On Friday, March 31, 2006 Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony conducted a private, online school chat with students of Holy Innocents School in Long Beach. The Cardinal was on-site at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim; the students were in their Holy Innocents School (HIS) computer lab


This is a transcript of that session.

Thanks to Principal Sr. Margaret Ann and Jessica McFadden for help in coordinating the students and putting this session together.


Beginning of chat (chatroom created Tue Mar 21 17:35:58 2006 GMT)

HISjon: Good Morning Your Eminence

HISEMY: Good Morning You Eminence

HISElka: good morning your eminence

HISTbrown: Good Morning Your Eminence

HISShEo: good morning your eminence

HISjp: Good morning Your Eminence! How are you?

HISGEENA: hello your Eminence

HISjon: How was your day?

HISGem: Good day your eminence

HISAngeli: Good morning your Eminence

HIS_CRLR: Hi your Eminence

HISEMY: How was your day so far?


CardMahony: Good morning, all!!

HIS_MVC: good morning, your eminence

HISElka: how are you?

HISjon: Happy Ceasar Chavez Day

HISGEENA: How are you today?

HISShEo: how was your day so far


CardMahony: What grade is present?

HISjp: 7th and 8


HISLENE: 8th and 7th

HISAngeli: 7th grade

HISShEo: 8th

HISEMY: 12 students total -- 6 from 8th and 6 from 7th


CardMahony: Happy Cesar Chavez Day to all of you!

HISjon: You too


CardMahony: Do you have questions that you would like to ask?



HISShEo: yes

HISElka: do you have cats

HISjp: yes

HISjon: Alot


CardMahony: Let's go!!

HISTbrown: How do you feel about the riots?

HISLENE: What do you think about the rally?


CardMahony: Which riots??

HISLENE: the immigrants

HISGEENA: The ones for immigrants

HISTbrown: The ones about the immigrants

HISShEo: I actually heard you on the radio this morning, talking about a union.

HISjon: I also did


CardMahony: There are NO "riots" at all! Rather, peaceful marches and processions for immigration reform.


HISElka: i thought that there were riots

HISAngeli: then why are people getting arrested

HISGEENA: What do you think about the laws that their passing?

HISShEo: that's good there are no riots


CardMahony: Were any of you born outside the USA? If so, where?


HISEMY: NO i was born here

HISElka: no


HISAngeli: yes, the Philippines

HISShEo: no

HISTbrown: no

HISjp: I was born here.


HISLENE: how was your day?


CardMahony: Neat!

HISEMY: Where were you born?

HISTbrown: where were you born

HISGem: Not to change subject but i would like to ask your opinion on the restrictions of our reading (AKA) Harry Potter

HISLENE: oh cool

HISjon: Very

HISjp: I like the books and the movies


CardMahony: I was born in Hollywood, CA.

HISjon: Cool

HISShEo: cool



HISAngeli: That's good

HISjp: wow

HIS_MVC: woah

HISEMY: awesome!

HISElka: that is very cool


CardMahony: Our Church is working very hard to promote legislation in Washington DC that offers sound immigration reform.

HIS_CRLR: I think we should support [U.S. House bill HR] 4437

HISGem: what does that have to do with books

HISjon: Are you in the hall of fame?

HISTbrown: what called you to the Lord?


CardMahony: Have you been studying all angles of the proposals before the Senate?


HISjp: no

HISAngeli: no

HISShEo: no

HISTbrown: no



HISGem: huh

HISElka: yes


CardMahony: We oppose HR 4437 because it punishes people, and offers no avenues to earn citizenship.


HISShEo: oh, now i understand

HISEMY: i understand

HIS_MVC: me too


CardMahony: Please go to the website later of the Bishops' Office on Migration, and get all of the info. A great discussion for your class.

HISjon: Now I get it!

HISAngeli: that makes sense

HISGem: what does this mean in simple terms


HISShEo: Sure

HIS_CRLR: Why should we give them a chance they are illegal

HISjon: Would you give us the website?


CardMahony: Simple terms: enact a process whereby people from other countries can earn their citizenship.

HISLENE: that is true

HISGEENA: oh thank you, I understand now.

HIS_CRLR: But we all ready have a problem at the boarder

HISTbrown: what if they are here for bad and not good?


