Transcript of online session with Cardinal Roger Mahony and students from St. Jerome School

Friday, February 16, 2001
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

For the past six years, Cardinal Roger Mahony has conducted a live chat session during the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. This year, in addition to the scheduled chat, the Cardinal went online in a private session with students from the Archdiocese. This chat with school students was conducted with eighth-graders from St. Jerome School in Los Angeles (Westchester), Calif. The Cardinal [RECongress] spoke with eight students (logged on as StJeromeLab1 through StJeromeLab10 ).

Special thanks to Sr. Donna Ann Bachman, principal of St. Jerome School, Sr. Barbara Joan Nicewander, and the school’s computer lab technician, Gabi Camberos.

The following is a transcript from that online Yahoo Chat session. (Unfortunately, there are some dropped sections indicated by ellipses.)

You are in RECongress:1 (Chat with Cardinal Mahony)

RECongress: Welcome. We are at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim.

StJeromeLab1: cool, are you going to a Duck’s game lol

RECongress: It is a great morning here in Anaheim, and so much joy and enthusiasm. 

StJeromeLab1: yes, I know it is

StJeromeLab9: how’s the meeting going?

StJeromeLab1: So besides doing work for God, which I know is your pride and joy, what else do you enjoy in your off time?

RECongress: Let’s take a question from each group: group 1, proceed

StJeromeLab6: Are you at the convention?

StJeromeLab1: How’s the meeting going?

RECongress: The meeting is going well, the Youth Day was yesterday. Lots of young people.

RECongress: 2: question

RECongress: lab 3: question

StJeromeLab4: Do you like to do anything like playing golf?

RECongress: No golf, but a great treadmill--we all need exercise all our life long.

StJeromeLab1: I agree

StJeromeLab1: Do you like to play any sports.

StJeromeLab3: So besides doing work for God, which I know is your pride and joy, what else do you do in your spare time?

RECongress: I used to play basketball and softball, but not as much anymore.

StJeromeLab3: that’s cool

StJeromeLab4: yes I play all sports

StJeromeLab4: like soccer and golf

StJeromeLab5: If there was one person you could ever meet who would it be?

StJeromeLab9: do you like auto racing?

StJeromeLab10: Do you have a close relationship with God?

RECongress: The best thing about being a priest is celebrating Mass, and helping all our people.

StJeromeLab3: it’s an honor talking to you

RECongress: lab 4: question

StJeromeLab9: I’m a huge, huge, huge, race fan

RECongress: It’s easier if I ask each group in order, otherwise we will miss some

StJeromeLab6: Mr. Skinner wants me to say hello to you, he’s visiting our school, and he just gave us a wonderful gift

StJeromeLab6: from the Fritz Burns Foundation

StJeromeLab3: who‘s your favorite basketball team, Lakers, Magic, who?

StJeromeLab10: What do you think of the energy crisis?

StJeromeLab5: If there was anyone u could meet, who would it be and why?

RECongress: Who would I like to meet? The young people who work with those suffering from earthquakes and other natural disasters.

StJeromeLab5: thank you for answering my question.

RECongress: Give my very best to Mr. Skinner--he is terrific, and their Foundation helps many people.

StJeromeLab10: Mr. Skinner says thank you

StJeromeLab3: Who’s your favorite basketball team?

RECongress: Are you all praying for those suffering from the earthquakes in El Salvador and India?

StJeromeLab4: yep

StJeromeLab9: Yes we have

StJeromeLab6: yes, we pray for everyone in need

RECongress: We all make a difference in the world when we care for one another, both locally and internationally.

StJeromeLab7: How long have you been a cardinal?

RECongress: Ten years--I became a cardinal in June of 1991.

StJeromeLab5: language

StJeromeLab5: some speak in Spanish

StJeromeLab9: Cardinal Mahony, who do you think will win the Daytona 500?

RECongress: I’m not sure about the Daytona. Several great drivers have never won, others have won several times. Good question.

RECongress: I travel to Rome a lot, to Washington DC for Bishops’ meetings.

