Transcript of online session with Cardinal Roger Mahony and students from St. Rita's School

Friday, March 2, 2007
10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

Cardinal Roger Mahony annually conducts a nationwide online chat, live during the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. A few years back, he also asked for a separate session with students. This is the fourth such event, this year with 12 students (4 seventh-graders and 8 eighth graders) from St. Rita's School in Sierra Madre, Calif. Chris Krause (RECongress) moderated from the Anaheim event in Hall A.


Special thanks to Mrs. Joanne Harabedian, principal at St. Rita's Elementary School.


Good morning. Today is Friday, March 2, 2007. Welcome to our St. Rita's School Chat with Cardinal Roger Mahony, live from the main hall at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, California. Thank you for participating; you are only the fourth school ever to be involved in such an event!

Cardinal Roger Mahony was born in Hollywood, Calif., and was ordained a priest in the Fresno Diocese. While there, he taught social work at California State University, Fresno. In 1975, he was made Auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese of Fresno. That year, Governor Jerry Brown appointed Bishop Mahony the first chair of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board, where he worked with the United Farm Workers and various growers in the state to resolve labor disputes.

In 1980, Bishop Mahony was appointed as Bishop of the Diocese of Stockton and five years later he returned as Archbishop for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the first native Angeleno to hold the office. Bishop Mahony was made Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1991.

Cardinal Mahony joins us this morning, in his 22nd year as leader of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the nation’s largest.

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RECongress: I welcome you

RECongress: Thank you for participating this morning

RECongress: This is a really special annual event for the Religious Education Congress!

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RECongress: I have just logged on, the cardinal is not here yet

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RECongress: But Maryann Griffin is here taking pictures!

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strita1: Good Morning we are ready to chat!

strita1: Chris let me know when the Cardinal is ready

strita1: hi Maryann, what's new?

RECongress: The cardinal should be here in maybe 10 minutes, or so

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katy t.: Good Morning Your Eminence, these are the students from St. Rita's School

katy t.: We are honored to speak with you today


Cardinal Mahony: Let the Church say AMEN!! Good morning to all of you!!!

katy t.: Thank you for inviting us to speak with you on the online chat today!

Meg P: Good Morning


Cardinal Mahony: I am delighted to be with you--any questions?

Ross W.: Hi your eminence, my first question is about your letter "creating a culture of life" you said..."A society is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members".... what is your opinion on how our society currently deals with the homeless, mentally ill, and immigrants?


Cardinal Mahony: Great question! Sadly, we do not treat the weakest members as we must. We don't feed the hungry, we don't care for the homeless. But as disciples of Jesus, you and I must take the lead.

katy t.: Why don't we, can't we take action?

Ross W.: there are many of us who are able and willing?

Madeline P.: I agree

Jillian J.: what can we do as teenagers

Michael N: what can we do as teenagers?


Cardinal Mahony: During Lent I urge all of us to focus on these people in need, especially those here in our midst. Suggestion: let's bring food to school [cans, dried foods are best] and give to our local Food Pantry.

Michael N: sounds like a great idea!


Cardinal Mahony: I don't know about your parish, but many have food pantries to give food to the poor.

Cardinal Mahony: Suggestion: find out today what Food Pantry is near St. Rita's, contact them, and offer to help.

Jillian J.: we do have a food pantry, we share with St. Anthonys

katy t.: We love to get in the spirit of giving


Cardinal Mahony: Well, then you have a ready-made action project. Giving stuff up means using that money to help others.

Ross W.: now that we are in the lenten season, can you offer us any advice that would help us with our spiritual practices during lent?


Cardinal Mahony: Best foods: things that can go a long way, such as dried beans, rice, or mixes--such as Hamburger Helper.

katy t.: great idea

Jillian J.: that's a good idea, thank you

Brett N.: That's a good idea

Meg P: That's a good idea


Cardinal Mahony: Spiritual practices: I suggest that you each take one person/issue to pray for, and each day pray for that intention. For example, maybe pray for the children in those dreadful Darfur camps.

Jillian J.: We have Friday soup kitchens

Meg P: The students are very involved

katy t.: and the money we earn, we send to St. Anthony's


Cardinal Mahony: Terrific having those soup kitchens!

