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Friday Workshops - Period 3

February 28, 2003 • 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.


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3-01 So What’s Working? Successful Practices in Junior High Ministry
Explore approaches and strategies for developing an effective ministry for young adolescents (grades 6th-8th). Learn from the experiences of others and discover practical ideas for organizing your ministry. Discover what works and why – the do’s and don’ts for planning successful activities for this energetic and creative age group.

Mary Lee Becker
Mary Lee Becker is a consultant, trainer and author in youth ministry. She has been involved in ministry since 1980, including parish, diocesan and national work, and holds a master’s degree in pastoral ministry. She was editor of FaithWays and a contributing author to Confirming Disciples, Celebrate Youth, the Discovering series, as well as the Religion Teacher’s Journal.

3-02 In Every Generation: A Musical Reflection
Using song and spoken text we will examine our identity as a Christian community: What brings us together as God’s faithful? What separates us from God and each other? What shall we pass along to our children? Come prepared to sing some new songs as well as some familiar ones.

Theresa Donohoo
Terry Donohoo is a singer, recording artist and cantor at St. Anne Catholic Community in Barrington, Ill. A former Montessori teacher, she has presented concerts and workshops on music and liturgy with her husband, Rory Cooney, and Gary Daigle for over 15 years. The three together have collaborated on more than a dozen collections of sacred music, including two solo collections.

Rory Cooney
Music-making, music writing and music commentary are at the core of Rory Cooney’s work, who currently serves as Director of Liturgical Music at St. Anne Catholic Community in Barrington, Ill. In addition to his composing and performing, he works on "Remembering Church" institutes of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate and Institutes on the Christian Initiation of Children.

3-03 How Do You Do the Ordinary Differently? Looking at Parish Life and Programs Creatively
Staleness can be deadly in a parish. It’s the same old, same old doing the same old things! Yet, those "same old things" are the life blood and foundation of most parish life. This workshop will explore – concretely and practically – some ways to try and do the "same old" ordinary things ... differently.

Rev. John C. Cusick
Chicago Archdiocese priest John Cusick served as an Associate Pastor until 1977, when he joined the faculty of Loyola University’s Niles College, the archdiocese’s college seminary. Concurrent with his seminary work, he served as Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry until 1985, when he was appointed Director. Fr. Cusick is also on staff at Old St. Patrick’s Church in downtown Chicago and Coordinator of the Ministry to Men for the archdiocese.

3-04 Tasks in the Inculturation of Theology
Inculturation is a conscious appropriation and articulation of the Christian faith by using one’s own cultural resources. This concern and process implies three tasks: First, the necessity of seeing how inherited cultural expression of the faith is relative to their context. Second, the need to destigmatize and revalue the culture, particularly where it had been degraded. Third, reinterpretation of the Christian faith with indigenous categories is a must.

Jose M. de Mesa, Ph.D.
Dr. Jose de Mesa, a married theologian, is Professor of Systematic Theology at De La Salle University-Manila in the Philippines. Author of several books, de Mesa has lectured on theology, particularly faith and culture, not only in his native Philippines but also in Asia, Europe and the United States.

3-05 The Church: A New Humanity
The mission of the Church is to go and make disciples of all nations. But its mission is equally to receive the stranger and the foreigner as a brother or sister. Today’s global immigration gives every parish the unique opportunity of converting strangers into a loving family – indeed, something new for humanity.

Virgilio P. Elizondo, S.T.D., Ph.D.
Virgilio Elizondo is a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Theology at various major universities and pastoral institutes throughout the United States and abroad. Author of 10 books, since 1995 he has published numerous articles and has presented over 32 keynotes and lectures. Fr. Elizondo has been instrumental in TV and video productions and is considered the leading interpreter of U.S. Latino religion by the national and international media.

3-06 The Spiritual Teachings of Thomas Merton
This session turns to Thomas Merton for guidance in learning how to live a more contemplative way of life in the midst of today’s world. The themes that will be explored include: the true self beyond ego, the cultivation of the contemplative experience of the inherent holiness of life itself, and a humble acceptance of our own poverty as a self-transforming path to union with God.

James Finley, Ph.D.
James Finley lived as a monk for five and half years at the Trappist monastery of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. For three of those years, Thomas Merton was his spiritual director. Finley is author of "Merton’s Palace of Nowhere" and "The Contemplative Heart." He founded and teaches in the Contemplative Way program at St. Monica Parish in Santa Monica, Calif., where he is also a clinical psychologist in private practice.

