RECongress 20032003 Speaker Listing

Religious Education Congress
February 27, 2003 (Youth Day)
February 28 - March 2, 2003


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Allen Jr., John L.      TOPIC(S): Church
       6-01 - The Next Pope and the Future of the Church (*taped)
       8-01 - The Unfinished Business of John Paul II (*taped)

Allender, Tom      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       1-01 - Single Parent Family Ministry: A Need In Our Parishes (*taped)
       8-02 - Placing The Gospel Into the Center of Our Conflicts (*taped)

Alonso, Tony      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       7-22 - *Living Catechesis Musically: Yesterday and Forever!

Anderle, Donna      TOPIC(S): Elementary
       2-01 - *Music, Movement and Dance: Practical Ideas of Worship (*taped)
       7-01 - Liturgy of the Word for Children: Music, Rituals & Storytelling (*taped)

Bañuelas, Arturo      TOPIC(S): (Spanish) Christian Leadership
       6-51 - Espiritualidad para el Ministerio (*taped)
       8-51 - El Ministerio es Para el Reino de Dios (*taped)

Beaudoin, Thomas More      TOPIC(S): Young Adult Ministry
       1-02 - The Sexual Abuse Scandal and Young Adult Catholics: Where Do We Go From Here?
       4-01 - Young Progressive Catholics Claiming Their Church

Becker, Mary Lee      TOPIC(S): Jr High Catechesis
       3-01 - So What's Working? Successful Practices in Junior High Ministry (*taped)
       5-01 - Not Another "Ice Breaker" … Ugh! Building Community with Young Adolescents (*taped)

Bellante, Ruben F.      TOPIC(S): (Spanish) Culture/Communication
       2-51 - Comunicación y Relaciones Interpersonales (*taped)
       5-51 - Los Medios de Comunicación Social, La Educación y la Catequesis (*taped)

Boadt, Lawrence      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       5-02 - Five Great Heroes of the Bible … Who Happen To Be Women (*taped)
       7-02 - Sin, Healing and Reconciliation In The Bible (*taped)

Bondi, Renee      TOPIC(S): Youth Day Workshop - Holding Life Sacred
       Youth Day Workshop - A - Hey, I'm Worth Something, I Swear!!!

Booth, Tom      TOPIC(S): Youth Day Workshop - Handling Life Pressures
       Youth Day Workshop - B - Handling the Pressures of Life

Boyce, Jo      TOPIC(S): Adult Catechesis
       4-26 - *God of Surprises
       7-24 - *A Guide for Reluctant Disciples

Breen, Elizabeth Crabb      TOPIC(S): HIV/AIDS
       6-16 - *HIV/AIDS: Voices from the Pandemic Bearing Hope and Compassion (*taped)

Brennan, Patrick      TOPIC(S): Parish Evangelization
       1-03 - The Necessity of Forgiveness: The Possibility of Reconciliation (*taped)
       2-02 - Whose Church Is It Anyway? The Need for the Laity to Assume Leadership in a Church in Crisis (*taped)

Butler, Anthea      TOPIC(S): Black Perspective
       2-03 - Connecting to Our Brothers and Sisters: African-American Catholics and the African Diaspora (*taped)

Carotta, Michael      TOPIC(S): Jr High/Spirituality
       5-03 - Maintaining an Active Presence in the Moral and Spiritual Growth of Your Teen (*taped)
       7-03 - Using Both Hands: Building Religious Knowledge and Skills for Christian Living with Junior-Highers (*taped)

Carrillo, Carlos      TOPIC(S): (Spanish) Young Adult Min
       4-51 - Dimensiones Sicológicas del Joven Latino en los Estados Unidos (*taped)
       6-52 - Creando Una Imagen Positiva en los Adolescentes y Jóvenes (*taped)

Cedillo, Marlene Elizabeth      TOPIC(S): Lay Leadership
       7-04 - People Get Ready ... There's a Change a Comin'! (*taped)

Cheri, Richard      TOPIC(S): Liturgy/Music
       2-04 - Can’t You Feel God’s Spirit? (*taped)

Chesto, Kathleen      TOPIC(S): Family
       1-04 - Will There Be Faith on Earth? The Church and the Next Generation
       4-02 - Family at the Heart of the Church

Cho, Maura      TOPIC(S): Korean
       Korean -

Coffey, Kathy      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       2-23 - *Re-imagine Liturgical Prayer