Cardinal Mahony: It sounds to me like you are on the right path already!!

Meg P: The students serve tables

Camille C.: we sponsor orphans from Africa and give money so that they can go to school eat and have clothing


Cardinal Mahony: Where do you have your soup kitchen??

Michael N: in our parish hall

Carolyn H.: in our parish hall

Jillian J.: In the Parish Hall


Cardinal Mahony: You are a terrific group--already!!! Jesus wants us to get in the habit of being strong disciples day after day.

Alex H.: It is a great way to contribute to the community


Cardinal Mahony: Also, encourage your parents and other adults to participate as well.

Madeline P.: Speaking of Children, Your Eminence, how can the Religious Education children feel more connected to the parish and the parish children?


Cardinal Mahony: It's really important to have some joint activities with Religious Ed. students. A special Mass sometime, maybe with punch afterwards. We have to make a real effort.

Madeline P.: Thank you that's a great idea

Carolyn H.: Were your family and you active in the church when you were younger?


Cardinal Mahony: My parents were involved with St. Charles Parish in North Hollywood, and my brothers and I went there too.

Cardinal Mahony: Even years ago, St. Charles had a great out-reach program.

Carolyn H.: Where you born there?

katy t.: What is your favorite book in the Bible?


Cardinal Mahony: I don't have a favorite! But from the Old Testament, I like Exodus, Ruth, Esther, Tobit.

katy t.: I love Exodus

Alex H.: By the way, Your Eminence, who in you life has inspired you the most and why?


Cardinal Mahony: With the New Testament, I like Luke's Gospel a lot--Jesus lives such a balanced life.

Meg P: i like Acts, we are studying the Old Testament now!

Brett N.: I've read Luke a ton it's also my favorite in the New Testament

Ross W.: Our church recently started a youth group. Do you see the implementations of youth groups as a means of contributing to public service and a path to future church vocations?

Carolyn H.: we were studying the Old Testament


Cardinal Mahony: I got a lot of inspiration from my parents, family members, priests in the parish, etc.

Alex H.: That is wonderful


Cardinal Mahony: Sorry--computer was losing power, had to reconnect!

Carolyn H.: no problem


Cardinal Mahony: I like Acts a lot because it shows the early Church beginning and growing.

Cardinal Mahony: Parish Youth Groups are essential--gives all of you a way to live out your faith as young adults!

Alex H.: I enjoy reading Acts also


Cardinal Mahony: Does anyone remember where the disciples of Jesus were first called "Christians"??

Brett N.: Antioch


Cardinal Mahony: Cool!!

Carolyn H.: Yeah we just learned that!

katy t.: Antioch


Cardinal Mahony: What grade are you in??

katy t.: 8th

Brett N.: 8th

Camille C.: 8th

Michael N: 7 and 8 grad

Carolyn H.: 8th and 7th grades

Alex H.: 8th

Ross W.: 7th

Sean A.: 8th

Madeline P.: what are good activities for seventh grade?

Meg P: Before that they were called the Way

Ross W.: what are good activities that will contribute to our youth group


Cardinal Mahony: What are you studying in Religion in 7/8 grades?

Meg P: yes

Camille C.: 8th grade we are studying acts and the journeys of Paul

Ross W.: The life of Jesus in the 7th grade

Madeline P.: we are studying The Sacraments (7)

Michael N: and the sacraments

Carolyn H.: And we have been taught some things you could do during Lent


Cardinal Mahony: I always encourage young people to have a good mix of activities in Youth Groups: time for some prayer, time for discussion, time to share our lives, and time for some fun!

Alex H.: Very true

katy t.: exactly I couldn't agree more!

Sean A.: I agree too

Madeline P.: Right


Cardinal Mahony: I am thrilled you are studying the life of Jesus! We can't follow someone we don't know.

Joe L.: Are there any plans of allowing women to become priests?

Ross W.: At the Cathedral why is the virgin Mary portrayed with rough hands, as if she was working in the fields?

Jillian J.: Why aren't priests and cardinals allowed to get married, when Peter one of the 12 apostles was married?


Cardinal Mahony: Priests do not marry because we are totally committed to our parishioners, and must have the time to devote all to them.

Madeline P.: That is a good reason

Camille C.: even with the shortage of priest?


