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Saturday Workshops - Period 6

March 1, 2003 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.


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6-01 The Next Pope and the Future of the Church
This session will take a behind-the-scenes look at the politics and personalities of the next papal election, with an eye toward what it will mean for the future of the Church.

John L. Allen, Jr.
Western Kansas-born John Allen, Jr. and his wife Shannon Levitt lived and worked for five years in Los Angeles before John joined the staff of the National Catholic Reporter in 1997; he is presently their Vatican correspondent. He is also a Vatican analyst for CNN and for National Public Radio. Allen has delivered numerous workshops, seminars and keynote addresses in the United States and Europe on Church affairs and has published his first book.

6-02 Praying Through the Year with Young People
Engaging young children in prayer is a special gift. Come and share Christine Ondrlas enthusiasm and wisdom as she demonstrates simple and successful prayer services for various seasons and occasions throughout the school year. She will prepare the environment and demonstrate the use of a variety of easily obtained symbols and objects. Music and gesture will be included in this team approach. Several handouts will be available.

Christine Ondrla
Christine Ondrla is in her 14th year as Director of Religious Education at Ascension Parish in Oak Park, Ill. She has been involved in various aspects of religious education for over 35 years as a catechist, teacher trainer and director. She has been active in assisting elementary school teachers in developing their religion curriculum and has been a resource person and coordinator of many liturgies involving children.

6-03 Kids Are Worth It! Parenting and Teaching with Wit and Wisdom
Barbara Coloroso
Students need our time, our affection and our sense of optimism in a time when expediency, keeping a distance and pessimism are more commonplace. This workshop will cover practical ways educators, support staff, human service providers and parents can create an effective partnership to help students grow into responsible, resourceful, resilient and compassionate human beings who can act in their own best interest, stand up for themselves and exercise their rights while respecting the rights and legitimate needs of others. Also covered will be ways we as adults can use our wit and our wisdom to help students learn to calm their rage and handle conflicts non-violently.

6-04 Exploring "Our Hearts": Adult Education for Kids of All Ages
Faith formation is life-long. Communities of faith are called to give access to the resources of the Catholic tradition so that all can deepen their understanding and expression of what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus Christ. How can catechetical leaders help others learn and "speak" the language of faith?

Michael J. Corso, Ph.D.
Michael Corso has spent the last six years performing a one-man show, "St. Marks Gospel: The Message Comes Alive!" with over 200 performances. He formerly worked at Boston Colleges Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, and was Director of Religious Education at St. Ignatius Church in Chestnut Hill, Mass. He was NCCLs 2002 keynote speaker and has done workshops for several dioceses.

6-05 Helping Students Develop a Moral Compass to Navigate the Perils of a Secular World
Having a moral compass gives students the ability to give life to ethical principles by acting in ways that maintain dignity and respect for themselves and others. This session shows step by step how to empower students to: demonstrate integrity by resisting unethical means to achieve a desired end; exhibit courage by taking a stand to defend those whose dignity and rights are being violated; and manifest compassion by giving up self-centered attitudes accepting that others rights are just as valid as theirs.

Constance Dembrowsky
Constance Dembrowsky is President of the Institute for Affective Skill Development, based in New Mexico. The former teacher (from elementary through university levels) has been an educational consultant and trainer for more than 30 years and has worked with teachers, counselors, administrators and parents internationally. She is author of both anger and self-esteem curricula as well as two videos to empower teachers and parents to help students develop internal motivation.

6-06 "Wives, Be Submissive to Your Husbands": Dealing with Difficult Passages
Fr. J. Patrick Mullen
Scripture a cooperative effort between God and inspired writers offers believers many beautiful and inspiring teachings. There are also some difficult statements though, on roles of husbands and wives, the obedience of slaves to their masters, the destruction of the inhabitants of the Promised Land, etc. This session is aimed at providing constructive strategies for interpreting these and other difficult passages for both believers and those who teach them.