Colloton, Paul      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       2-23 - *Re-imagine Liturgical Prayer

Coloroso, Barbara      TOPIC(S): Life Issues
       4-03 - The Bully, The Bullied, and The Bystander: Breaking the Cycle of Violence
       6-03 - Kids Are Worth It! Parenting and Teaching with Wit and Wisdom

Comella, Gregory David      TOPIC(S): Women in Scripture
       4-04 - Gospel Women: The Guides and Teachers of Jesus (*taped)
       5-04 - Gospel Women: New Models of Church and Authority for Troubled Times (*taped)

Cooney, Rory      TOPIC(S): Family
       3-02 - *In Every Generation: A Musical Reflection

Cordero, Stan      TOPIC(S): Youth Day Workshop - Leadership
       Youth Day Workshop - C - Vertical Reality: Living Christian Leadership

Corral, José      TOPIC(S): (Spanish)
       1-51 - "La Palabra de Dios es Viva y Eficaz" (Heb 4,12) (*taped)
       3-51 - La Espiritualidad del Catequista (*taped)

Corso, Michael      TOPIC(S): Catechesis & Technology
       6-04 - Exploring “Our Hearts”: Adult Education for Kids of All Ages (*taped)
       8-03 - Catechesis and Creativity (*taped)

Cortez, Jaime      TOPIC(S): Liturgy & Music
       5-05 - Teaching Good Liturgy and Music Skills to Our Young Generation
       7-51 - Música Bilingüe para Los Sacramentos (taller bilingüe)

Crosby, Michael      TOPIC(S): Social Justice
       5-06 - Real Presence, Eucharist and Justice (*taped)
       8-04 - When We Are "The Best," Bias Will Not Be Far Behind (*taped)

Cusick, John C.      TOPIC(S): Young Adult Min/Theology
       3-03 - How Do You Do the Ordinary Differently? Looking at Parish Life and Programs Creatively (*taped)
       7-05 - Unlocking the Meaning Found Inside the Signs, Symbols & Gestures In Every Catholic Church (*taped)

Dallavalle, Nancy      TOPIC(S): Theology
       1-06 - Catholic Christian: The Sacramental Perspective (*taped)
       4-06 - Catholic Feminism: A Spirituality for Adults (*taped)

D'Arcy, Paula      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       1-05 - Even Darkness is Held by Light (*taped)
       4-05 - The Power Within (*taped)

de la Parte París, Angel      TOPIC(S): Small Christian Communities & Ecclesiology
       1-54 - Padres y Madres Catequistas: Una Experiencia que nos Cambia (*taped)
       4-55 - Catequesis con Matrimonios: Reflexiones Desde una Experiencia (*taped)

De Martini, Rodney J.      TOPIC(S): HIV/AIDS
       7-07 - AIDS Education: It Isn’t Just for “Them”! (*taped)

de Mesa, José M.      TOPIC(S): Enculturation & Church
       3-04 - Tasks in the Enculturation of Theology (*taped)
       7-06 - Hermeneutics of Appreciation: An Approach to Culture for Enculturation (*taped)

Delgado Acevedo, Jesús      TOPIC(S): (Spanish) Catechesis
       3-52 - La Familia en el Pensamiento de Dios (*taped)
       6-53 - La Familia, Iglesia Doméstica y la Parroquia (*taped)

Dembrowsky, Constance      TOPIC(S): Psychology/Life Issues
       6-05 - Helping Students Develop a Moral Compass to Navigate the Perils of a Secular World (*taped)
       8-05 - Helping Students Develop a Sense of Significance -- Knowing that What They Do Makes a Difference (*taped)

Diaz, Susan      TOPIC(S): Native American
       5-21 - *Native American Spirituality

Donohoo, Teresa      TOPIC(S): Family
       3-02 - In Every Generation: A Musical Reflection

Doran, Ken      TOPIC(S): Jr High & Elementary
       1-20 - Teaching the Virtue of Hope to Young People (*taped)
       7-08 - Stories of Hope (*taped)

Duggan, Robert D.      TOPIC(S): Parish & Catechumenate
       5-07 - The Ongoing Catechumenate – Not an Option! (*taped)
       8-06 - Liturgical Ritual: Essential Understanding for RCIA Teams (*taped)

Eipers, Carole      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       1-07 - Refreshing the Vision for Youth Ministry
       4-07 - Catechist Spirituality: You Bet Your Life