Cardinal Mahony: Good question about Mary at the Cathedral. How many of you have been to your new Cathedral?

Ross W.: We all have

Jillian J.: we all have

Carolyn H.: yep


Cardinal Mahony: Wow!!

Cardinal Mahony: With the shortage of priests we have been able to involve so many of our fabulous laypeople in the work of the Church!

Alex H.: When did you first realize your calling as a priest?

Madeline P.: exactly


Cardinal Mahony: That statue of Mary over the Bronze Doors is meant to portray Mary as a woman of our times who welcomes everyone.

Alex H.: interesting

katy t.: very interesting


Cardinal Mahony: I was in grammar school when I first thought about being a priest. But that call deepened over the years.

katy t.: Do you have any siblings?


Cardinal Mahony: Yes, an older brother and a twin brother.

katy t.: really, was he interested in the church at all?


Cardinal Mahony: Any of you thinking about serving the Church as priests or sisters?

Brett N.: I am a little

Alex H.: Unfortunately, not

Madeline P.: What qualities do you look for when choosing a priest?


Cardinal Mahony: Let's stay with the priests/sisters. Qualities: love of Jesus, a special energy for serving others, an openness to the needs of all.

Cardinal Mahony: Jesus continues to call young people, but we have to keep our eyes and ears open!

Ross W.: After your visit to Cuba in 1987, and with all the speculation about Cuba's future, What is your opinion on the future of the Catholic church in Cuba?


Cardinal Mahony: I visited Cuba in 1997, when Pope John Paul was there. Great repression of the Church continues, but a lot of faith.

Cardinal Mahony: Interesting: we always have more vocations when the Church is persecuted, and we have to stand up for our faith.

Cardinal Mahony: Any favorite tapestry at your Cathedral?

Cardinal Mahony: Where does the word "Cathedral" come from???

Alex H.: excathedra

Alex H.: the bishop's chair

Sean A.: the bishops chair


Cardinal Mahony: But what does the word "cathedra" mean?

Carolyn H.: Does it do with the word Catholic?


Cardinal Mahony: Correct!!! "Cathedra" is Latin for chair, so the "Cathedral" is where the Bishop's Chair is located--you guys are smart!!

Alex H.: thank you

Sean A.: thank you

Brett N.: thank you

Madeline P.: Thank you!

Jillian J.: thank you

katy t.: thank you

Carolyn H.: Thank You

Camille C.: St. John the Baptist baptizing Jesus is our favorite tapestry\

Alex H.: What is the church's stance on the war in Iraq?


Cardinal Mahony: Amen! I love that tapestry of St. John the Baptist also!

Madeline P.: Me too


Cardinal Mahony: Another of my favorites is the tapestry of St. Joseph--he is portrayed as a young man, as he was. I don't like statues of him as an old man, since he was not an old man.

Carolyn H.: I agree


Cardinal Mahony: Pope John Paul led the way urging us not to attack or invade Iraq. The Pope has always said something true: "War is the failure of the human community to find peaceful solutions to our problems."

Carolyn H.: That was well said

Carolyn H.: sorry typo

Madeline P.: I agree

Alex H.: good statement

Ross W.: With the high population of Latino priest coming out of our area, why is the population of African-American priests coming out of Los Angeles slowly decreasing? I understand that 24% of our community in LA is Latino and 12 % is African American but why haven't many converted?


Cardinal Mahony: The Hispanic community grows up Catholic in their country of origin, so their culture, music, devotions, all center on the Church. African American history in our country did not flow from a Christian background, but now the vast majority are Christians.

Joe L.: Are there any plans of allowing women to become priests?

Camille C.: Are you against the war even though we are trying to help their governments and help the people


Cardinal Mahony: The Catholic Church did not extend evangelization to our African American brothers and sisters as we should have.

Ross W.: are we ever going to?


Cardinal Mahony: You and I do not live in a culture where there are centuries of bitter hatreds and divisions--thanks be to God!! It is so difficult to get people to see others in a new light.

Alex H.: You said it well, THANKS BE TO GOD!!!


Cardinal Mahony: It is one thing to be against going to war in the first place. Once we are in the war, we must seek every possible diplomatic effort to end it. I am glad the USA is in the talks with Syria and Iran to end this war.

katy t.: what saint do you look up to? Why?