6-07 Fire in Our Midst: Embracing Gods Spirit in the Context of Our Times
Barbara Fiand
During our time together, we will explore new ways of seeing the depth dimensions of our faith for our time. The Spirit of God presences and reveals Gods love now, as God has always done. It behooves us to become aware of this and to live in hope. We will reflect on stories of present-day revelation and attempt to see what they tell us about our responsibility as God bearers with the knowledge and insights we have been given at this moment of history and culture. God wants our hearts to burn. Do they?

6-08 Go in Peace: Dismissal Rites and Mission
Edward Foley
This musical, ritual, poetic reflection considers the final 15 seconds of the eucharistic liturgy. While an apparent liturgical afterthought, this mystagogical presentation contends that this often-overlooked ritual appendage is both a profound summation of the worship it concludes and a compelling call to mission. If we can understand and craft these sending rites, maybe we can understand why and how we should gather for worship in the first place.

6-09 Children in the Sunday Assembly: Icons of the Sacred
Sr. Linda L. Gaupin, C.D.P., Ph.D.
Children are icons of the sacred. Their very presence at the eucharistic assembly enriches the Church as the Body of Christ. How can we work toward creating parish communities that are known for their loving embrace of young children in their midst? This workshop will explore liturgical, catechetical and pastoral issues pertaining to the full, conscious and active participation of little children in the liturgical assembly on Sunday.

6-10 Mary Herald of Hope
The focus of this presentation will be the "words of Mary" as found in Scripture. Mary, as a model of discipleship and a true herald of hope, presents a remarkable portrait of the life of faith.

Dorothy Hulburt
Dorothy Hulburt is currently serving as Director of Adult and Family Ministries at St. Therese Parish in San Diego, Calif. She has worked for over 20 years in pastoral, catechetical and liturgical ministries. In addition, she is a frequent presenter at parish, diocesan and national levels. A convert in her late teens, Hulbert has co-authored a guide to parish evangelization, and a new book, "The Scriptural Words of Mary," is in the works.

6-11 Seeing God Through Tears
Fr. Joe Kempf
As people of faith, we are invited to believe in the wonderful goodness of God. How then are we to understand the struggles and sufferings of so many of Gods people? In this presentation, Fr. Joe Kempf offers a needed perspective on some of lifes more troubling questions: Where is God to be found in the midst of a world filled for so many with loss and suffering? What is our hope when facing the death of a loved one? What difference does it make to pray? How do we talk to children about these things?

6-12 Praying with the Psalter
The Psalter is the prayer book of the Church. How do we make this book our own? How does it take us into the prayer of Christ? Does it help us in our distress, our pain and our confusion? Does it make us strong when bad things happen?

Rt. Rev. Francis Kline, O.C.S.O.
Since 1990 Fr. Francis Kline has served as Abbot of Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, S.C. Formerly he was Director of Novices at Our Lady of Gethsemani Monastery in Kentucky. Fr. Kline has published works on patristics and the theology of St. Bernard as well as a new book, "Lovers of the Place: Monasticism Loose in the Church." He currently is Director for the Office of Prayer and Worship for the Diocese of Charleston, S.C.

6-13 Sacred Memories: The Treasure of Catholic Faith in the United States
The U.S. Catholic story is a tale of triumph and tragedy, unity and diversity, struggle and endurance, heroes and saints. This workshop introduces key elements of the rich Catholic heritage in the United States and its significance for spirituality, discipleship and catechesis today.

Timothy Matovina
Timothy Matovina teaches theology at the University of Notre Dame, where he is also the Director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism. His area of interest is U.S. Catholicism, particularly Latino theology, history and religious traditions. The bilingual author has written "Beyond Borders: Writings of Virgilio Elizondo and Friends" and "Camino a Emas."

6-14 The Sacramental Theology of Marriage
What is the sacramental theology within marriage? Too often juridical and canonical issues dominate a discussion of marriage. In this session, we will look theologically at what makes marriage marriage?