Elizondo, Virgilio      TOPIC(S): (English & Spanish) Ecclesiology
       3-05 - The Church: A New Humanity (*taped)
       4-52 - La Iglesia: Una Nueva Humanidad (*taped)

Ellsberg, Robert      TOPIC(S): Saints
       2-05 - The Call to Holiness: Who Wants to be a Saint? (*taped)
       8-07 - The Saints' Guide to Happiness (*taped)

Espinoza, Walter      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       3-53 - "Y Vió Dios que Era Muy Bueno"
       5-52 - Retos Pastorales de la Iglesia de Hoy

Estrada, Patricia      TOPIC(S): Native American
       5-21 - *Native American Spirituality

Ezell, Lee      TOPIC(S): Life Issues
       2-06 - Life's Missing Pieces (*taped)
       7-09 - Let the Real You Stand Up! (*taped)

Fabing, Bob      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       1-08 - A Spirituality of Love, Joy, Need, Fear, Sorrow and Anger

Faimon, Agatha      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       1-01 - *Single Parent Family Ministry: A Need In Our Parishes (*taped)

Faulkner, Mary      TOPIC(S): Catholicism
       3-16 - *Called to Heal the Dualism of Matter and Spirit: Catholicism Enters the Third Millennium (*taped)
       7-19 - *Touching, Tasting, Smelling God: The Sacraments Embodying Religion (*taped)

Ferder, Fran      TOPIC(S): Human Sexuality
       5-08 - *Tender Fires: The Spiritual Promise of Sexuality (*taped)
       8-08 - When Loving Hurts: Dealing with Conflict in Our Relationships (*taped)

Fernández, Eduardo C.      TOPIC(S): Ecclesiology/Latin Theology
       7-52 - Desde lo Nuestro: Introducción a la Teología Hispana en los Estados Unidos (*taped)
       8-53 - La Espiritualidad del Ministro Laico: Como Mantenerse Sano Trabajando en la Viña del Señor (*taped)

Fiand, Barbara      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       2-07 - Encountering the Light (*taped)
       6-07 - Fire in Our Midst: Embracing God's Spirit in the Context of Our Times (*taped)

Finke, Rudolf A.      TOPIC(S): Human Sexuality
       8-54 - ¿Por qué Tiemblo Cuando me Diden Hablar de Sexualidad? (*taped)

Finley, James      TOPIC(S): Spirituality/Contemplation
       3-06 - The Spiritual Teachings of Thomas Merton (*taped)
       4-08 - A Beginners’ Guide to Contemplative Prayer in the Christian Tradition (*taped)

Florian, Amy      TOPIC(S): Prayer
       5-09 - After the Flame: Lessons from the Crucible of Death (*taped)
       7-10 - Understanding Liturgy from the Ground Up (*taped)

Foley, Edward      TOPIC(S): Liturgy
       2-08 - The Body Gathers: Entrance Rites and Christian Identity
       6-08 - Go in Peace: Dismissal Rites and Mission

Ford, PAUL      TOPIC(S): Sacraments
       5-11 - The Holy Spirit: A Job Description

Fragomeni, Richard      TOPIC(S): Liturgy/Catechumenate
       1-09 - Seeing God with Fresh Eyes (*taped)
       3-07 - Christ's Resurrection and Ours (*taped)

Freeburg, Paule      TOPIC(S): Children's Catechumenate
       3-08 - The Stories and Songs of Jesus
       5-12 - A Child Shall Lead Them: Celebrating and Praying the Word with Children

Freeman, Laurence      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       3-09 - Christian Meditation: Recovering the Riches (*taped)
       7-11 - Christian Identity Today: Who Do You Say I Am? (*taped)

Friedman, Mark      TOPIC(S): Elementary
       2-01 - Music, Movement and Dance: Practical Ideas of Worship (*taped)
       7-01 - *Liturgy of the Word for Children: Music, Rituals & Storytelling (*taped)

Gaillardetz, Richard R.      TOPIC(S): Ecclesiology
       3-10 - A New Future for the Papacy? (*taped)
       5-10 - New Foundations for a Theology of Ministry (*taped)

Galipeau, Jerry      TOPIC(S): RCIA/Scrutinies
       2-09 - The Scrutinies: Where Liturgy and Catechesis Meet (*taped)
       7-12 - The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: Time for Mid-course Correction? (*taped)