CardMahony: You might want to read Matthew's Gospel, chapter 25, where Jesus presents how we are to live our lives towards others.

HISjon: I will

HISGem: What does this have to do with the restrictions on our reading?


CardMahony: Sorry--we're on immigration reform right now, a high priority. We will take the other items next.


HISAngeli: We apologize


CardMahony: Migration and Refugee Services has a great website -- check it out []

HISShEo: I heard you on the radio, talking about a union.

HISElka: okay

HISjp: could you give us the website please?


CardMahony: Do any of you know personally a family or persons who are here without papers?

HISTbrown: is it true that if you give an immigrant the Lord that you could be charged?

HISGem: how do you feel about fair distribution of jobs to immigrants

HISShEo: yes


HISAngeli: well, no

HISEMY: No i don't


HISjp: I don't.

HISElka: yes

HISGem: plenty

HISTbrown: no


CardMahony: Most immigrants do work that the rest of us won't do: work in the fields of California, wash dishes, mow lawns, serve as nannies, etc.

HISLENE: yes, that is true

HISGEENA: that's true

HISGem: true..

HIS_CRLR: that's not true

HISLENE: but can other people can live like this or they have to have papers


CardMahony: HISGEENA: who do you know?

HISGEENA: one of my aunts

HISjon: I also do too

HISGEENA: not related by blood though

HISAngeli: well, what should we do about the immigrants that are here illegally?

HIS_CRLR: we won't do the work at those wages


CardMahony: Since immigrants are doing these jobs, why not give them a path which leads to citizenship??

HISEMY: I agree

HISjon: True

HISjp: they are working hard

HISElka: yes

HIS_CRLR: why should we help them [by a short] cut

HISShEo: I agree completely


CardMahony: Remember the key word: EARN citizenship!

HIS_CRLR: they cut thousands of people

HISjon: Earn your way not by cheating


CardMahony: I'm glad to know about your aunt. We need to put a human face on immigrants.

HISGEENA: that is very true

HISGEENA: she's trying though

HIS_CRLR: they got in illegally, why should we reward them.

HISTbrown: isn't it if they commit a crime and go back to their home out of the US then they won't be charged

HISElka: My cousin is also here without papers

HISjon: Should they earn jobs though your Eminence?


CardMahony: HISCRLR: what do you propose as a positive alternative?

HISGem: I feel we should distribute jobs to them that way every one wins. Right?

HIS_CRLR: we should close the border first, then help them

HISAngeli: Well, they do the jobs that we won't do.

HISShEo: that's a good idea


CardMahony: A path towards citizenship, education, and jobs help everyone--immigrants and the rest of us.

HISTbrown: that's good

HISAngeli: exactly.

HISEMY: I agree.


CardMahony: As young Catholics, the Church needs you to be informed on the issues, and to speak and act as disciples of Jesus.

HISTbrown: i agree with CRLR


CardMahony: I'm really proud of you!

HIS_CRLR: thanks

HISEMY: Thank you you Eminence

HISElka: thank you Your Eminence

HISjon: We should all act as disciples of God Your Eminence

HISShEo: I agree your Eminence

HISGem: That seems to be a positive thought though how do we make it an action

HISLENE: Thank you, Cardinal


CardMahony: Yes, we need much stronger border protection--Canada, Mexico, and the coasts.

HISTbrown: I agree cardinal

HIS_CRLR: yes they are cutting thousands of people

HISShEo: that's very true

HISAngeli: But they are jumping the walls.


CardMahony: When you go to the MRS website, you will see many positive things you can do. You students can write letters--even today--to our Senators in Wash DC.

HISLENE: May I have the website please.

HISjp: What is the website Cardinal?

HISGem: wiil they listen?

HISShEo: Do they care?


CardMahony: Our country also needs to encourage economic development in the sending countries so people don't have to leave in order to feed their families.

HISTbrown: what are some other ways that we can help or speak out about this issue

HISEMY: I agree Your Eminence.

HISGEENA: That is very true.

HISLENE: Yes, the 8th grade class collected money for the poor.

HIS_CRLR: They should get in line then

HISjon: I feel bad that people must hop the border to get a better life


CardMahony: I don't have the exact website. Go to Google and put in "Migration and Refugee Services, USCCB" You will see it.