Fr. Kenan B. Osborne, O.F.M.
Fr. Kenan Osborne is Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at the Franciscan School of Theology Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Calif. He has lectured throughout the world and is a frequent speaker at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. He is author of a number of books; his latest is "Christian Sacraments in a Post-Modern World."

6-15 Sister Catechist and Sister Media Do a Mall Crawl
Many of us spend a good bit of time at the Mall. And whether that Mall is mini or maxi, it has a lot to reveal about our life of faith and popular culture. Come and learn how to make your next shopping trip a spiritual experience for yourself and those with whom you share faith.

Rose Pacatte, F.S.P.
Sr. Rose Pacatte is founding Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies and contributing editor to My Friend magazine. She is co-author (with Peter Malone, M.S.C.) of the series "Lights, Camera Faith! A Movie Lectionary" and is a frequent presenter throughout the United States on media literacy education, media literacy in faith communities, as well as popular culture and catechetics.

Gretchen Hailer, R.S.H.M.
Sr. Gretchen Hailer is a seasoned catechist and media educator who designs print, audio and video resources in faith formation for children, youth and adults. She is also a presenter on various topics to Catholic, ecumenical and interfaith audiences. She has presented scores of workshops and retreats and is a Consultant to the White House in Washington, D.C., regarding faith and media.

6-16 HIV/AIDS: Voices from the Pandemic Bearing Hope and Compassion
This workshop will give participants an opportunity to hear a voice from the scientific community, Dr. Elizabeth Breen, speaking on the medical and scientific state of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and a voice from the ministerial community, Fr. Chris Ponnet, speaking on HIV/AIDS pastoral care approaches in parishes and across the nation. Also, video testimonies will give voice to the global pandemic. This workshop will provide information and processes for personal enrichment and/or as resources for inclusion in adult, young adult and youth educational settings.

Fr. Chris Ponnet
Fr. Chris Ponnet is Liaison for Catholic HIV/AIDS Ministry for the Los Angeles Archdiocese. In addition to his role as Pastor of St. Camillus in East Los Angeles, he is Chaplain/Director for the LAC/USC Medical Center and AIDS Chaplain at the SPLA/Carl Bean House. He has given talks to a variety of audiences regional conferences, TV and radio shows, chaplains and AIDS ministers.

Elizabeth Crabb Breen, Ph.D.
Dr. Elizabeth Breen, an immunologist who has been involved in HIV/AIDS research at UCLA for more than 15 years, has served on the Los Angeles Archdiocesan AIDS Education Task Force/Human Sexuality Committee for more than a decade. She has lectured extensively to scientific, academic and lay audiences both nationally and internationally on the topics of immunology, HIV infection and AIDS.

6-17 Creative Catechesis: You Make the Difference
Kate Ristow
This workshop will focus on ideas for energizing your religion classes. Suggestions will be offered for lesson planning, arts and crafts, prayer and ritual, and seasonal activities.

6-18 Blueprints for Raising a Responsible Child
Patt & Steve Saso
Do you want your child to be capable of making reliable decisions, to be accountable and trustworthy, and to be able to stand up to peer pressure? Seven straightforward and practical blueprints will be given to help parents establish guidelines that will teach responsible behaviors.

6-19 Stories of Spiritual Wisdom
John Shea
In the spiritual traditions of the world, storytelling has always been placed in the service of spiritual development. From earliest times, spiritual teachers have crafted stories to evoke Spirit and introduce people into the subtle dynamics of spiritual life. Although the stories are historically conditioned, rife with the assumptions and conflicts of the times in which they were written, they are still able to express and communicate spiritual wisdom. These stories are an inheritance, a rich resource for the contemporary interest in spirituality. We will tell and explore stories from Jewish, Christian, Sufi, Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions.