Gaupin, Linda L.      TOPIC(S): Confirmation/Liturgy of Word
       4-09 - Creating the Best Immediate Preparation for Confirmation
       6-09 - Children in the Sunday Assembly: Icons of the Sacred

Gittins, Anthony J.      TOPIC(S): Missiology
       5-13 - Encountering Jesus, Discovering Discipleship (*taped)
       8-09 - “A Presence that Disturbs”: Christian Discipleship Today (*taped)

González-Andrieu, Cecilia      TOPIC(S): Media/Communication
       6-54 - Las Comunicaciones Sociales y Nuestras Comunidades (*taped)

Gordon, Greer      TOPIC(S): Sexuality/AIDS
       1-10 - Human Sexuality: A Catechetical Paradigm
       8-10 - The Global Face of Christ

Griffith, Colleen M.      TOPIC(S): Women & Spirituality
       2-10 - The Women Changing the Face of Christianity (*taped)
       4-10 - A Spirituality for the Church in the 21st Century (*taped)

Groody, Daniel G.      TOPIC(S): Spirituality/Conversion
       2-52 - Imigración y Espiritualidad (*taped)
       6-55 - Juan Diego: Modelo de Conversión (*taped)

Groome, Thomas H.      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       1-11 - Keeping On As Catechists (*taped)
       5-14 - Teaching as Jesus Taught (*taped)

Groves, Richard F.      TOPIC(S): Bereavement
       2-11 - Death: The Final Rite of Passage (*taped)
       8-11 - Asking Courageous Questions: The Art of Discerning Life's Priorities (*taped)

Haas, David      TOPIC(S): Liturgy & Music
       3-25 - *Come and Follow Me: Biblical and Musical Reflections on Discipleship
       8-12 - The Ministry of Liturgical Music: An Expression of the Spiritual Life

Hailer, Gretchen      TOPIC(S): Media & Chatechesis
       6-15 - *Sister Catechist and Sister Media Do a Mall Crawl (*taped)
       7-23 - Welcome to the Future! (*taped)

Halpin, Marlene      TOPIC(S): Elementary Prayer
       1-12 - Praying From Folk Tales and Other Stories (*taped)
       4-11 - Praying From Scripture Stories (*taped)

Haugen, Marty      TOPIC(S): Liturgy & Music
       2-12 - Turn Our Hearts: Praying and Singing Our Faith Through Lament into Healing
       4-15 - The Role of the Arts in Faith Formation of Young Adults

Hawkins, Gioconda      TOPIC(S): (Spanish)
       5-53 - Déjame Que te Cuente (*taped)

Hayes, Diana L.      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       2-13 - Forged in a Fiery Furnace: The Spirituality of African-Americans (*taped)
       4-12 - Daughters of Africa: Black Women's Histories (*taped)

Heagle, John L.      TOPIC(S): Human Sexuality
       5-08 - Tender Fires: The Spiritual Promise of Sexuality (*taped)
       8-08 - *When Loving Hurts: Dealing with Conflict in Our Relationships (*taped)

HealthWorks       TOPIC(S): Youth Day Workshop - Violence
       Youth Day Workshop - D -

Heaney-Hunter, Joann      TOPIC(S): Marriage/Family
       2-14 - Toward A Sacramental Spirituality of Marriage (*taped)
       7-14 - Families Sharing in the Life and Mission of the Church (*taped)

Hens-Piazza, Gina      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       1-13 - Many Voices, One Text
       2-15 - Violence in the Bible

Hershey, Terry      TOPIC(S): Life Issues
       4-13 - A Balanced Life – Living with Passion, Purpose, Heart and Grace (*taped)
       7-15 - Stand By Me: The Art of Friendship (*taped)

Holtz, Lou      TOPIC(S): Youth Ministry
       1-14 - Sharing A Game Plan for Life With Teens

Horan, George      TOPIC(S): Detention Ministry
       5-15 - Looking at Criminal Justice Through Eyes of Faith (*taped)

Hubbard, Howard J.      TOPIC(S): Catechesis & Spirituality
       4-14 - The Catechist and Spirituality (*taped)
       5-16 - The Catechist and Spirituality (repeat) (*taped)

Hulburt, Dorothy      TOPIC(S): Mary & Catechesis/Evangelization
       6-10 - Mary -- Herald of Hope (*taped)
       7-16 - Shining Like The Sun -- A Lesson From Thomas Merton (*taped)