StJeromeLab3: Have you been to Disneyland, since you’ve been here, in California?

RECongress: I‘ve been to Disneyland some years ago, but not to the new California Adventure.

RECongress: Have any of you ever been to Rome??

StJeromeLab1: no

StJeromeLab6: No

StJeromeLab4: I’ve been to Ireland and France

RECongress: I see the Pope each time I go to Rome, so I have been blessed in seeing him many times.

StJeromeLab4: neat

StJeromeLab9: Which is your favorite Bible book?

RECongress: I will tell the Pope how great the 8th graders are at St. Jeromes.

StJeromeLab6: Thanks

StJeromeLab4: thanks

StJeromeLab7: how many times have you been to Rome?

RECongress: I have been to Rome about 3 to 5 times a year, for several years.

StJeromeLab3: What is your favorite section of the Bible to read?

StJeromeLab4: cool

StJeromeLab1: I agree

StJeromeLab10: Our lunch lady says hello

RECongress: The Lunch Lady is the most important person there!!

StJeromeLab4: she says thanks

StJeromeLab7: Doris says yah baby

StJeromeLab10: The lunch lady says thank you

RECongress: Do you study the Bible in your classes?

StJeromeLab9: Have you seen or met a teacher named Sr Barbara Joan. She teaches our eighth grade.

StJeromeLab1: I thought our principal was the most important person here?

StJeromeLab1: lol

RECongress: Well, the principal is the overall most important person. But at lunchtime, she cedes that honor to the lunch lady.

StJeromeLab4: yes

StJeromeLab7: yes

StJeromeLab1: yes

StJeromeLab3: YES

StJeromeLab10: yes

StJeromeLab6: yes

StJeromeLab7: will u be my sponsor for confirmation?

StJeromeLab10: Will you be my sponsor in Confirmation?

RECongress: Since a Confirmation sponsor must participate each week in the program, I regret that I can’t sponsor you.

RECongress: Thanks for asking, though

StJeromeLab1: What do you do in your spare time?

RECongress: I enjoy going on line, browsing the Internet, electronics

StJeromeLab3: What’s your favorite music group out now?

StJeromeLab10: What kind of music do you listen to?

StJeromeLab9: What’s your favorite food?

StJeromeLab7: What kind of music do u listen to?

RECongress: Favorite music: classical, some country/western, and now much into: Who Let the Dog Out, Woof Woof!

StJeromeLab5: lol

StJeromeLab6: LoL

StJeromeLab1: lol

StJeromeLab3: What’s your favorite parish to visit?

RECongress: We have 290 parishes, and I enjoy visiting all of them.

StJeromeLab6: What kind of computer do you own?

RECongress: I own a NEC laptop, and with a docking station at home, it is very versatile.

StJeromeLab4: What is your favorite part of the world????

StJeromeLab10: What kind of pets do have?

StJeromeLab1: What kind of pets do you have?

StJeromeLab10: What is your favorite pet?

RECongress: I have two cats: Miguel and Rafael, after the Archangels.

StJeromeLab10: so nice

RECongress: What is the name of your school mascot?

StJeromeLab1: Spartans

StJeromeLab1: We don’t have a mascot

RECongress: Do you play other schools in sports?

StJeromeLab10: What high school did you attend?

RECongress: I went to the seminary prep high school. But it does not exist anymore.

StJeromeLab7: Hola como estas?

RECongress: Estoy bien, gracias a Dios.

StJeromeLab1: What happened to it?

RECongress: We need more priests and sisters--any volunteers in your class?

StJeromeLab5: I would

StJeromeLab1: none

StJeromeLab4: Ruben

StJeromeLab6: What city do you live in?

RECongress: Ruben, are you interested?

StJeromeLab9: Yes

RECongress: I have two "yes." That’s pretty good!

StJeromeLab3: What brings tears to your eyes?

StJeromeLab5: What’s your favorite subject?

StJeromeLab3: I love shopping

RECongress: Favorite subjects: science and history.

RECongress: Have you heard about our new Cathedral under construction downtown?