HISShEo: I also agree your Eminence

HISLENE: Thank you.

HISEMY: I will do that right now your Eminence

HISShEo: Thank you

HISjp: We, the 7th grade, just did a food drive. We collected more than 300 cans.

HISjon: That they must leave their families

HISGem: How do you think we can take part in this rather topsy turvy matter of state


CardMahony: It's great having different viewpoints--we need to listen to each other, and respond as disciples of Jesus.

HISTbrown: But they aren't the only people who don't have enough money to feed their families


CardMahony: Congrats on the Food Drive!!!

HISEMY: Thank you.

HISShEo: Thank You

HIS_CRLR: didn't Jesus say to follow rules

HISTbrown: Thank You

HISElka: Thank you Your Eminence

HISjon: Yes to follow rules and act as children of God as we were made in his image

HISLENE: Do you have any more ideas, that we can help the immigrants?


CardMahony: Why do immigrants come here? Because there is a huge magnet of jobs waiting to be filled, and no one is taking them and doing the work.

HISjon: And likeness

HISShEo: We also went to Albertsons to collect money for the developing countries.


CardMahony: Go to the MRS website, and you will find lots of good ideas.

HISElka: I feel that more jobs are here

HISLENE: Thank you.

HIS_CRLR: They are not being taken because of the low wages

HISGem: Can you elaborate


CardMahony: Do you want to move to another question now?

HISAngeli: Yes

HISjp: Yes please.


HISEMY: Ok. Thank You Your Eminence.

HISShEo: What about the union you were talking about this morning

HISGEENA: on the radio


CardMahony: My reference was to the farmworker's union.


HISAngeli: Can someone explain


CardMahony: Since we only have 30 minutes left, let's go to a second question.

HISLENE: okay.

HISjon: Alright Cardinal

HISEMY: Ok. Your Eminence

HISjon: What are your other concerns as a Cardinal\

HISGem: How do you feel about the restrictions on our reading

HISjon: And Archbishop of Los Angeles

HISGem: How do you feel about the restrictions on our reading?


CardMahony: I'm not familiar with restrictions on your reading, but many books are "age appropriate"--that is, they require a certin age and maturity to read.

HISGem: Harry Potter?

HISEMY: I agree with you Your Eminence.

HISjon: What are your thoughts about the wars going on in Iraq?

HISGem: But do you have in opinion


CardMahony: Since I'm not a Harry Potter fan, I don't know much about the books--sorry, folks!!

CardMahony: The reason we have teachers and parents is to give us guidance and direction. Parental controls on computers are a good idea, not a punishment.

HISEMY: I agree with you, Your Eminence.


CardMahony: When I was in school, there were certain books we could not read. But later on when I read them, they were not that important.

HISjon: I think George W. Bush's choice of war is bad

HISShEo: I'm not really for the Parental Control, but that's my opinion.

HISGem: As you say


CardMahony: I like many of the history books out today: 1776, for example, John Adams--great books that also teach us about our history.

HISElka: Many kids go to websites that are not appropriate

HISTbrown: like some pages in Anne Frank were ripped out by the teacher


CardMahony: Elka: yes, some kids don't realize the harm being done to them with certain websites. We have to act responsibly as disciples of Jesus.

HISjp: I disagree with George W. Bush's choice of war.

HISjon: War cannot solve anything


CardMahony: Let's stay with this topic now before moving on.

HISjon: I think that he just wants to prove that he can defeat Iraq

HISGem: I like St Joan of Arc

HISEMY: Yes, i agree with you to Elka.

HISShEo: Especially the websites, with there own page your Eminence.


CardMahony: By the way, what school are you in??

HISTbrown: holy innocents

HISjp: Kids like us will only read the interesting ones. But the books we want to read are not allowed.

HISjon: Holy Innocents School


CardMahony: Holy Innocents is a great parish!!

HISjon: Thank You

HISTbrown: Thank You

HISAngeli: thank you

HISjon: Do you remember Father Tony?


CardMahony: Do you have the Carmelite Sisters there?

HISjon: Yes

HISGEENA: Yes we do

HISElka: Yes

HISjp: We have many sisters around, which is great!


CardMahony: Yes, I saw Fr. Tony here yesterday for Youth Day. The Carmelites are fantastic!!!