Hurd, Bob      TOPIC(S): Liturgy & Music
       7-13 - Holy Is The Temple

Kang, Bishop Peter      TOPIC(S): Korean
       Korean -

Kempf, Joseph      TOPIC(S): Evangelization
       2-16 - “Putting Skin On" God (*taped)
       6-11 - Seeing God Through Tears (*taped)

Kennedy, Michael      TOPIC(S): Detention Ministry
       4-16 - Eyes on Jesus: Ignatian Contemplation for All (*taped)

Kennett, Colette      TOPIC(S): Youth Day
       Youth Day Workshop - E - Just "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" …

Kim, Alex      TOPIC(S): Korean
       Korean -

Kinghorn, Carol J.      TOPIC(S): Early Childhood
       2-18 - Singing the Message of Jesus with Children
       5-17 - *Music in Sacred Moments with Children

Kline, Francis      TOPIC(S): Prayer & Spirituality
       6-12 - Praying with the Psalter (*taped)
       8-13 - Taking the Eucharist Into the World (*taped)

Knowles, Jim      TOPIC(S): Youth & Service Issues
       2-17 - Service Ideas for Today’s Youth (*taped)
       8-14 - Youth Ministry and Service – Integral Elements for Success (*taped)

Kolar, Peter      TOPIC(S): (English & Spanish) Liturgy & Music
       7-53 - Recursos Litúgicos y Musicales para la Parroquia Hispana (*taped)

Koyo, Sarah      TOPIC(S): Native American
       5-21 - *Native American Spirituality

Landry, Carey      TOPIC(S): Early Childhood
       2-18 - *Singing the Message of Jesus with Children
       5-17 - Music in Sacred Moments with Children

Latorre, María Pilar      TOPIC(S): Adult Catechesis
       2-53 - La Mesa del Señor: Encuentro, Fiesta y Compromiso (*taped)
       5-54 - Jesús, Un Maestro Eficaz (*taped)

LaVerdiere, Eugene A.      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       1-15 - The Eucharist in Mark’s Gospel (*taped)
       4-17 - The Eucharist in John’s Gospel (*taped)

Leonard, Richard      TOPIC(S): Media & Young Adult
       3-11 - A “Titanic” Struggle: Film and TV and the Battle for Minds and Hearts (*taped)
       7-17 - Will Our Faith Have Young People? (*taped)

Levy, Eduardo      TOPIC(S): Elementary Catechesis
       1-52 - Madres Educadoras y Deseducadoras (*taped)
       4-53 - Maridos y Padres de Signo -- y de Signo (*taped)

Lumas, Eva Marie      TOPIC(S): Black Perspective
       2-19 - Africentric Catechesis and the Catechumenate (*taped)
       5-18 - Celebrating African-American Holy Days (*taped)

Mahler, Michael      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       7-22 - *Living Catechesis Musically: Yesterday and Forever!

Manibusan, Jesse      TOPIC(S): Liturgy & Music
       1-16 - Mass Confusion in the Music of Mass (*taped)

Marcheschi, Nancy & Graziano      TOPIC(S): Catechesis & Drama
       3-12 - Gospel Drama and the Dance of Discipleship
       8-15 - The Performing Arts as Prayer and Proclamation

Marín, Miguel "Migueli"      TOPIC(S): Youth Ministry
       5-55 - Evangelization y Música (*taped)
       7-54 - Pastoral Juvenil Cerca de la Marginalidad Experiencias (*taped)

Marins, José F.      TOPIC(S): Ecclesiology
       1-53 - Teología y Práctica de Las Primeras Comunidades Cristianas (*taped)
       3-55 - El Ministerio en Equipo en las Primer Iglesia (*taped)

Matovina, Timothy M.      TOPIC(S): (English & Spanish) Multicultural
       4-54 - Camino a Emaús: Compartiendo el Ministerio de Jesús (*taped)
       6-13 - Sacred Memories: The Treasure of Catholic Faith in the United States (*taped)

McCarty, Robert J.      TOPIC(S): Youth Day & Youth Ministry
       3-13 - Pastoral Care of the Adolescent: A Church and Community Challenge (*taped)
       Youth Day Workshop - G - Beyond the Ice Age: Communicating with your Parents

McChesney (cancelled), Robert W.      TOPIC(S): Detention Ministry

McCormack, Patricia M.      TOPIC(S): Family
       1-17 - Family Essentials for Positive Soul Formation (*taped)
       5-19 - Vocation: The Difference Between House and Home (*taped)

