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Friday Workshops - Period 2

February 28, 2003 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.


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2-01 Music, Movement and Dance: Practical Ideas for Worship
Donna Anderle and Mark Friedman share creative storytelling ideas, introduce new music, and show ways of incorporating movement and dance into celebrations with young people. Great for teachers, DREs, musicians, and all who work with youth.

Donna Anderle
Donna Anderle is Director of Dance and Liturgical Movement as well as Assistant to the Campus Minister and Liturgy Coordinator at Summit Country School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Owner and operator of her own dance studio, she was formerly a co-founder of the Good News Company and taught in high schools in Chicago and Cincinnati. An accomplished dancer and choreographer, she has dance performed ritual movement and choreographed programs throughout the country.

Mark Friedman
Mark Friedman is Campus Minister, Liturgy Director and teacher at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a published composer for Oregon Catholic Press whose music appears in hymnals nationwide. He is also a contributor to Todays Liturgy for Children and an accomplished storyteller and actor. He has appeared at many regional conferences and has delivered many diocesan keynotes and seminars nationwide.

2-02 Whose Church Is It Anyway? The Need for the Laity to Assume Leadership in a Church in Crisis
Rev. Patrick Brennan
The recent scandals can be re-imagined as a way for the purifying Reformation to continue. This is a Kairos time for new pastoral assertiveness, the re-visiting of issues crying out for attention, creative dialogue with Church leaders, bold innovations, and multiple opportunities for open forum sessions in parishes for people to cathart, hope and plan. One model, Holy Family Action for Renewal, will be explored, as well as others.

2-03 Connecting to Our Brothers & Sisters: African-American Catholics and the African Diaspora
This session will give a historical overview of the rich connections of African and African-American Catholic experience throughout the history of the Church with directives and implications for the role of Catholics in the African Diaspora for the Churchs future.

Dr. Anthea Butler
Dr. Anthea Butler is a religious historian specializing in the global history of Christianity, African-American religion, and religion in the African Diaspora. She is currently Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she has been since 1999.

2-04 Cant You Feel Gods Spirit?
If you want to feel the message while youre singing, youve got to allow the Spirit to move you with the songs tempo and beat. Allow yourself to be transformed by some lively, inspiring songs of praise.

Richard A. Cheri
Richard Cheri presently serves as the Associate Director for Parish Youth Catechesis for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, La. He is music minister at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church and Director of the New Orleans archdiocesan Gospel Choir. Cheri has spoken and served as the music and liturgy coordinator at numerous conferences throughout the United States.

2-05 The Call to Holiness: Who Wants to be a Saint?
Vatican II spoke of the "universal call to holiness." Yet we often think of saints as "perfect people" or "miracle workers," utterly different from ordinary men and women. How can we think of holiness as our vocation as Christians? First we need to rediscover the saints as human beings, and then we need to reflect on the models of holiness most necessary for our time.

Robert Ellsberg
Robert Ellsberg has served for more than 15 years as Editor in Chief of Orbis Books, where he has overseen the publication of over 600 titles. A former managing editor of The Catholic Worker, he is author and editor of many award-winning books, including writings by Dorothy Day, Gandhi, Charles de Foucauld, Flannery OConnor, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

2-06 Lifes Missing Pieces
This encouraging session about Gods faithfulness to us when life doesnt make sense will convince participants that nothing no mistake or accident can hinder Gods purpose for your life. Lee Ezells story of the power of love and faith to heal the wounds of the past helps us to reclaim our own lifes "missing pieces."

Lee Ezell
Dr. Lee Ezell, a "humor therapist," is author of eight award-winning books translated into 14 languages. She may be best known for her book, "The Missing Piece" (her lifes story), the real life drama of a virgin teenager with an unplanned pregnancy. Ezell is an internationally sought-after speaker for schools, fund-raisers, conventions and churches of all denominations.

2-07 Encountering the Light
During our time together, we will explore what it might mean in these our times that Light shines on in darkness and that darkness does not and will not overcome it. We will attempt to see light as the root and energy of creation and experience how we are held in light. We will reflect on the qualities of light, mind and spirit, on the struggle between light and darkness, good and evil, our yes or no to who we are meant to be both as individuals and as a human family. We will look at light as a healing agent in the world and together will assume our responsibility to be agents of light for cosmic transformation.

Barbara Fiand
Barbara Fiand, a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, is author of seven books and a variety of articles as well as cassette tapes. She presently gives retreats and workshops throughout the country and abroad. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University in Chicago.

2-08 The Body Gathers: Entrance Rites and Christian Identity
Through music and poetic reflections on the entrance rites, this presentation considers how the promise and challenge of the Sunday assembly is symbolized in the opening rites of the Eucharist. In this engaging and accessible mystagogy, we will crack open these gathering rites that hold the promise of a wondrous passage not only into the liturgy of the church but into the liturgy of our lives.

Fr. Edward Foley
Capuchin priest Fr. Edward Foley is Director of the ecumenical doctoral program and Professor of Liturgy and Music at Chicagos Catholic Theological Union. A well-known speaker and prolific author of books, articles and CDs, he is a Past President of the North American Academy of Liturgy and is currently on the Executive Committee of the Catholic Academy of Liturgy. He has lectured in over 40 U.S. dioceses, as well as in Canada, Europe and India.