Cardinal Mahony: But you and I become instruments of peace by getting along with one another, especially young people from different backgrounds.

Michael N: how man years have you been a priest?


Cardinal Mahony: Actually, St. Joseph is my personal patron! I was ordained a priest on May 1st, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, and ordained a bishop on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph.

Meg P: That's a good choice but St. Lucy inspires me the most

Cardinal Mahony: St. Lucy is a great saint as well!!

Michael N: how many years have you been a priest?


Cardinal Mahony: I was ordained a priest in 1962, a bishop in 1975. Any of you around back then?!!!!

Michael N: many

Carolyn H.: not even close

Michael N: nope

Madeline P.: If you became pope what would you change your name to?

Sean A.: not me


Cardinal Mahony: I'm not going to become pope, so I don't worry about a name!!

Madeline P.: what qualities do you look for when choosing a pope


Cardinal Mahony: Well, your parents were around those years!!

Michael N: ya

Michael N: mine were

Madeline P.: So were mine

Alex H.: mine were


Cardinal Mahony: Do many of you have younger brothers and sisters?

Carolyn H.: I'm the youngest of 3

Michael N: I have to older sisters

Meg P: I have a sister

Michael N: 2

Jillian J.: yes but I have an older sister

Brett N.: No I am the youngest of three

Alex H.: I am the eldest

Alex H.: of three children

Camille C.: I have a younger brother and a younger sister

katy t.: yes I have an older brother who goes to St. Francis high school

Madeline P.: yes two younger brothers an older brother and sister

Joe L.: I have 3 little brothers

Michael N: one is at the university of Santa Clara


Cardinal Mahony: All of you with younger brothers and sisters must give them good example, not a bad time!!!

Cardinal Mahony: How many of you own cats???

Carolyn H.: I do!

Joe L.: I own 2

Alex H.: my family is I own two dogs

Sean A.: I don't care for cats

Jillian J.: i don't really like cats

Meg P: i own two dogs

Ross W.: I do!

Camille C.: i have two dogs

Carolyn H.: her name is Gweny

Madeline P.: i do and i love my cat

Ross W.: If you could, what changes would you make within the catholic church?


Cardinal Mahony: I have two cats: Rafael and Gabriel, named after the Archangels!!

Madeline P.: great names

Alex H.: what wonderful names

Jillian J.: O what pretty names!!

Carolyn H.: I love those name especially Rafael

katy t.: We celebrate the blessing of the animals every year, we all bring our pets and they receive a blessing

Cardinal Mahony: Animals are a great gift of God for all of us! Our pastor at the Cathedral has a dog, and he gets along great with my cats.

Jillian J.: what happened to Miguel?


Cardinal Mahony: Miguel went to Cat Heaven in 2004.

Jillian J.: o may he rest in peace

Michael N: I understand you attended a recent La Salle football game and blessed the field. Was that your first high school football game and how did it feel to be a part of all the excitement of the first night game?


Cardinal Mahony: No, I attend Catholic HS football games each Fall. I love those games! Lots of spirit and fun! I go to about 6 to 8 each Fall.

katy t.: I think you made a real impact on their athletic program because the Girls' Soccer team is in the Championship


Cardinal Mahony: La Salle now has lights so they can have night games, really helpful.

Madeline P.: wow that's great

Alex H.: they are extremely exciting

Michael N: ya it is alot of fun

Michael N: to go to those games

Sean A.: I like football

Carolyn H.: My 3 siblings went to La Salle so I'm glad to go their if I get in


Cardinal Mahony: Am delighted that the Girls' Soccer team is in the playoffs!

Michael N: I have two sisters who went to La Salle and they love it there

katy t.: It is so exciting, I think they might go all the way

Madeline P.: Do you enjoy preaching at the Cathedral?

Alex H.: we have a very athletic school .... like LaSalle


Cardinal Mahony: What are the names of your home room teachers?

Carolyn H.: Miss Carnighan

Carolyn H.: for the 8th grade

Brett N.: Ms. Carnighan

Camille C.: Ms. Carnighan

Sean A.: Mrs. Carnighan

Jillian J.: Ms. Turner- she's a great teacher!!