McCorquodale, Charlotte      TOPIC(S): Youth Ministry
       3-15 - Formed and Ready: Key Elements in Forming Youth Ministry Leaders (*taped)
       8-16 - Taking the Next Step: Utilizing the National Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers (*taped)

McKenna, Megan      TOPIC(S): Justice & Peace
       2-20 - Bearers of Hope (*taped)
       4-18 - Restoring Spirit (*taped)

Moreno, Mary      TOPIC(S): Native American
       5-21 - *Native American Spirituality

Moreno Jr., John      TOPIC(S): Native American
       5-21 - *Native American Spirituality

Mullen, Patrick J.      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       2-21 - "In the Beginning was the Word": Doing Beginning Bible Studies (*taped)
       6-06 - “Wives, Be Submissive to Your Husbands”: Dealing with Difficult Passages (*taped)

Murray, J-Glenn      TOPIC(S): Youth Day & Liturgy
       5-22 - Restoring Spirit -- Standing in the Need of Prayer (*taped)
       Youth Day Workshop - H - Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Beyond Forgiving and Forgetting

Neeley, Peter      TOPIC(S): Detention Ministry
       2-54 - Migración pos 9/11
       3-14 - And Who Is “My Neighbor” After 9/11?

Nims, Vince      TOPIC(S): Youth Day Workshop - Spirituality
       Youth Day Workshop - M - Music in the Key of Cool

Noguez Alcantara, Armando      TOPIC(S): New Testament
       2-55 - De Jerusalén a Roma: el Reto del Imperio y Su Cultura (*taped)
       8-55 - Jesús y el Perdón de los Pecados (*taped)

Odien, Terry M.      TOPIC(S): Adult Catechesis
       8-20 - Setting Hearts on Fire! The Challenge of Adult Education (*taped)

O'Donohue, John      TOPIC(S): Celtic Spirituality
       5-23 - Toward a Poetics of Dreaming … (*taped)

O'Gorman, Robert T.      TOPIC(S): Catholicism
       3-16 - Called to Heal the Dualism of Matter and Spirit: Catholicism Enters the Third Millennium (*taped)
       7-19 - Touching, Tasting, Smelling God: The Sacraments Embodying Religion (*taped)

Ondrla, Christine      TOPIC(S): Early Childhood
       6-02 - Praying Through the Year with Young People (*taped)
       8-18 - Nourishing Catechists with Prayer: A Practical Guide (*taped)

Osborne, Kenan B.      TOPIC(S): Sacraments
       6-14 - The Sacramental Theology of Marriage (*taped)
       8-19 - Eucharist and Priesthood (*taped)

Pacatte, Rose      TOPIC(S): Media
       2-22 - What Does the Prodigal Son Have to do with Advertising? (*taped)
       6-15 - Sister Catechist and Sister Media Do a Mall Crawl (*taped)

Parra Sánchez, Abundio      TOPIC(S): Old Testament
       5-56 - El Ser Humano en el Antiguo Testamento (*taped)
       8-56 - El más allá en el Antiguo Testamento (*taped)

Patin, Michael      TOPIC(S): Youth Day & Youth Ministry
       4-19 - Youth Ministry: New Challenges, Same Commitment (*taped)
       Youth Day Workshop - O - I Dunno What I'm Gonna Do?

Pavlik, Robert A.      TOPIC(S): Multiple Intelligences & Catechesis
       1-18 - Tipping Points for Building Strategic Readers (*taped)
       7-21 - Multiple Intelligences and Catechesis (*taped)

Phan, Theresa      TOPIC(S): (Vietnamese) Pastoral Letters
       2-71 - Vietnamese Workshop (*taped)

Phan, Peter C.      TOPIC(S): (Vietnamese & English) Asian Pacific Perspective
       1-19 - Celebrating the Eucharist Around a Round Table (*taped)
       4-71 - Vietnamese Workshop (*taped)

Phong, Frère      TOPIC(S): (Vietnamese) Catechesis
       3-71 - Vietnamese Workshop (*taped)
       8-71 - Vietnamese Workshop (*taped)

Piercy, Robert W.      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       2-23 - Re-imagine Liturgical Prayer
       7-22 - Living Catechesis Musically: Yesterday and Forever!

