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Sunday Workshops - Period 7

March 2, 2003 • 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.


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7-01 Liturgy of the Word for Children: Music, Rituals and Storytelling
Mark Friedman & Donna Anderle
Enable your children to more fully participate in the Liturgy of the Word through new music, exciting and meaningful rituals, and creative scriptural storytelling. Learn ways to integrate prayerful movement, gesture and sign, making songs and stories come alive.

7-02 Sin, Healing & Reconciliation In The Bible
Lawrence Boadt
The biblical story highlights the work of God to reconcile a broken world back to its compassionate, loving Creator. The picture of God as patient, forgiving and slow to punish is, of course, balanced by the hard heartedness, failure to respond, and forgetfulness of human partners in creation. The Bible is a wonderful interplay of sin and forgiving love, alienation and healing, failure and future rebuilding. Learning this drama is key to knowing God as both God of the sinner and of the just.

7-03 Using Both Hands: Building Religious Knowledge and Skills for Christian Living with Junior-Highers
Michael Carotta, Ed.D.
This session will focus on early adolescent religious education that simultaneously engages young people with the content of our Catholic faith and gives them the skills they need to put it into practice.

7-04 People Get Ready ... There’s a Change a Comin’!
Catholics across America are uniting for change. What will change look like? How will we get there? We know the laity will play a major part. What role are you being called to play? Join us for an informative, hope-filled look at the questions facing Catholics in ministry today and re-discover the most valuable gift you have for becoming a "Bearer of Hope, Restoring Spirit."

Elizabeth Marlene Cedillo
Elizabeth Marlene Cedillo is co-host of "Fr. Michael Manning’s TV Ministry" program and Director of Adult Faith Formation for Wordnet Ministries. Previously, she served as a legislative aide for former Congressman Leon Panetta and as District Director for U.S. Congressman Jay Kim. She now travels offering presentations, workshops and retreats to parish ministry groups, women’s ministries, lay leadership groups and conferences nationwide.

7-05 Unlocking the Meaning Found Inside the Signs, Symbols and Gestures In Every Catholic Church
John Cusick
There is a great spiritual hunger found in people today. They want to know how to pray, how to be Catholic, etc. Often times, younger Catholics will admit they know little about their faith, its practices and the meaning behind what we do at Mass and see in our Church buildings every time we enter. This workshop will be "explanatory." It will explain our symbols and the meanings behind the things we do as Catholics.

7-06 Hermeneutics of Appreciation: An Approach to Culture for Inculturation
José M. de Mesa, Ph.D.
The hermeneutics of appreciation is a theological approach to culture inspired by Vatican II. It highlights the positive aspects of culture without denying what may be native in it. This workshop will explain why, in multicultural situations, there is a distinct advantage in focusing on what is right in cultures rather than on what is wrong with them. Attitudinal principles serving as practical guidelines for developing an appreciative stance toward particular cultures will be explained and illustrated.

7-07 AIDS Education: It Isn’t Just for "Them"!
For over two decades, the AIDS pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide. More than 150 new infections occur every day in the United States alone. This workshop looks at our response and our responsibility as people of God – at all ages and circumstances – to reduce the further spread of HIV/AIDS here and throughout the world.

Rev. Rodney J. DeMartini
Fr. Rodney DeMartini, a priest of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, Calif., was on the founding Board of Directors for the National Catholic AIDS Network and currently serves as their Executive Director. Nationally recognized as a leader in AIDS education, he lectures throughout the United States and Canada. Fr. DeMartini has authored a book and continues to write articles on ministry to persons with HIV/AIDS.

7-08 Stories of Hope
Ken Doran
This workshop is meant to help catechists who teach the middle grades and up recognize their "stories" as an essential part of the message they proclaim. Stories are powerful tools that can give hope, offer comfort, spark imagination, and generate laughter and tears. Stories can help us teach the great truths of faith in simple and concrete ways. Telling the stories of God’s action in our life can impact the lives of the young people we teach. Come hear stories and share your own! Participants will be provided with tips and tools for storytelling. Participation is required!

7-09 Let the Real You Stand Up!
Lee Ezell
Encouraging honesty and openness in the Church and the freedom of finding a safe place to be authentic. Lee Ezell shares her journey to authenticity and points you toward discovering your own original work of art ... the real you.

7-10 Understanding Liturgy from the Ground Up
Amy Florian
Are you on a liturgy preparation team? Do you help your students prepare liturgies? Are you looking for ways to explain liturgy to your students, RCIA or formation sessions? This practical and engaging session provides you with all the basics you need to prepare liturgies and to teach liturgical fundamentals to others.