3-07 Christ’s Resurrection and Ours
Rev. Richard Fragomeni
This workshop will discuss Christ’s Resurrection and our hope that, just as Christ is truly risen from the dead and lives forever, so He will raise us up on the last day. We will explore how our life now, already on Earth, is a participation in the death and Resurrection of Christ.

3-08 The Stories and Songs of Jesus
Why did Jesus challenge, "Unless you become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven"? Can small children really relate to the Scriptures? What do children have to teach us about God, the Word, Wisdom, life? Children do not need gimmicks; they deserve the simplicity of God’s Word! This workshop will focus on the spirituality of children: the role of religious education in a child’s spirituality; the role of music; how to nourish and nurture that spirituality; how, where, and why children pray; and introducing children to Scripture.

Paule Freeburg, D.C.
Sr. Paule Freeburg has been an elementary and high school teacher, a parish DRE, and a diocesan religion consultant. She has directed RCIA and sacramental programs for children and adults. Sr. Freeburg is the primary author of Sunday, an adaptation of the Lectionary for children. She is currently Director of Development for St. Vincent’s in Santa Barbara, Calif.

3-09 Christian Meditation: Recovering the Riches
This workshop will highlight two of the greatest forces of renewal of modern Christian life and identity: the recovery of the Christian contemplative life among laity and the encounter with other religions. In this workshop, tradition and practice as meditation will be explored in the light of Laurence Freeman’s experiences worldwide. His approach will be personal and experiential, showing how meditation can "verify the truths of faith" in daily life and practice.

Laurence Freeman, O.S.B.
Laurence Freeman, a Benedictine monk of the Monastery of Christ the King in London, is Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation. The former Benedictine prior, student and successor of John Main, now teaches the Christian contemplative tradition of meditation. His speaking engagements have brought him before all ages on each continent for the past 20 years.

3-10 A New Future for the Papacy?
The papacy is one of the most visible institutions within the Roman Catholic tradition and perhaps the oldest continuously functioning human institution in Western civilization. Yet for many, the papacy has become an outdated institution and an obstacle to the achievement of Christian unity. This session will highlight important changes that have taken place in the structure, exercise and understanding of the papacy over the past 2,000 years and then consider what the papacy will need to look like in the third millennium if it is to serve the needs of Roman Catholics and the cause of Christian unity.

Dr. Richard R. Gaillardetz
Dr. Richard R. Gaillardetz is the Murray-Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Toledo in Ohio. Author of numerous articles and books, he has also written a new series of booklets dedicated to the spirituality of lectors, eucharistic ministers and catechists. Dr. Gaillardetz is an official delegate on the U.S. Catholic Methodist Ecumenical Dialogue.

3-11 A "Titanic" Struggle: Film and TV and the Battle for Minds and Hearts
Cinema and television are the modern-day marketplaces. For the young generation, these are the places where ideas are explored, values are formed, and hearts are won. Through exploring the media culture, we will see what it is telling us about ourselves, what must be on our agenda whether we like it or not, and how we can evangelize the real world within which we all live and have our being.

Richard Leonard, S.J.
Fr. Richard Leonard is Director of the Australian Catholic Film Office. A writer, producer and director himself, he lectures in theology and cinema at the Jesuit Theological College in Melbourne, Australia, and is completing a doctorate on film director Peter Weir. He has traveled internationally as a presenter at workshops in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Pakistan, Italy, Australia, and the United States.

3-12 Gospel Drama and the Dance of Discipleship
Through drama, dance, storytelling and poetry, Nancy Seitz Marcheschi and Graziano Marcheschi proclaim the unchanging truths of the Gospel through the ever-changing language of the performing arts. Highly participational and festive, this "mini retreat" celebrates God’s presence among us, provoking tears and laughter, sometimes within the same story.

Nancy Seitz & Graziano Marcheschi
Nancy Seitz Marcheschi and Graziano Marcheschi, directors of the Anawim Players, have used performing arts for over 20 years at workshops, eucharistic liturgies, prayer services and conferences, both in their local Chicago area and across the country. Currently, Nancy is a liturgist and performing arts teacher at Pope John XXIII School in Illinois. Graziano is director of the Lay Ministry Programs Office for the Chicago Archdiocese.

3-13 Pastoral Care of the Adolescent: A Church and Community Challenge
At the core of effective youth ministry is fostering the positive development of young people, even as they deal with a variety of risk issues and behaviors. This program explores the principles and methods of caring for young people and their families. Practical strategies for developing life skills, prevention programs, and building youths’ assets will be explored.

