These have been great years, so much has happened here. But it will also be nice having a schedule that is not so busy.
uniquealexi: How many siblings do you have?
lab left the chat 32 minutes ago

Cardinal Mahony: I have a twin brother, and one older brother. Sadly, no sisters.
uniquealexi: I have a twin sister
Angelica: I have a twin sister your talking to

Cardinal Mahony: Great, Angelica!
uniquealexi: Mine is angelica
Iv@n: My whole family is 7 and I only have 1 sister
Angelica: mine is uniquealexi
trinity & alea: is your twin brother identical or fraternal?

Cardinal Mahony: My brother is fraternal, he lives down in Orange. Married, 7 children.
Angelica: my sister is fraternal
James: I have an older sister, but no brothers.

Cardinal Mahony: Fraternal twins don't have to dress the same, etc.!!
Angelica: we did
Angelica: it was horrible
uniquealexi: Growing up did your brother get on your nerves and did you compete

Cardinal Mahony: All children in a family from time to time have problems--we have to learn how to work through those.
uniquealexi: We do to were you constantly compared
trinity & alea: cardinal! happy belated birthday!

Cardinal Mahony: But twins are usually closer than regular siblings.
aaron&anabelle: That's great! We should all learn how to solve problems.

Cardinal Mahony: No, my brother and I were not compared all the time. That would be dreadful.
uniquealexi: My sister and I are

Cardinal Mahony: Yes, I'm 74 now--really getting old!!!!!
uniquealexi: You are not 74 years old, you are 74 years young
aaron&anabelle: How do you feel about having to retire soon?

Cardinal Mahony: So Angelica and Alexi are the twins?
uniquealexi: yes
Angelica: yep

Cardinal Mahony: How old now?
Angelica: 13
uniquealexi: 13
Angelica: on January 21
Iv@n: I have a brother whose a year older and people always asked if we were twins.

Cardinal Mahony: Ivan, that happens a lot!!
aaron&anabelle: I'm Aaron my brother is Ivan.
Iv@n: unfortunately

Cardinal Mahony: The name "Aaron" comes from the Old Testament--right hand man to Moses.
Iv@n: Didn't Aaron from the testament help Moses free his people
James: What other hobbies do you like to do?

Cardinal Mahony: I love to plant vegetables in our garden at the Cathedral residence--lots of them are now growing.
Iv@n: We have a garden at our school and plant peas etc.
James: What kind of vegetables do you like to plant?
uniquealexi: Cardinal what did you give up or doing for Lent

Cardinal Mahony: For Lent I am trying to spend more time reading good spiritual books, and less time watching TV. And other things.
Angelica: what did you like to watch

Cardinal Mahony: Our garden has squash, cantaloupes, melons, bell peppers, radishes, carrots, etc. Corn goes in next.
aaron&anabelle: What kind of books do you enjoy.
trinity & alea: Cardinal you should visit our school website
trinity & alea:

Cardinal Mahony: I like the major news programs so I can keep up.
Angelica: have you ever been to our school website

Cardinal Mahony: I'll visit your school website for sure!
Cardinal Mahony
: It's time for me to sign off, and go to a national chat. I shall remember all of you at Mass this afternoon here at Congress.
trinity & alea: thanks!
uniquealexi: Looking back what is the highest point in your life?
Angelica: thank you it was fun talking to you
trinity & alea: we will be sure to keep you in our prayers
uniquealexi: thank you
aaron&anabelle: Thank you so much! It was a great pleasure talking to you!

Moderator: Thank you. We need to move on now to the nationwide chat.
trinity & alea: I enjoyed talking to you, thank you for your time!

Cardinal Mahony: You guys are neat!!!!
Moderator: Thank you all again.
Angelica: and thanks for answering our questions
Iv@n: Thank you, it was nice chatting with you
Angelica: goodbye
James: Well, it was a pleasure talking to you. Thank You! James.
aaron&anabelle: Thank you very much.



Read the transcripts from other Religious Education Congress online chats

Congress Chat History:
Beginning in 1996 on CompuServe, Cardinal Roger Mahony conducted the first nationwide, online (typing) live from Hall A at the Anaheim Convention Center. in 2001 the Cardinal suggested adding a private chat with students from a school in the Archdiocese. Since then, we have had the tradition of a private school chat.

Los Angeles Archbishop Josι Gomez continued the tradition of a Congress Chat, and now we've expanded our chats to include regional bishops and schools from their region. This year, Bishop David O'Connell joins us for our sixth video chat with a school from his region.

with Auxiliary Bishop David O'Connell of the San Gabriel Region

2019 (All Souls, Alhambra)

with Los Angeles Archbishop Josι Gomez

2017 (St Francis of Assisi, L.A.)  •  2016 (St Mary Magdalen, Camarillo)  •  2015 (St Finbar School, Burbank)  •  2014 (St Columbkille School, L.A.)  •  2013 (St Bernard School, L.A.)  •  2012 (St Dorothy School, Glendora)  •  2011 (St Thomas School, L.A.)

with Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles

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with Auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark of the Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region


2016 Marks 20 Years of Congress Chats — The first (typing) RECongress chat was held on Friday, February 23, 1996 on CompuServe with Cardinal Roger Mahony. Ten years later, on Friday, March 31, 2006, the Cardinal's annual chat was conducted in a room hosted on The Cardinal participated in 22 Congress chats (both nationwide and with schools) over 14 years.

At Congress 2016, Archbishop Josι Gomez has continued the tradition of (now, video) chats with school students from the Archdiocese. This was his sixth Congress chat (and fourth video chat) conducted from the Tech Center, located in the center of Exhibit Hall A at the Religious Education Congress. The RECongress chat are now continued through the regional bishops, while the Archbishop now holds an event on Facebnook Live.

Beginning on CompuServe, the RECongress nationwide chats have been hosted by AOL Live! (1997-2000), Beliefnet (2001), (2002-2003), and (2004-2010). The school chats have been conducted on AOL (2001-2006), Yahoo (2007), Chatzy (2008-2012), Skype (2013-2014) and Google+ (2015-2016).


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