2-09 The Scrutinies: Where Liturgy and Catechesis Meet
The three Scrutinies present an ideal opportunity for initiation catechists and those responsible for parish liturgy to minister together. Discover ways to prepare, celebrate and reflect on the celebrations of the Lenten Scrutinies for the Elect, both adults and children. This workshop focuses on appropriate ritual music, arrangement of the liturgical space, and effective proclamation of and preaching on the Gospels for the three Scrutinies.

Dr. Jerry Galipeau
Dr. Jerry Galipeau, a published composer and author, is Worship Resources Editor at World Library Publications. He has presented workshops nationally and internationally on RCIA, spirituality, liturgy and music. Dr. Galipeau is Past Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate and is a frequent team member on Forum institutes.

2-10 The Women Changing the Face of Christianity
There are exciting contributions being made by Catholic women theologians whose insights and writings are changing contemporary Christian thought. What are these women suggesting regarding our images of God, our reading of Scripture, our sense of Church, our understanding of spirituality? How will this change and shape the future of the Church?

Dr. Colleen M. Griffith
Dr. Colleen Griffith holds a masters degree in religious education from Boston College and a doctorate in theology from Harvard Divinity School. She is a full-time faculty member at Boston Colleges Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, where she serves as Faculty Director of Spirituality Studies. Her research and writing interests focus especially on theology, spirituality and the body.

2-11 Death: The Final Rite of Passage
There are two kinds of death: physical and spiritual. The first is inevitable; the second is not. Richard Groves has spent much of the past 12 years at the deathbed of nearly 500 patients and currently is a pastoral guide for the national hospice movement. His work affirms that when the dying are our teachers, all boundary lines are erased and we are invited to move from the inessential to the Essential, from the periphery to the Center, from the surface to the Depth (K.D. Singh). Our ancestors naturally knew how to midwife the dying process. This session is about recovering a critical ministry that is second to none in its potential for spiritual transformation.

Richard F. Groves
Richard Groves is a popular religious educator and retreat director with 25 years of pastoral experience as a hospice chaplain. Founder of the Sacred Art of Living Pastoral Education Center in Bend, Ore., he trains candidates throughout the West Coast in the art of spiritual direction. His current ministry project is called the Sacred Art of Dying, which is the nations first certification program for spirituality in end-of-life care.

2-12 Turn Our Hearts: Praying & Singing Our Faith Through Lament into Healing
We have all known difficult times, as individuals, as members of various communities, and as a nation. How do we sing our faith in times of crisis, doubt and grief? This workshop will explore music and prayer forms that can help both individuals and communities in their movement from lament, through metanoia, and into healing and renewal.

Marty Haugen
For the past 20 years, composer Marty Haugen has presented workshops and concerts across North America, Europe, Polynesia, Asia and Central America to both Roman Catholics and Protestants. His range of musical compositions appear in numerous hymnals for Canadian and Australian Catholics, U.S. Evangelical Lutherans, as well as countless Catholic and Protestant denominations.

2-13 Forged in a Fiery Furnace: The Spirituality of African-Americans
What has enabled African-Americans to survive and persevere? Their spirituality is holistic, joyful, communal and liberative, expressed in song, story and prayer. We will explore that spiritualitys formation and the challenges to it today.

Dr. Diana L. Hayes
Diana Hayes is Professor of Systematic Theology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. For the 2002-03 academic year, she is on sabbatical and has received a Womanist Sabbatical Year Grant from the Interdenominational Theological Center, where she is doing research in womanist theology. Author of five books and numerous articles, Dr. Hayes received the 2001 U.S. Catholic Award for Furthering the Cause of Women in the Church.

2-14 Toward A Sacramental Spirituality of Marriage
This workshop will focus on the ways that couples are called to be sacraments, or symbols of Gods life in the world. It will explore concrete ways that couples embody the sacraments in daily life. This workshop will pay particular attention to the ways that couples embody Eucharist and reconciliation in the context of the marriage. This workshop will be interactive.

Joann Heaney-Hunter
Dr. Joann Heaney-Hunter currently serves as Associate Professor of Theology and Director of the University Core Curriculum at St. Johns University, New York. She has served as an advisor to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Marriage and the Family and the Sacramental Practices Committee of the Priests Senate for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, N.Y.

2-15 Violence in the Bible
Dr. Gina Hens-Piazza
In this era, we cannot be complacent about violence whether in our world or in our biblical tradition. For all its richness, the Bible teems with stories of abuse, war, rape and oppression. This session will explore how we can claim these violent stories as our religious heritage. In addition, we will consider how our own readings and interpretations can themselves become instruments of violent oppression.

2-16 "Putting Skin On" God
When someone has experienced a loss or is suffering in any way as followers of Jesus it is so important that we reach out to them. Yet we often feel so helpless. What do we say to someone who has just buried a loved one or experienced some other tragedy? What can we expect of ourselves or others when we are grieving? How do we best care for children who face sadness or loss? Using story, demonstration and experience, Fr. Joe Kempf offers a loving perspective on this important calling and gives some simple, down-to-Earth suggestions.