Ponnet, Chris      TOPIC(S): HIV/AIDS
       6-16 - HIV/AIDS: Voices from the Pandemic Bearing Hope and Compassion (*taped)

Precht Bañados, Cristian      TOPIC(S): Youth Ministry
       4-56 - El Ministerio Juvenil: Animación y Acompañamiento (*taped)
       7-55 - Celebraciones Litúrgicas con Jóvenes (*taped)

Puig, José M. Maideu      TOPIC(S): Catechesis & Evangelization
       3-54 - La Pedagogia de Dios Según la Biblia (*taped)
       6-56 - Itinerarios de Educación en la Fe (*taped)

Ricard, R. Tony      TOPIC(S): Youth Day & Topic of Choice
       3-17 - A Priest Forever …
       7-20 - A Fool for the Lord …
       Youth Day Workshop - R - Oh Freedom: The Confirmation Exodus

Ristow, Kate      TOPIC(S): Elementary Catechesis
       3-18 - Putting the Pieces Together: Implementing the Six Tasks of Catechesis in Your Classes
       6-17 - Creative Catechesis: You Make the Difference

Rodríguez, Domingo      TOPIC(S): Evangelization/Culture
       5-57 - "Mi Fe Católica Nació en mi Tierra" (*taped)
       8-52 - "Mi Virgen Morena es Mejor Que la Tuya" (*taped)

Rodríguez, Oscar      TOPIC(S): (English & Spanish) Social Justice
       3-19 - Jesus, The Model of Justice (*taped)
       KEYNOTE (Spanish)

Rolheiser, Ronald      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       4-20 - On Carrying a Scandal Biblically
       7-18 - Naming the Present Moment in Terms of Hope

Rotunno, Jo      TOPIC(S): Catechesis
       7-23 - Welcome to the Future! (*taped)

Rubalcava, Pedro      TOPIC(S): Music & Catechesis
       4-57 - Acompañando los Ritos del Catecumenado con el Canto (*taped)

Ruse, Austin      TOPIC(S): Respect Life
       1-21 - U.N. Attacks on Life, Faith and Family (*taped)
       3-20 - Anti-Catholicism at the United Nations (*taped)

Saint-Laurent, George E.      TOPIC(S): Religious Extremist
       8-23 - Religious Extremists: Why Are They So Angry? (*taped)

Sanchez, Georgiana      TOPIC(S): Native American
       5-21 - Native American Spirituality

Saso, Patt & Steve      TOPIC(S): Parenting/Family
       2-24 - How to Retain Your Sanity While Parenting a Teenager (*taped)
       6-18 - Blueprints for Raising a Responsible Child (*taped)

Scally, Anna      TOPIC(S): Youth Day & Youth Ministry
       1-22 - Teens Are Ready For Some Good News (*taped)
       Youth Day Workshop - S - Jesus Still Builds On Rock!

Senior, Donald      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       1-23 - Biblical Vision of the Christian Vocation (*taped)
       4-21 - The Church in the World: Biblical Models for Mission (*taped)

Shea, John      TOPIC(S): Storytelling
       4-22 - Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: Gospel Stories For Spiritual Consciousness (*taped)
       6-19 - Stories of Spiritual Wisdom (*taped)

Smith, Sarina      TOPIC(S): (Spanish) Sacraments
       5-53 - *Déjame Que te Cuente (*taped)

Smith-Christopher, Daniel      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       1-24 - In a Poetic Minefield: Problems with Psalms (*taped)
       3-21 - The Ancient Future: Apocalyptic Themes in Scripture (*taped)

Smollin, Anne Bryan      TOPIC(S): Spirituality
       6-20 - God Knows You’re Stressed (*taped)
       8-17 - Tickle Your Soul: Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often (*taped)

Sofield, Loughlan      TOPIC(S): Communication/Collaboration
       3-22 - Collaborative Ministry: Its Time Has Come (*taped)
       5-20 - Communication: A Guide to Effective Collaboration (*taped)

Sosa, Juan J.      TOPIC(S): Cults & Liturgy
       3-56 - Cultos, Sectas y Sincretismos: El Mundo de lo Maravilloso (*taped)
       6-57 - Liturgia y Religiosidad Popular: ¿Matrimonio o Divorcio? (*taped)

Sparks, Dick      TOPIC(S): Morality/Conscience Formation
       4-23 - The Paradigm Shift: Life-giving, Spirit-filled Catholicism for the 21st Century
       5-24 - Catholic-Christian Morality: Life, Love, Loyalty & Laughter