Madeline P.: Ms. Turner, Randy,

Joe L.: Ms. Carnighan

katy t.: Mrs. Canighan/ Khol she just got married

Michael N: Randy!

Madeline P.: Ms. Truner rocks

Camille C.: Ms. Turner is our religion teacher


Cardinal Mahony: Sounds like a great team there!!

katy t.: We are so blessed

Alex H.: thank you

Madeline P.: What was it like going to the Vatican and choosing a new pope?


Cardinal Mahony: Have any of you ever been to Youth Day here at the Congress?

Michael N: No

katy t.: we are too young

Alex H.: we are to young

Sean A.: we are too young

Jillian J.: I'm to young

Michael N: we cant go until we r in hs

Madeline P.: we are too young but if i were old enough I would definitely go


Cardinal Mahony: Well, when you get into HS, you will love Youth Day!!

Michael N: 1 of our teachers is there with you

Ross W.: one of our teachers is there watching this with you

Jillian J.: - Mrs. Griffin

Carolyn H.: Did you ever want to hold another job then being a priest?


Cardinal Mahony: Are you real careful about how you use the Internet?, etc.???

katy t.: i do not have a myspace

Brett N.: I don't

Madeline P.: None of us have my space

Michael N: yes we understand that there are bad people out there and we try hard to avoid them

Camille C.: I don't have a my space

Jillian J.: yes of course. you have to be careful

Alex H.: we are very responsible here at St Ritas

Ross W.: my parents are very careful and do not allow me to have a Myspace


Cardinal Mahony: Wow! You are really smart! Stay away from that stuff; too many dangers.

Michael N: ya

Madeline P.: i will

Carolyn H.: great advice

Jillian J.: yes too many!!

katy t.: bad bad people, we prefer to go to the movies with friends


Cardinal Mahony: Have you ever visited the Archdiocese website:

Jillian J.: no- but I will now

Madeline P.: No but I will now that i know it


Cardinal Mahony: Or the Cathedral website:

Michael N: no but I will now that I know about it

Carolyn H.: I'll have to check that website out


Cardinal Mahony: We have podcasts on both websites--neat!!

Michael N: cool!!

Ross W.: If you could make any changes to the catholic church what changes would you make? and why?


Cardinal Mahony: Actually, I am more interested in focusing on Jesus Christ, his teachings and example, and our need to make the Church reflect those more fully. That's a high priority for me.

katy t.: What was it like going to Vatican City and choosing a new pope?

Jillian J.: that is a very good priority


Cardinal Mahony: We have an interesting challenge here in Los Angeles: our Catholic community continues to grow rapidly!

Madeline P.: i agree Jillian

Michael N: yes

Alex H.: What elementary school did you attend as a child?


Cardinal Mahony: I attended St. Charles school in North Hollywood.

Meg P: What is your favorite church hymn?

Madeline P.: what is your favorite type of music


Cardinal Mahony: I have a lot of favorite hymns, but one of them is: "Wherever you go," since it reflects Ruth in the Old Testament.

katy t.: In 2008, Our school is celebrating our centennial, unfortunately, the 8th graders will be in high school, but will definitely return


Cardinal Mahony: That's great! 100 years next year!!!


Cardinal Mahony: There is a lot of great sacred music out there these days!

Jillian J.: Have you ever heard the song Somebodys Knocking at your door?

Alex H.: yes, there is

Meg P: I like "Seeds Scattered and Sown"


Cardinal Mahony: Jillian, yes!

Cardinal Mahony: Meg, another good hymn!

Madeline P.: we sing that a lot at our masses

Carolyn H.: We will have to sing them for you sometime


Cardinal Mahony: How about "Who let the dogs out?"

Madeline P.: ya

Jillian J.: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael N: o yeah!!1

katy t.: i love it

Carolyn H.: Classic!

Michael N: !!

Sean A.: That's a good one

katy t.: a classic

Madeline P.: whoo hoo

Alex H.: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross W.: If you were in the 7th or 8th grade and choosing a high school what characteristics and other important factors would you look at before choosing?


Cardinal Mahony: I love it too, but my cats don't!!