Robert J. McCarty, D.Min.
Bob McCarty is the Executive Director of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. He has been in professional youth ministry since 1973, serving in diocesan, parish, school and community programs. McCarty offers workshops and training programs in youth ministry skills and issues internationally. He is also a volunteer in his parish youth ministry program at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Fulton, Md.

3-14 And Who Is "My Neighbor" After 9/11?
What are we to make of Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan in a post-9/11 world? In an era of terrorist threats, how are legitimate needs for public safety to be reconciled with respect for human dignity and civil rights? Is the federal government acting in an ethical fashion by detaining and deporting so many non-citizens? This workshop will examine the phenomenon of non-citizen detention from a historical, religious and pastoral perspective: How can we better prepare ourselves and our children to be neighbors? How can church leaders better respond? What public policy response does Church leadership recommend?

Fr. Robert McChesney, S.J.
Jesuit priest Robert McChesney is past National Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA. He is the founding and current Director of the JRS Immigration Detention Program in Los Angeles, which serves four Immigration and Naturalization Service detention facilities within Los Angeles County. Fr. McChesney is a frequently requested speaker and has published numerous articles on the Illegal Immigration Reform Act of 1996.

3-15 Formed and Ready: Key Elements in Forming Youth Ministry Leaders
With only 35 percent of youth ministers having completed a ministry formation program, a key aspect of responding to the needs of Catholic young people is to address the issues related to forming youth ministry leaders. This workshop will assist participants in identifying and responding to the key elements surrounding the formation of effective youth ministers.

Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale
Charlotte McCorquodale has served within the field of Catholic youth ministry for more than 20 years. She is currently President of Ministry Training Sources, a non-profit organization focusing on the formation and training of lay ecclesial ministers. She has served as a youth ministry director or consultant for the dioceses of Mobile, Lake Charles, and Los Angeles. Her national speaking experience includes the National Conference for Catholic Youth Ministry and the National Catholic Youth Conference as well as presenting in dioceses across the country.

3-16 Called to Heal the Dualism of Matter and Spirit: Catholicism Enters the Third Millennium
Using a holistic vision of creation, this workshop examines the Church’s development in identity as one, holy, catholic and apostolic as it is called by the Spirit to heal the fissures between male and female, religion and spirituality, particular identity and pluralism, and leadership and people.

Bob O’Gorman
Bob O’Gorman, a St. Louis native, has been active in theological education since 1964 and is presently Professor of Pastoral Studies and Director of Field Education at the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University in Chicago. He is Past Chairperson of the Association of Theological Field Education. His lecture tours and teaching positions have taken him across the country as well as to Australia and New Zealand.

Mary Faulkner
Mary Faulkner is an author, counselor and presently Director of the Integrated Healing Arts, based in Nashville, Tenn. She is an adjunct faculty member at Tennessee State University, Loyola University in Chicago, and the University of Alaska and has taught alternative healing techniques in various locations around the country for the past 17 years. She presents lectures, workshops and seminars on Catholic and women’s spirituality.

3-17 A Priest Forever …
Serving as an ordained minister in the Roman Catholic Church is truly a privilege and a delight. In recent times, our knowledge and love for the gift of the priesthood have come under attack. From the gift of celibacy to endless service to the community, many who know very little about being a priest are heavily scrutinizing the joy of the priesthood. As Fr. Tony Ricard is often quoted, "On May 27, 1995, I knelt down before the Archbishop of New Orleans and began my honeymoon. And, I am proud to say, I ain’t got back yet!" Come and share in an interactive discussion with this very happy priest on the Gift of the Call to the "order of Melchizedek" (Psalm 110:4).

Rev. R. Tony Ricard, M.Th., M.Div.
Fr. Tony Ricard, a priest of the New Orleans Archdiocese, currently serves as Pastor of both Our Lady Star of the Sea and St. Philip the Apostle parishes in New Orleans. He is Archdiocesan Liaison for Vocations in the African-American Community and teaches freshman theology at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans. In addition, Fr. Ricard is Core Instructor for Church Doctrine at Xavier University’s Institute for Black Catholic Studies.

3-18 Putting the Pieces Together: Implementing the Six Tasks of Catechesis in Your Classes
This session will offer practical, creative methods for implementing the six tasks of catechesis. You’ll discover strategies that work for helping kids to live, learn and celebrate their faith.

Kate M. Ristow
Kate Ristow is RCL Enterprises’ Midwest Regional Manager and Consultant for Children’s Curriculum. She is also an author and contributing editor of Catechist magazine. The former DRE and Catholic schoolteacher has 30 years experience as a speaker, administrator and catechetical leader.