Sparough, J. Thomas      TOPIC(S): Youth Day & Spirituality
       5-25 - The Spiritual Storytellers (*taped)
       8-21 - Adolescent Rite of Passage (*taped)
       Youth Day Workshop - T - To The Max

Spitzer, Robert      TOPIC(S): Respect Life
       3-23 - The Happiness Philosophy and the Pro-Life Movement (*taped)
       4-24 - Responding to the "Physician-Assisted Suicide" Movement (*taped)

Stanley, Mike      TOPIC(S): Adult Catechesis
       4-26 - *God of Surprises
       7-24 - *A Guide for Reluctant Disciples

Stenzel, Pam      TOPIC(S): Youth Day & Sexuality
       1-25 - Character Matters: A Discussion on the Importance of Building Character in Children (*taped)
       6-21 - Teens and the Sexual Revolution (*taped)
       Youth Day Workshop - W - Sex Has a Price Tag

Sumner, Lizabeth      TOPIC(S): Hospice
       6-22 - Putting Faith in Action: Hospice and the Church Bringing Comfort and Care for Our Dying (*taped)

Tagle, Luis Antonio G.      TOPIC(S): Ecclesiology
       4-25 - The Church of Vatican II -- Revisited (*taped)
       6-23 - Church and the World of Vatican II -- Revisited (*taped)

Toan, John-Francis      TOPIC(S): Vietnamese
       5-71 - Vietnamese Workshop
       7-71 - Vietnamese Workshop

Trinh, Joseph      TOPIC(S): Vietnamese
       1-71 - Vietnamese Workshop (*taped)

Vela, Rudy      TOPIC(S): Sacraments
       2-56 - Sacramento de Esperanza -- Tilma de Juan Diego (*taped)
       7-56 - Juan Diego: ¡Mensajero Sacramental del Quinto Sol! (*taped)

Vu Duy Thong, Joseph      TOPIC(S): Vietnamese
       6-71 - Vietnamese Workshop

Walker, Christopher      TOPIC(S): Liturgy & Music
       2-25 - Putting Life Back Into Your Liturgy!
       6-24 - YOU Are the Music!

Wallis, Jim      TOPIC(S): Social Justice
       1-26 - A Moral Response to Terrorism (*taped)
       3-24 - The Real Choice: Hope or Cynicism? (*taped)

Wells, David      TOPIC(S): Adult Catechesis
       4-26 - God of Surprises (*taped)
       7-24 - A Guide for Reluctant Disciples (*taped)

Weston, Thomas      TOPIC(S): Ecclesiology & Spirituality
       7-25 - The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Catholics in Recovery (*taped)
       8-24 - What Were We Thinking? The Crusades Re-Examined in the Light of Vatican II, the Third Millennium, and John Paul II (*taped)

White, Ana Arista      TOPIC(S): Special Education
       6-25 - Behaviorally & Emotionally Challenging Children: What's a Catechist To Do?
       8-22 - Meeting Special Learning Needs in Children's Catechesis

White, Joseph      TOPIC(S): Special Education
       6-25 - *Behaviorally & Emotionally Challenging Children: What's a Catechist To Do?
       8-22 - *Meeting Special Learning Needs in Children's Catechesis

Witherup, Ronald D.      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       2-26 - Paul the Apostle as Model Teacher (*taped)
       5-26 - Foundations of Multiculturalism: A View of Acts (*taped)

Yzaguirre, John      TOPIC(S): (English & Spanish) Psychology
       1-55 - Cómo Simplificar y Renovar tu Vida (*taped)
       4-27 - The Heart and Soul of Marriage (*taped)

Zannoni, Arthur E.      TOPIC(S): Scripture
       3-25 - Come and Follow Me: Biblical and Musical Reflections on Discipleship
       5-27 - Heroes and Heroines of the Gospels: The Men and Women Around Jesus

Zanotto, Luigi      TOPIC(S): Theology/Catechesis
       1-56 - 2003: Jaque Mate a la Iglesia y a la Catequesis (*taped)

Zanzig, Tom      TOPIC(S): Confirmation/Catholic Identity
       3-26 - Confirmation, Community and Conversion (*taped)
       8-25 - Nurturing the Development of Catholic Identity (*taped)

Zinn, Carol      TOPIC(S): Global Spirituality
       6-26 - Global Spirituality: Living as One Among Many (*taped)
       7-26 - Global Spirituality for These Our Times (*taped)

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