7-11 Christian Identity Today: Who Do You Say I Am?
Laurence Freeman, O.S.B.
Laurence Freeman’s popular book "Jesus The Teacher Within" gives the theme to this workshop examining Christian identity in the modern world in the light of contemplative experience and inter-religious dialogue. Both the personal and social dimension of this identity are at stake today was well as the meaning of the Church and Christian teaching.

7-12 The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: Time for Mid-course Correction?
Dr. Jerry Galipeau
Using data collected for his doctoral thesis as well as material from the U.S. bishops’ Study on the Implementation of the RCIA, Dr. Jerry Galipeau will share some of the challenges to the current practice of Christian initiation. Be prepared to re-focus on the vision of the rite. Learn practical ways to reshape the parish initiation process so that discipleship and conversion are at the heart of the faith journey of catechumens and candidates.

7-13 Holy Is The Temple
Come for this special reunion of Bob Hurd and Anawim. Featuring Bob Hurd’s new musical collection, "Holy Is The Temple," they will present a meditation on our baptismal call to holiness, especially as this finds expression in the rite of dedicating a new church.

Bob Hurd with Anawim
Bob Hurd is a composer, liturgist and teacher. He is currently teaching at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, Calif., and assists with liturgy and music at the San Jose Cathedral. The popular artist’s music appears in numerous hymnals in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Over a 10 year period, Hurd and Anawim recorded some of this country’s most popular and widely used worship music. The members of Anawim are Barbara Bridge, John Gilb, Marie Hodgson and Dominic MacAller.

7-14 Families Sharing in the Life and Mission of the Church
Joann Heaney-Hunter
What does it mean to say that faith begins in the family? This is a crucial yet difficult question. This workshop will focus on the ways that family functions as the "church of the home." It will discuss the relationship between the family and the wider church community and emphasize the importance of the family as an agent for evangelization. This workshop will be interactive.

7-15 Stand By Me: The Art of Friendship
Rev. Terry Hershey
In today’s world, what does it mean to be a friend? "Friend" is one of those words – like "love" or "dysfunction" – that has suffered from overkill. Friendship is not acquired; it is made. What keeps me from being a friend? (What is it that makes me enjoy their company one day and push them away the next?) What allows me to be a better friend? (What will it take for me to pay attention, to listen, to be intentional?) What are the ways we can celebrate this friendship? (We define our lives by our vocations, or accomplishments, but never by our friendships. Well, we’ve got it backwards. It’s the friends who surround, encircle and embrace us that tell us who we are.)

7-16 Shining Like The Sun – A Lesson From Thomas Merton
Dorothy Hulburt
"All his writings can be summed up as a proclamation of God’s mercy in his life": So writes Bro. Patrick Hart of the late Trappist monk Thomas Merton. Living a life of contemplative solitude and silence, and through his prolific writings, Merton became the unguarded voice of all who would give themselves utterly to God. As a herald of hope, his blatant honesty and searching intellect draw us to him. This workshop will consider some of his insights on identity, intimacy and "generativity" as we all seek to proclaim God’s mercy!

7-17 Will Our Faith Have Young People?
Richard Leonard, S.J.
Some people say that the Church in the Western world is dying. There are, however, a growing number of people becoming Catholics or returning to the practice of the faith in their 30s and 40s. They are coming back with new questions and challenges. Often they want a more compassionate Church which enables and empowers them to discern God’s presence and promptings in their lives. They want a Church that practices what it preaches. Will the Church survive? What will it look like? Come and imagine the future of the people of God for the 21st century.

7-18 Naming the Present Moment in Terms of Hope
Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I.
Not everything can be fixed or cured, but it should be named properly. How do we name our present moment, ecclesially and biblically? What hope does it bring? What is our biblical challenge?

7-19 Touching, Tasting, Smelling God: The Sacraments Embodying Religion
Bob O’Gorman and Mary Faulkner
Ritual awakens the senses and quiets the mind; it is essential to a full bodied spirituality. Here God can speak to us. The Sacraments are seven graced rituals, rich in wisdom that assist in opening the body’s religious map for our earthly journey. In this workshop, we’ll look at four sacraments to see how they sanctify life’s experiences and help us understand the ordinary in an extraordinary way: Communion, the instinctual need to eat; Reconciliation, the instinctual need to forgive and be forgiven; Confirmation, the instinctual need for courage; Holy Orders, the instinctual need to do meaningful work.

7-20 A Fool for the Lord …
Rev. R. Tony Ricard, M.Th., M.Div.
Why did the Tyrannosaurus Rex cross the road? How many space aliens does it take to change a light bulb? Jokes and stories have been and will be with us forever. The use of good religious humor can enlighten your hearts, refresh your spirits and open up your minds. A good joke can be used by God to heal the wounded soul – for laughter is the best medicine. This interactive workshop will focus on the use of religious storytelling and jokes to brighten up your day, your class presentations and your homilies. Come and be a part of a happy time and walk out determined to be "a fool for the Lord!" (P.S. If you’ve heard a "good one" lately, be ready to share it with the group!)