HISTbrown: They are the best too

HISGem: Yes and we love them

HISShEo: yes they are

HISjon: My sister was at Youth Day yesterday!

HISjon: She said she loved it

HISjp: Great! I haven't seen him for a long time, and he is a great priest.

HISTbrown: How is he doing?


CardMahony: How about the next question--my concerns? There are many, but these are some: continuing growth of our Catholic Church, but so few priests and sisters.

CardMahony: We also need larger Churches--and Holy Innocents is a good example.

HISGEENA: We have to pray for vocations.

HISShEo: Well right now not a lot of people listen to God's call.

HISAngeli: How do we encourage people who want to become priests but are afraid?


CardMahony: We need to pray for vocations and to encourage one another. Any of you interested in the priesthood or being a sister?

HISjon: Cures for the sick

HISEMY: Yes, i agree with you Your Eminence we need more priest and sisters.

HIS_CRLR: People don't value the right things

HISLENE: I thought about it


CardMahony: Right on! Folks have the wrong priorities and don't value God's presence.

HISShEo: We should encourage one another

HISjp: I am a little interested in joining the priesthood.

HISTbrown: thought about it but....

HIS_CRLR: I have thought about it.

HISAngeli: I'm still thinking about it. I need more guidance

HISGEENA: I've thought about being a sister.


CardMahony: Great, jp! And CRLR and geena.

HISGem: no comment

HISShEo: If God calls me, I probably will

HISjon: The Holy Spirit is also there to guide us

HISjp: Thanks!

HIS_MVC: Wherever God leads me...


CardMahony: Don't dismiss the idea; let the Lord lead you forward.

HISElka: Brother Jeremy talked to us about being a priest or a sister

HISjon: Yes

HISjp: I have heard of a lot of vocation stories from visitors that come to our school.


CardMahony: And your prayers are so very valuable!

HISAngeli: They are very inspiring

HISjon: Especially from children

HISShEo: yes they are you Eminence.

HISjon: A child's prayer is very strong


CardMahony: Do any of you have a family member who is a priest or sister?

HISShEo: no


HISElka: No

HISGem: no

HISjp: No, but i know a lady who has done miracles.

HIS_CRLR: No sorry

HISTbrown: No but my classmate does she has two.

HISEMY: No, I'm not 100% sure.

HISGEENA: I have an uncle who's a priest.

HISjon: I'm still thinking Your Eminence


CardMahony: Terrific!!

CardMahony: How about another issue or question?

HISjon: The cost of oil

HIS_MVC: It skyrockets!

HISjon: It's crazy

HISLENE: It is so expensive.

HIS_CRLR: What do you want to discuss

HISShEo: Its so high

HISTbrown: it's so expensive!

HISGEENA: We're going to start walking now.

HISElka: Yes, that is true

HISEMY: I agree with you LENE.


CardMahony: Don't we really need new and better sources of energy besides oil?? Which ones do you think might work??

HISjon: About $2.73 per gallon now!

HISjon: True

HISLENE: Electricity.

HIS_MVC: I agree, your Eminence

HISjp: There are new cars that work on electricity.

HIS_MVC: Maybe solar

HISShEo: maybe they should just make new cars that are cheap, and need no Gas.


CardMahony: Your generation will be the ones to develop new, clean, sources of energy that reverse global warming.

HISjp: That's good for the people, and environment.

HISjon: But the cars will be expensive

CardMahony: Solar is terrific. So is wind and wave energy--and they are free!

HIS_CRLR: Hydrogen is where I think we should go

HIS_MVC: In abundance, too

HISEMY: Yes, they are Your Eminence.


CardMahony: Do you know much about nitrogen as a fuel?

HIS_CRLR: We have an abundance

HISjon: I have actually heard

HISElka: Yes

HISEMY: No, I don't Your Eminence.

HIS_MVC: Nitrogen?

HISAngeli: Yes, i learned about it in Science


CardMahony: Yes, hydrogen will be terrific! And the oceans are filled with it.

HISShEo: Are you familiar with My Space website?

HISAngeli: They are being banned in schools


CardMahony: Yes, I know about My Space--offers many good things, but we have to be careful because of the dangers.

HISjp: I've seen issues about it on the new and newspapers.