6-20 God Knows Youre Stressed
We live in a lonely, stressful culture. How we deal with the stress in our lives will determine how healthy we keep ourselves. We need to "treat ourselves with more kindness, laugh more, play more, breathe more deeply, rest more soundly, hold hurts more loosely." This workshop will present practical ideas of dealing with stress so we may live a more balanced, whole life.

Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, C.S.J., Ph.D.
Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, a Sister of St. Joseph, is a therapist and group facilitator, lecturer and consultant and presently serves as Executive Director of Counseling for Laity, based in Albany, N.Y. A former teacher, she has lectured extensively throughout the United States and Ireland and has spoken to religious communities, conventions and businesses. She has two books, "God Knows Youre Stressed" and "Tickle Your Soul."

6-21 Teens and the Sexual Revolution
Pam Stenzel
Hear how to effectively communicate the message of chastity that will impact not only teens but your community as well. Pam Stenzel shares insights from her years of training as well as life experiences that she gains while speaking worldwide.

6-22 Putting Faith in Action: Hospice and the Church Bringing Comfort & Care for Our Dying
This session will explore the opportunities for parish communities to partner with hospice programs to enrich the care and comfort for persons of all ages living with life-threatening conditions and their families. Together, we create an enduring safety net for patients and their loved ones before, during and after death.

Lizabeth H. Sumner, R.N., B.S.N.
Liz Sumner has been involved in hospice care for over 23 years and is currently Executive Director of The Childrens Program of San Diego Hospice. In 1987 she created the regional Childrens Program for terminally ill children, which has become a nationally recognized model for pediatric hospice care. She has consulted statewide and nationally and has spoken at local, national and international meetings on end-of-life care for children.

6-23 Church and the World of Vatican II Revisited
Most Rev. Luis Antonio G. Tagle, S.T.D
The Vatican II document Gaudium et Spes has refashioned our view of the relationship between Church and world in mission. In this age of globalization, we need to read anew the "signs of the times," the hopes, joys, anxieties and sorrow of the men and women of our time. What does it mean to be Church in our present world?

6-24 You Are the Music!
Chris Walker
If we connect with the music we sing, lives can be changed and people can be given courage to deal with lifes battles. This workshop will help you discover ways of connecting emotionally and spiritually with music to be a more effective liturgical minister.

6-25 Behaviorally & Emotionally Challenging Children: Whats a Catechist To Do?
This workshop, by the authors of "Catechists for All Children," will discuss helpful hints for working with children who have attention problems, disruptive behaviors, or who have difficult warming up to a group setting.

Joseph D. White, Ph.D.
Dr. Joseph White is a clinical child psychologist and Director of Faith Formation at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in College Station, Texas. He is author of "Seven Secrets of Successful Catechists" and co-author of "Catechists for All Children." He has spoken at numerous workshops for catechists, DREs and educators, including recent local, regional and national events. His articles appear regularly in Catholic Parent magazine and Our Sunday Visitor.

Ana Arista White
Ana Arista White is Assistant Director of Faith Formation at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in College Station, Texas. She has 16 years of experience in early childhood education and has given numerous workshops for educators, including presentations on multicultural education and working with children with special needs. For nine years, Ana White has presented workshops to catechists and early childhood professionals, including how to accommodate diverse needs and backgrounds.

6-26 Global Spirituality: Living as One Among Many
This session explores the critical moment in which we find ourselves at this point in salvation/creation history from the perspective of our faith, Gospel justice and global realities. Our response as mystic, sage and prophet offers hope and energizes our participation in the ongoing creation of peace and justice.

Carol Zinn, S.S.J.
Dr. Carol Zinn, a Sister of St. Joseph from Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, has ministered in education on all levels (pre-K through post-graduate), worked in the areas of educational leadership, religious education, and served as a sacramental coordinator and music minister. Dr. Zinn currently is the Education Program Director for Global Education Associates. She also serves as the main representative for the Congregations of St. Joseph.

6-71 Vietnamese Workshop

Most Rev. Joseph Vu Duy Thong

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