7-21 Multiple Intelligences and Catechesis
Dr. Robert A. Pavlik
In this session, Dr. Robert Pavlik applies Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) to selected concepts of catechesis. Participants will receive and add to packets of MI-based teaching strategies for the concepts. Come learn new ways to teach any part of your curriculum for catechesis.

7-22 Living Catechesis Musically: Yesterday and Forever!
As many of us begin another decade of religious education, let’s look at where we have been, where we are, and where we are going as people called to serve the world. Start with a look back: Look at how young musicians are singing songs of catechesis today, and see how one of these musicians is joining liturgy and catechesis in parish work of social justice.

Robert W. Piercy
Robert Piercy is the catechetical director for G.I.A. Publications. A well-known author and lecturer to both adults and young children, Piercy is a sought-after speaker on rites and rituals of the Catholic Church. He was one of the editors for G.I.A.’s children’s hymnal, "Singing Our Faith," and project coordinator for the work done on the "Give Your Gifts" recordings (music and worship for teens). His most recent recordings and books are "Table Prayer" and "Journey of the Sacred."

Tony Alonso
Tony Alonso graduated from Northwestern University in the spring of 2002. He now serves as Music Director of St. Nicholas in Evanston, Ill. His first musical recording, "Fresh as the Morning," was produced by his friend and mentor David Haas. He also recently released a bilingual CD with Michael Mahler.

Michael Mahler
Michael Mahler is a junior at Northwestern University and the youngest recorded composer at GIA Publications. He has recently released his own CD, and another with Tony Alonso.

7-23 Welcome to the Future!
Join two good friends on a rollicking and informative tour through the possibilities of whole parish catechesis. You’ll come away with new ideas to connect your part of catechetical ministry with the faith formation of the whole parish.

Jo Rotunno
Jo Rotunno is a life-long religious educator who worked in the Los Angeles Archdiocese for over 25 years. She has 30 years’ experience as a catechist, master catechist and Catholic school teacher. She has worked in Catholic curriculum publishing for 18 years and currently serves as President of Harcourt Religion Publishers. Her speaking engagements have taken her throughout the United States on topics of catechist and adult formation.

Gretchen Hailer, R.S.H.M.
Sr. Gretchen Hailer is a seasoned catechist and media educator who designs print, audio and video resources in faith formation for children, youth and adults. She is also a presenter on various topics to Catholic, ecumenical and interfaith audiences. She has presented scores of workshops and retreats and is a Consultant to the White House in Washington, D.C., regarding faith and media.

7-24 A Guide for Reluctant Disciples
David Wells
Have you ever felt unconfident or unsure as to how you found yourself in a position of Christian leadership? This session examines our feats and helps us to overcome anxiety about leading groups. Come and discover why people who are reluctant make excellent leaders! You’ll discover a real confidence boost for tired catechists. (David Wells will be presenting with Jo Boyce and Mike Stanley.)

7-25 The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Catholics in Recovery
There are many misconceptions in the minds of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) people about Catholics, and in the minds of Catholics about AA people. We will look at some of these misconceptions. This talk will focus in on the spirituality of the program as it has changed and developed over the years. We will also meet some of the Catholic people who have been vital parts of AA history: Fr. Ed Dowling, S.J., and Bill Wilson, Sr. Ignatia Gavin and Dr. Bob Smith. From small seeds many trees and branches have grown. This is a time to appreciate the spiritual depths of the Church, and the spiritual practicalities of the program.

Fr. Tom Weston
Fr. Tom Weston teaches, gardens and speaks on matter of faith and living at retreat houses and parishes throughout North America. He has been a member of the California Province of the Society of Jesus since 1965 and was ordained in 1978. Fr. Weston has lived in Oakland, Calif., since 1981.

7-26 Global Spirituality for These Our Times
Carol Zinn, S.S.J.
As we move into the 21st century, the needs of our global family touch our hearts and stretch our minds to respond as people of faith and Gospel living. This workshop explores our contemporary reality within the context of our rich faith tradition and invites participants to engage the actions of critical reflection, mature contemplation, prophetic discernment and Gospel decision-making.

7-51 Bilingual Music for the Sacraments (bilingual workshop)
Jaime Cortez
See and hear music that is written in Spanish and in English with a bilingual option for weddings, funerals, Confirmation, baptisms for children and even quinceañeras. Come ready to sing and to see new material available for bilingual parish celebrations. (Jaime Cortez will present this as a bilingual workshop.)


John-Francis Cha Toàn, S.J.

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