HISEMY: Yes. i agree Your Eminence

HISjon: Especially kidnappers

HISElka: Other students are forced to delete their My Space website

HISTbrown: Do you think that we shouldn't have them anymore?


CardMahony: Too many kids are being lured into traps on these websites, so you need to be very extra careful.

HISLENE: Your Eminence, How can we stop the dangers??

HISShEo: Its always on the news.

HISGem: No people just need to use My Space Better

HISjp: It is very dangerous, and some people put pictures that aren't even theirs!

HISEMY: Yes. I agree with you Your Eminence.


CardMahony: With any website, NEVER give out any personal information to anyone you do not know personally.

HIS_MVC: Children can disguise themselves

HISjon: My teacher told me that!

HISEMY: Yes i never put my last name or my real age.

HISGEENA: My Space profiles can also be put on private.

HISLENE: Yes, that is true your Eminence


CardMahony: These websites let you select your friends and who can access your site. That's good.

HISShEo: There are always children that are being raped from people on My Space.

HISjon: True

HIS_CRLR: Can't we use the phone instead?

HISShEo: You can also set it as private.

HISLENE: Do you have any suggestions that we can do for the websites?

HISAngeli: Are you for or against My Space?


CardMahony: Yes, some awful things have happened to kids because they got trapped. Set good rules for website usage.

HISjon: But you need to make good choices as to who you are adding as a friend

HISjp: But sometimes people add buddies that they don't even know.


CardMahony: Yes, phones work just fine!!!

HISGem: I agree with CRLR


CardMahony: You're right on target with your ideas!!

HISEMY: I agree with you Your Eminence.


CardMahony: You have to teach your younger brothers and sisters as well.

HISShEo: Its hard if they don't listen your Eminence.

HISElka: I don't have a younger sister

HISEMY: Yes, I will set a good example for my brother.

HIS_CRLR: I will try my best to


CardMahony: Your example speaks stronger than your words.

HISLENE: I will try to help my sister and the other children that goes to our school.

HISAngeli: We have family units are our school

HISTbrown: I hear that a lot

HISEMY: Yes, I agree Your Eminence

HISjp: Yes, that is a great way to set an example to younger children.

HIS_MVC: We're very family-oriented.


CardMahony: Younger children don't care what you say; they are watching what you DO!

HISAngeli: Family Units is when we get together with different people in our school, younger and older.

HISShEo: That's right your Eminence


CardMahony: Congress on Family Units

HISEMY: Yes, I've noticed that Your Eminence.

HISTbrown: Thank You

HISjon: Family Units is when a child from each grade gather together, respectively.

HISjp: I have noticed that too, that younger children copy older ones.

HIS_MVC: Thank you, your Eminence


CardMahony: Family Units sounds really neat!

HIS_MVC: And it is!

HISTbrown: They really are!

HISShEo: Its also a time to have fun!

HISjp: It is, and i look forward to it


CardMahony: We have 10 minutes left; another question?

HISLENE: What are your favorite hobbies??

HISEMY: What are you hobbies?


CardMahony: Electronics, amateur radio; hiking in the mountains.


HISLENE: I want to try hiking.

HISElka: I have never been hiking

HISShEo: That's sounds cool!

HISjp: I love modern electronics!

HISGEENA: Wow! That's very interesting.

HISEMY: That's very interesting Your Eminence.

HIS_CRLR: Where do you hike Your Eminence

HISShEo: What's amateur radio?


CardMahony: A really neat hike is to drive up to the Griffith Park observatory in Hollywood, park the car, and take some of the trails from there. Great views of the city!

HISGem: What music do you like?

HISTbrown: That's cool!



CardMahony: My favorite is the High Sierras, but I don't get that much opportunity.

HISjon: Where is that located at?


CardMahony: You could make it a class outing sometime!

HIS_CRLR: have you hiked in Colorado?

HISTbrown: You are a very busy man


CardMahony: No, I have been in Colorado, but no hiking there.

HISGem: Have you been on an Oakland hike

HIS_CRLR: It is fun to hike in the Rockies

HISjp: I have never hiked before, what is the experience like?


CardMahony: You can look up Griffith Park Observatory on the web. The Observatory itself is undergoing renovation, but all of the trails are open. Be sure you have a least one adult with you.