StJeromeLab10: yes

StJeromeLab4: yep

StJeromeLab7: YES

StJeromeLab5: yes

StJeromeLab9: yes

StJeromeLab1: yes

StJeromeLab10: when is it going to be finished

StJeromeLab10: the cathedral

RECongress: Visit our Cathedral website, and click on the webcams. You can see it under construction:

StJeromeLab6: Thanks

StJeromeLab4: Thanks

StJeromeLab9: thanks

RECongress: You need to check out the Cathedral website, the photos change every 3 minutes.

StJeromeLab6: every three minutes? That’s nice

StJeromeLab1: it does, cool

StJeromeLab6: How often do you go to mass?

RECongress: I celebrate Mass each day, sometimes more than once if there is something special happening.

StJeromeLab5: do u celebrate the liturgy of the hours?

StJeromeLab5: and how often?

RECongress: Yes, I pray the Liturgy of the Hours each day – great praying the Psalms

StJeromeLab1: What do you think of pop music?

RECongress: Pop music is fine, but I like music that is more enduring.

StJeromeLab3: Do you like ‘NSYNC?

RECongress: I don’t really have any favorite groups.

StJeromeLab1: N Sinc is not a good music group. That’s what I think.

StJeromeLab6: How often do you chat on the Internet?

RECongress: I chat on the Internet just now and then – about twice a month

StJeromeLab9: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

RECongress: Favorite ice cream: vanilla, then anything with lemon or pumpkin.

StJeromeLab6: Have you ever met Bill Clinton?

StJeromeLab7: Do you like him?

StJeromeLab1: Do you watch TV?

RECongress: Yes, I have met Bill Clinton several times.

RECongress: Pres. George Bush visited Ascension School in October, he was very impressed with our Catholic Schools.

StJeromeLab3: What do you think about visual arts? Do they interest you?

StJeromeLab1: What’s your favorite TV shows?

RECongress: I usually see the late TV news, but seldom am home for other programs.

*** StJeromeLab8 is now offline.

RECongress: I like things on PBS, the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel.

RECongress: So long, 8!!

StJeromeLab4: have you flown on Air Force 1 with the pres?

RECongress: No, I have never been on Air Force One.

StJeromeLab10: I like the cathedral website

StJeromeLab1: I agree

StJeromeLab4: me too

RECongress: We are going to upgrade the Cathedral website, so it will get even better.

StJeromeLab6: That sounds interesting

StJeromeLab5: If there was one thing that you could change in American history, what would it be?

RECongress: The Cathedral will be finished in March 2002, dedicated in Sept 2002. After that, we want all our school members to visit.

StJeromeLab1: yea

StJeromeLab4: neat

RECongress: I have been on many news programs, but not other TV programs

StJeromeLab4: oh

StJeromeLab10: how old are you?

RECongress: I will be 65 in a couple of weeks – getting up there, but I feel like 50!!

StJeromeLab6: LOL

StJeromeLab4: sweeeet

StJeromeLab7: Good for u

StJeromeLab1: good for you.

StJeromeLab4: yum

StJeromeLab9: Do you like Burger King and In N Out?

RECongress: One needs to take good care of themselves, especially diet and exercise – and having a couple of great cats helps!

RECongress: Both hamburger places are great since they make the burgers fresh.

StJeromeLab3: Did you have different views about the movie "Stigmata"?

RECongress: I did not see Stigmata. Many of these are unhelpful and exaggerate.

StJeromeLab1: What’s your favorite movie, and why

RECongress: I don’t really have a favorite movie: I try to see a few each year, but no one of them stands out.

RECongress: Where are you all going to high school?

StJeromeLab5: probably St Bernard

StJeromeLab4: I would like to go to Loyola High School

StJeromeLab9: Loyola High School

StJeromeLab1: My choice is either Loyola high School or Bishop Montgomery High School

StJeromeLab10: Probably St. Monica

StJeromeLab6: I’d like to go to Marymount

StJeromeLab3: LA County High School for the Arts, I am such a drama queen

RECongress: All of those are great schools!!