Jillian J.: i would imagine!!

katy t.: haha

Brett N.: hahaha

Carolyn H.: haha

Ross W.: lol

Sean A.: haha

Madeline P.: rotflol

Michael N: lol

Joe L.: lol

Jillian J.: lol


Michael N: we sung somebody's knockin on your door on Ash Wednesday

Ross W.: If you were in the 7th or 8th grade and choosing a high school what characteristics and other important factors would you look at before choosing?


Cardinal Mahony: I would choose a HS that will continue to nourish your faith life, give you sound principles to live by, and support you in difficult decisions.

Madeline P.: I will look for that too

Jillian J.: What about Mayfield Sr. School?

Alex H.: every student has applied to a Catholic school this year

katy t.: Every 8th grade student has applied for a Catholic High school

Ross W.: thank you i will definitely take that into consideration

Michael N: sang


Cardinal Mahony: Being disciples of Jesus means being counter to the culture of our times frequently.

Cardinal Mahony: I am delighted that you are all thinking of going to a Catholic HS!!

Alex H.: it is very important to keep the Lord in our lives

katy t.: practical advise?


Cardinal Mahony: We are down to our last 5 minutes. Any last comment or questions?

Madeline P.: How do you feel about gay marriages? What is the Catholic church trying to do about this problem


Cardinal Mahony: Starting with Adam and Eve, we believe that God created men and women to be mates, to bring children into the world. So called "marriage" between men or between women does not carry out God's plan for us.

Alex H.: do u have a particular location you like to visit?

katy t.: i understand, I have never thought of it that way

Jillian J.: i agree with katy

katy t.: That clears things up


Cardinal Mahony: If you want to see God's creation in a powerful way, go see the re-done Griffith Observatory, and see the Planetarium show!!

Alex H.: I love going there!

Jillian J.: sounds fun!!

Brett N.: it's an awesome place

Michael N: What can we see there?

Carolyn H.: I will have to go because I haven't seen it re-done

Meg P: We have been to the Griffith Observatory as a class

katy t.: I will go there in the future

Alex H.: astronomy is so interesting


Cardinal Mahony: A great class field trip!!!

Michael N: yes

Jillian J.: yes yes indeed

Ross W.: Thank you so much for talking to us today! I understand that this is most likely a once in a lifetime experience and I am blessed to have talked to you!

Madeline P.: I really appreciated talking to you I hope we could chat with you again some time


Cardinal Mahony: I hope you have seen the Planetarium show!

Carolyn H.: i have

Michael N: this is a great experience for me!

Michael N: thank you

Madeline P.: Jillian and I will go there some time in the future

strita1: Your Eminence, thank you for chatting with us today. We look forward to your visit to our parish in May of 2008. Before then, we will visit the Cathedral with our parents and our teachers. Remember us in your prayers. St. Rita 7th and 8th graders.

Alex H.: i will always cherish this wonderful memory and experience

Brett N.: Thank you

Sean A.: This chat was cool

Jillian J.: thank you so much for your time I hope to meet you in person- you are a very nice man, and I will continue to keep my faith

Carolyn H.: I appreciate this conversation so much!

Camille C.: Thank you for talking with us

katy t.: thank you for sparing time to speak with us, hope you enjoyed speaking with us because we really enjoyed it

katy t.: pray for me

Madeline P.: Thank you very much please bless us


Cardinal Mahony: I shall pray for all of you, and I would ask you to say a prayer for me as well.

Joe L.: Thank you very much

Madeline P.: i will that's a promise

Alex H.: is it possible to bless us in this chat room?

Carolyn H.: I certainly will!

Michael N: we will!

Jillian J.: Of course !

Sean A.: i will pray for you

Camille C.: we will

Meg P: You are always in my prayers

katy t.: we definately will, this was an experience I will never forget

Brett N.: i will

Ross W.: Will you please pray for me and my family as we go through this lenten season


Cardinal Mahony: THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!


Sean A.: thank you


Madeline P.: THANK YOU

Michael N: thank you cardinal!!

katy t.: thank you kindly

Jillian J.: bye! talk to you soon!!

Camille C.: thank you very much!!


Meg P: Thank you, this is a once in a life time experience

Ross W.: thank you so much for talking to us today! I understand that this is most likely a once in a lifetime experience and i am blessed to have talked to you!

Sean A.: thank you kindly

Madeline P.: I will try to talk to you again some time

Carolyn H.: Thank You from all of us!