3-19 Jesus, The Model of Justice
This session will offer a new way of being Church and our 21st-century challenge: to rebuild our families, parishes and dioceses as centers of justice. The prophetic role of individuals and Christian communities will be discussed.

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is President of the Episcopal Conference of Honduras. A member of the Salesian Community of John Bosco, Cardinal Rodriguez has served as President of the Latin American Episcopal Conference from 1995 to 1999. He also serves on various commissions for the Roman Curia.

3-20 Anti-Catholicism at the United Nations
Austin Ruse
In recent years, pro-abortion non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have attempted to silence the Catholic Church at the United Nations. This has occurred because of the leadership role the Church has taken on life and family issues. An international campaign is underway to have the Church removed from the United Nations. This session will address that campaign and the response of religious NGOs of all faiths that have stepped forward to defend the Church at the United Nations.

3-21 The Ancient Future: Apocalyptic Themes in Scripture
Dr. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher
Daniel and Revelation are two of the most controversial books of the Bible. Why? In this session we will introduce some of the power and politics of the apocalyptic literature of the Bible.

3-22 Collaborative Ministry: Its Time Has Come
Pope John Paul II has said that "the collaboration of the laity is indispensable." This presentation will offer a practical model for implementing collaboration in your parish.

Loughlan Sofield, S.T.
Bro. Loughlan Sofield is the Senior Editor of Human Development magazine. A member of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, he has taught or lectured on five continents. His books include "Design for Wholeness," "Building Community: Christian, Caring, Vital" and "Collaboration: Uniting Our Gifts in Ministry," and he also recorded an audiocassette on self-esteem and Christian growth.

3-23 The Happiness Philosophy and the Pro-Life Movement
Pro-abortion advocates have taken it upon themselves to define the 10 major categories of cultural discourse – happiness, success, quality of life, ethics, love, freedom/choice, suffering, person, rights, and the common good. These groups’ definitions cover about 10 percent of what we as Catholics believe about these central ideas. Fr. Robert Spitzer will present the richness of the Christian tradition in these 10 areas and show how they inevitably lead not only to a pro-life position but also to happier lives and hope for the culture.

Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.
Since 1998, Fr. Robert Spitzer has been President of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash. The Jesuit, of the Oregon Province, has served the Church in a variety of ways – spiritual director to contemplative religious, an advisor to lay religious groups, and a frequent lecturer in Catholic higher education. An author and lecturer, he has founded or co-founded five institutes of higher learning and is a member of the governing boards of eight institutions.

3-24 The Real Choice: Hope or Cynicism?
Jim Wallis
Many Christians today think that the primary conflict of our time is between a belief and secularism. However, the real battle is between hope and cynicism. For, even believers can easily fall into the trap of cynicism. This session is about the promise and power of hope. It is the people who can find and sustain hope who will change the world.

3-25 Come and Follow Me: Biblical and Musical Reflections on Discipleship
This workshop will explore Jesus’ call to discipleship as presented in the Gospels and reflected in liturgical music. The four aspects of becoming a disciple of Jesus – being called by Him, searching for Him, embracing the cross, and making a choice – will be explored as they are presented in both the Gospels and in liturgical music. Participants will be challenged to reflect anew on their call to follow Jesus as one of His disciples.

Arthur E. Zannoni
Arthur Zannoni is a Scripture scholar, theologian, author, editor, workshop leader and a master teacher. He conducts Bible-based adult education programs, parish missions and retreats throughout the country. An award-winning freelance writer, he is editor of two books, author of four and has contributed articles to a variety of publications.

David Haas
Composer of liturgical music, author, concert performer and recording artist, David Haas is presently Director of The Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer and Ministry, located in Minnesota. He is an internationally known retreat leader and speakers at conferences and conventions throughout the United States and abroad.

3-26 Confirmation, Community and Conversion
In past L.A. Congresses, Tom Zanzig has explored various dimensions of adolescent Confirmation – its theology, program models, and so on. In this new workshop, He offers insight into a deeper, more profound question: How might Confirmation nurture both personal and communal spirituality? What does a "converted" candidate "look like"?

Tom Zanzig
In 1994, the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry honored Tom Zanzig for his 25 years of service to the Church and its youth. He is a popular workshop and convention presenter all over the United States and Canada and has also directed conferences and workshops on youth ministry, religious education, spirituality, and other topics in Germany, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.


Frère Phong, F.S.C.

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