StJeromeLab1: yep

StJeromeLab4: What activities do you like to do?

RECongress: One of my former my former hobbies was flying helicopters – lots of fun, but not much opportunity now.

RECongress: Are any of you artists? Painters? Cartoonists?

StJeromeLab10: do you like flying in airplanes?

RECongress: Yes, I love to fly

StJeromeLab9: Have you ever seen "The Mummy"?

RECongress: No, I have not seen The Mummy.

StJeromeLab3: What’s your favorite fruit?

RECongress: Favorite fruit: apricots, lemons.

StJeromeLab5: What’s your favorite candy?

RECongress: Candy, unfortunately, almost all kinds!

StJeromeLab4: sweet

StJeromeLab1: Is St. Jerome your favorite school?


RECongress: What textbook do you use for religion in your class?

StJeromeLab9: what’s your favorite dessert?

StJeromeLab4: an old one

RECongress: St. Jerome’s is one of my most favorite!

StJeromeLab4: we are getting new ones next year

RECongress: An old one??

StJeromeLab1: yes

StJeromeLab6: We are learning about the Church and the Church’s history.

StJeromeLab1: It’s really interesting

RECongress: There are lots of great new textbooks on display here at the Congress. Have your principal drive down and take a look.

RECongress: St. Joseph is my real favorite. Such a good, ordinary person.

StJeromeLab9: I love camping at the Sequoias.

RECongress: I usually get up at 5:00 AM each day. Prayer follows, breakfast, then each day is different after that.

StJeromeLab1: Interesting

StJeromeLab9: clam chowder is my favorite food

StJeromeLab4: I love snowboarding in Mammoth

StJeromeLab1: yes

RECongress: Mammoth is cool; great snows right now.

RECongress: Favorite thing each day: celebrating the Eucharist.

StJeromeLab3: Do you feel flattered when people speak highly of you?

RECongress: : Well, don’t take too seriously what people say.

StJeromeLab1: I agree.

StJeromeLab10: Do you ski or snowboard?

RECongress: The Eucharist is a great mystery of faith, so I don’t focus on the taste of the bread and wine

StJeromeLab5: have you heard that they recently have found a mummy?

StJeromeLab4: oh

StJeromeLab9: It’s been raining like crazy. Hail was falling in my neighborhood

StJeromeLab7: What’s your most embarrassing moment in public?

RECongress: Most embarrassing moment: introducing someone using the wrong name!

StJeromeLab1: How do you feel about scientists cloning a human person next December??

StJeromeLab9: Cloning might be a good thing, but I’m not sure

RECongress: Cloning people is ethically unacceptable. Even cloning sheep has problems.

StJeromeLab9: It’s actually sick

StJeromeLab10: What kind of technology toys do you have?

RECongress: Since I’m a radio amateur, I have radio equipment. Cell phone. Computers.

RECongress: I don’t have a Palm yet, however.

StJeromeLab4: Talking to God

StJeromeLab4: on the cell phone

StJeromeLab4: lol

StJeromeLab6: are you aiming to get a Palm?

StJeromeLab4: yep

RECongress: I am looking at the Compaq or the HP palm devices.

StJeromeLab3: Do you pray for yourself when you are sick?

RECongress: Sure, we all pray that God will heal us when we are ill. Christ the Healer is a great patron.

StJeromeLab3: What’s your favorite gospel song?

StJeromeLab9: What’s your favorite psalm?

RECongress: Favorite Psalm: probably 23.

StJeromeLab4: oh

RECongress: No favorite Gospel song. So many out now.

StJeromeLab4: Lunch lady is bragging that you think she is special

StJeromeLab9: Do you have like an electronic agenda schedule

StJeromeLab4: I was just giving my aunt a hard time

StJeromeLab4: lol

StJeromeLab1: What do you like to do on the weekends, weekdays

RECongress: Have you ever visited the website for the Bishops’ Conference? It has all kinds of great links so you can look up everything.