Michael N: thank you cardinal!!

Alex H.: bless the Lord for this unimaginable experience

Joe L.: thank you very much

Madeline P.: i was thrilled to talk to you

Jillian J.: same here!!!!

Michael N: we appreciate this so much

Michael N: thank you cardinal!!

Jillian J.: bye bye

Michael N: bye

Sean A.: bye

Alex H.: =) thank you\

Carolyn H.: Bye

Jillian J.: bye bye

Michael N: bye

katy t.: bye

Jillian J.: bye bye

Madeline P.: see ya

Carolyn H.: thank you

Brett N.: bye

katy t.: bye

Sean A.: bye

katy t.: bye

Camille C.: bi

Jillian J.: bye

Carolyn H.: bye bye

Madeline P.: bye

Meg P: bye

katy t.: bye

Carolyn H.: this was fun!

Camille C.: bi

Alex H.: =) thank you\

Madeline P.: bye

Jillian J.: bye

Madeline P.: bye

Madeline P.: bye

Carolyn H.: =)

katy t.: bye

Madeline P.: bye

katy t.: bye

Alex H.: =) thank you\

Jillian J.: bi

Carolyn H.: :)

Madeline P.: bye

Madeline P.: bye

Alex H.: =)

Madeline P.: bye

Jillian J.: urg- bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madeline P.: bye

Sean A.: :)

Michael N: thx

Carolyn H.: good day!

Alex H.: = * ))

Carolyn H.: have a lovely St. Patty's day!

Alex H.: bye

End of chat as of Sat Mar 3 04:22:19 2007 GMT

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Congress Chat History:
Beginning in 1996 on CompuServe, Cardinal Roger Mahony conducted the first nationwide, online (typing) live from Hall A at the Anaheim Convention Center. in 2001 the Cardinal suggested adding a private chat with students from a school in the Archdiocese. Since then, we have had the tradition of a private school chat.

Los Angeles Archbishop Josι Gomez continued the tradition of a Congress Chat, and now we've expanded our chats to include regional bishops and schools from their region. This year, Bishop David O'Connell joins us for our sixth video chat with a school from his region.

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2019 (All Souls, Alhambra)

with Los Angeles Archbishop Josι Gomez

2017 (St Francis of Assisi, L.A.)  •  2016 (St Mary Magdalen, Camarillo)  •  2015 (St Finbar School, Burbank)  •  2014 (St Columbkille School, L.A.)  •  2013 (St Bernard School, L.A.)  •  2012 (St Dorothy School, Glendora)  •  2011 (St Thomas School, L.A.)

with Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles

2010  •  2010 (St John Chrysostom School, Inglewood)  •  2009  •  2009 (St Elisabeth, Van Nuys)  •  2008  •  2008 (Sacred Heart, Covina)  •  2007  •  2007 (St Benedict, Montebello)  •  2007 (St Rita, Sierra Madre)  •  2006  •  2006 (Holy Innocents, Long Beach)  •  2005  •  2004  •  2003  •  2001  •  2001 (St Jerome, Westchester)  •   2001 (Holy Family, South Pasadena)  •  2000  •  1999  •  1998  •  1997  •  1996

with Auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark of the Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region


2016 Marks 20 Years of Congress Chats — The first (typing) RECongress chat was held on Friday, February 23, 1996 on CompuServe with Cardinal Roger Mahony. Ten years later, on Friday, March 31, 2006, the Cardinal's annual chat was conducted in a room hosted on The Cardinal participated in 22 Congress chats (both nationwide and with schools) over 14 years.

At Congress 2016, Archbishop Josι Gomez has continued the tradition of (now, video) chats with school students from the Archdiocese. This was his sixth Congress chat (and fourth video chat) conducted from the Tech Center, located in the center of Exhibit Hall A at the Religious Education Congress. The RECongress chat are now continued through the regional bishops, while the Archbishop now holds an event on Facebnook Live.

Beginning on CompuServe, the RECongress nationwide chats have been hosted by AOL Live! (1997-2000), Beliefnet (2001), (2002-2003), and (2004-2010). The school chats have been conducted on AOL (2001-2006), Yahoo (2007), Chatzy (2008-2012), Skype (2013-2014) and Google+ (2015-2016).


Congress Year:
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