HISEMY: Yes, i will do that with my father Your Eminence.


CardMahony: Those trails are ok with tennis shoes; no need to buy expensive outdoors shoes.


HISGem: What about possible mud slides

HISShEo: thats good advice.


CardMahony: No mud slides up in that area at this time.

HISTbrown: That's good

HISLENE: When is a good time to go hiking?

HISEMY: That's Good news Your Eminence.

HISGem: How can mud slide up?


CardMahony: Also, the Santa Monica mountains have great trails also. Be careful of hungry mountain lions!!

HISjp: Great! Its safe, quality family time, and we can get in shape.


HISjp: Really?!


CardMahony: There are so many neat things to do near where you live!!

HISTbrown: Have you ever seen a mountain lion

HISShEo: you just scared me your Eminence.


CardMahony: No, the lions want to avoid you more than we avoiding them!

HISEMY: Yes, there are very neat things here Your Eminence.

HISGEENA: What other animals should we be careful of if we go hiking?

HISLENE: Oh, i see.

HISShEo: That's good! So we should just avoid them.


CardMahony: Delete the mountain lions!! It's very safe!!

HISLENE: okay.


CardMahony: We have 4 minutes--what are you studying now in Religion Class?

HISjp: In what grade?


CardMahony: In 7 or 8.

HISElka: We are studying about the Holy Spirit

HISEMY: In 7th Grade.

HISGEENA: 8th grade is studying about morality.

HISjon: A symbol for the Holy Spirit


CardMahony: Both great topics! The Holy Spirit is sometimes referred to as the "forgotten God," since we don't call to mind the presence ofthe Spirit in our lives.

HISGem: Sr Mary John is teaching mission awareness


CardMahony: And morality is an important subject as well.

HISShEo: Were also studying about virtues.

HISjp: Yes, we read that the Holy Spirit is like our breath because we can't see it.


CardMahony: Mission awareness is important, too! Through our Baptism, all of us are on mission!!

HIS_MVC: I agree, your Eminence

HIS_CRLR: God calls us to that mission right?


CardMahony: We are now concluding our chat room--I will pray for all of you at Mass this afternoon!!

HISTbrown: Two of the students at Holy Innocents were just Baptized, Please grant them your priestly blessing

HISjon: We will also pray for you too

HISEMY: I will pray for you to Your Eminence.

HISElka: Last Saturday, two students in our school got baptized

HISAngeli: Thank you for your time. We will pray for you.

HISShEo: God Bless You your Eminence!


CardMahony: May God bless each one of you!!

HISLENE: Thank you for your time your Eminence

HISjp: Thank you Your Eminence for spending your time with us! We will all pray for you as well

HISEMY: May God bless you to Your Eminence.

HISGEENA: We enjoyed talking to you very much.

HISLENE: Will you visit us?

HIS_CRLR: Thank you for talking to us Your Eminence

HISElka: Please come visit us

HISShEo: I really enjoyed the chat.

HISjon: It has been an honor to chat with you your Eminence

HISTbrown: I really enjoyed this opportunity, to chat with you.

End of chat as of Fri Mar 31 19:16:48 2006 GMT

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with Auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark of the Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region


2016 Marks 20 Years of Congress Chats — The first (typing) RECongress chat was held on Friday, February 23, 1996 on CompuServe with Cardinal Roger Mahony. Ten years later, on Friday, March 31, 2006, the Cardinal's annual chat was conducted in a room hosted on The Cardinal participated in 22 Congress chats (both nationwide and with schools) over 14 years.

At Congress 2016, Archbishop Josι Gomez has continued the tradition of (now, video) chats with school students from the Archdiocese. This was his sixth Congress chat (and fourth video chat) conducted from the Tech Center, located in the center of Exhibit Hall A at the Religious Education Congress. The RECongress chat are now continued through the regional bishops, while the Archbishop now holds an event on Facebnook Live.

Beginning on CompuServe, the RECongress nationwide chats have been hosted by AOL Live! (1997-2000), Beliefnet (2001), (2002-2003), and (2004-2010). The school chats have been conducted on AOL (2001-2006), Yahoo (2007), Chatzy (2008-2012), Skype (2013-2014) and Google+ (2015-2016).


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