StJeromeLab1: not yet

StJeromeLab5: No

StJeromeLab4: No, I will through

RECongress: Check out the website:

RECongress: Or it could be .com

StJeromeLab6: thanks for the site

RECongress: What neat about that site is that you can look up anything about the Church.

StJeromeLab6: the website that you recommended is very interesting

StJeromeLab4: it’s really cool

StJeromeLab10: It even has movie reviews!! LOL

StJeromeLab3: What’s your favorite Church symbol?

RECongress: Favorite Church symbol: the Dove, and the Candle.

StJeromeLab1: cool, I like the fire of the Holy Spirit

StJeromeLab1: When will you visit St. Jerome School?

RECongress: I usually don’t visit the grammar schools. There are 229 of the, and only one of me

StJeromeLab10: Are you going to St. Jeromes to say a mass

StJeromeLab10: this year

StJeromeLab1: Will you be visiting, any time, I would like to meet you in person

RECongress: I have been several times, your parish is very convenient for many, so we have big events there.

StJeromeLab4: Have you even been surfing in your life?

StJeromeLab9: I like when God speaks to me when I am down

StJeromeLab10: Are you going to celebrate mass this school year at our school?

RECongress: A better idea: bring the entire 8th grade to visit the Archdiocese Pastoral Center on Wilshire, then I can meet you there.

StJeromeLab3: What encouraged you to be a priest?

StJeromeLab4: we’ll tell Sister

SStJeromeLab1: YEA

StJeromeLab4: are you serious

StJeromeLab4: do you want to see all of us

StJeromeLab4: we’ll try to convince our teacher, because our class is big

RECongress: Yes, please come for a visit. We have had lots of 8th graders come through. We can help set it up.

StJeromeLab4: oh cool

RECongress: They give you a tour of various floors and offices, then I get to meet you and take a photo with you.

StJeromeLab8: That would be great

StJeromeLab3: Do you think highly of your accomplishments?

StJeromeLab5: Me too (eddie)

StJeromeLab5: me three (jenn)

StJeromeLab4: same as Sister BJ [Barbara Joan]

RECongress: Thanks so very much for chatting with me today! Come and visit! God bless you!

StJeromeLab1: God

StJeromeLab1: Bless

StJeromeLab1: You

StJeromeLab6: bye

StJeromeLab9: me four (Ruben)

StJeromeLab4: peace out

StJeromeLab1: Yea

StJeromeLab4: praise God

StJeromeLab4: bye

StJeromeLab6: adios

StJeromeLab5: Best Wishes

StJeromeLab1: bye

StJeromeLab4: see ya

StJeromeLab6: good luck

StJeromeLab5: thanks for the wonderful website

StJeromeLab6: thanks for the websites

StJeromeLab9: good bye, hope to see you in the near future


StJeromeLab1: Hope to meet you later next week, thank you for the wonderful website.

StJeromeLab5: nice chatting with u

StJeromeLab4: Thanks for the web sites


StJeromeLab9: Hope to do this again

StJeromeLab3: just do it, like Nike says (ALANA)

© 2001 Archdiocese of Los Angeles


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2016 Marks 20 Years of Congress Chats — The first (typing) RECongress chat was held on Friday, February 23, 1996 on CompuServe with Cardinal Roger Mahony. Ten years later, on Friday, March 31, 2006, the Cardinal's annual chat was conducted in a room hosted on The Cardinal participated in 22 Congress chats (both nationwide and with schools) over 14 years.

At Congress 2016, Archbishop José Gomez has continued the tradition of (now, video) chats with school students from the Archdiocese. This was his sixth Congress chat (and fourth video chat) conducted from the Tech Center, located in the center of Exhibit Hall A at the Religious Education Congress. The RECongress chat are now continued through the regional bishops, while the Archbishop now holds an event on Facebnook Live.

Beginning on CompuServe, the RECongress nationwide chats have been hosted by AOL Live! (1997-2000), Beliefnet (2001), (2002-2003), and (2004-2010). The school chats have been conducted on AOL (2001-2006), Yahoo (2007), Chatzy (2008-2012), Skype (2013-2014) and Google+ (2015-2016).


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