Fr. Joe Kempf
Fr. Joe Kempf, a diocesan priest from St. Louis, is Pastor of Assumption Parish in OFallon, Mo. He recently completed a book titled "No One Cries the Wrong Way: Seeing God Through Tears." Fr. Kempf perhaps is best known for his video works, which include "Eucharist: A Taste of God" and recent videos for adults and children on celebrating Eucharist and Reconciliation.

2-17 Service Ideas for Todays Youth
How do you organize and implement service activities for todays youth? What are sure-fire "hits," and how can you fail? Come ready to discuss new ideas and find out what works.

Jim Knowles
Jim Knowles is Special Market Manager for Group Publishing, Inc. He has been involved in youth ministry and service for more than 25 years and is active in his parish in Loveland, Colo. He has presented workshops at the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry, NCEA, and regional and diocesan conferences.

2-18 Singing the Message of Jesus with Children
Using the new music of "Hi God 5" and songs from their other "Hi God" recordings, Carey Landry and Carol Jean Kinghorn will demonstrate practical ways of integrating music into teachable moments with children. Participants will be invited to participate in joyful song, sign and gesture.

Carey Landry and Carol Jean Kinghorn
Carey Landry & Carol Jean Kinghorn are partners in marriage as well as in ministry and have been ministering together in the field of music for liturgy, religious education and prayer since 1972. Together they have given workshops and concerts throughout the Untied States and Canada, Australia, Europe, Ireland and Scotland. They are also coordinators of liturgical music at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Indianapolis, where Carey also directs the choir.

2-19 Africentric Catechesis and the Catechumenate
African-American history, culture, spirituality and theology offer rich and necessary resources for Black catechumens journeying toward full communion with the Catholic faith community. This workshop will propose strategies and resources for an Africentric catechumenal catechesis.

Eva Marie Lumas, S.S.S.
Sr. Eva Marie Lumas is an Assistant Professor of Faith and Culture and co-Director of the Master of Arts in Ministry for a Multicultural Church at the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, Calif. She is also Director of Sankofa Works, a catechetical training and resource network for the African-American community, and is an Associate Director of the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana.

2-20 Bearers of Hope
Hope walks on two feet and walks best in community, following in the steps of Jesus. It never walks lockstep with the culture, the politics, or the economics of the countries we live in but walks in the Spirit that has sealed us in Word and worship. Let us learn to walk again, pick up our mats, and go forth into our worlds to do something new! We will look at the Scriptures and stories of those who walk, singularly and arm in arm, singing and struggling for life.

Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna is a theologian, author and storyteller. Her latest books are "The New Stations of the Cross," based on the Scriptures used by John Paul II; an anthology, "Send My Roots Rain"; and "Christ All Merciful: Icons." McKenna travels in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the United States and has recently been named an Ambassador of Peace by Pax Christi, USA.

2-21 "In the Beginning was the Word": Doing Beginning Bible Studies
Newcomers to the study of Scripture have special needs. Contemporary Roman Catholic biblical scholarship offers profound insights into Gods Word for us. Bible study leaders need to share this knowledge with beginners with special care so that the insights can both challenge and instruct yet not destroy those whose faith is based on faulty or weak foundations. This workshop will offer practical suggestions for those who lead others in the study of the Bible.

Rev. J. Patrick Mullen, Ph.D.
Fr. Pat Mullen, a priest of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, New Testament at St. Johns Seminary in Camarillo, Calif. Born and raised in Holy Family Parish in Glendale, he has served in two local area parishes St. Margaret Mary in Lomita and St. John Vianney in Hacienda Heights.

2-22 What Does the Prodigal Son Have to Do with Advertising?
How can you pray the news? How can MTV work for you? How can you design a web contract with your kids? This workshop session will provide eight creative media literacy skills for catechists that can be used with parents and/or youth as ways to bring faith and life closer together.

Rose Pacatte, F.S.P.
Sr. Rose Pacatte is founding Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies and contributing editor to My Friend magazine. She is co-author (with Peter Malone, M.S.C.) of the series "Lights, Camera Faith! A Movie Lectionary" and is a frequent presenter throughout the United States on media literacy education, media literacy in faith communities, as well as popular culture and catechetics.

2-23 Re-imagine Liturgical Prayer
"Liturgical catechesis" calls us to do more than teach about the liturgy. Come and learn the use of music, poetry and other arts to help children understand the liturgy. The aim of this session is to help us become conscious and active members of the worshiping assembly.

Robert W. Piercy
Robert Piercy is the catechetical director for GIA Publications. A well-known author and lecturer to both adults and young children, Piercy is a sought-after speaker on rites and rituals of the Catholic Church. He was one of the editors for GIAs childrens hymnal, "Singing Our Faith," and project coordinator for the work done on the "Give Your Gifts" recordings (music and worship for teens). His most recent recordings and books are "Table Prayer" and "Journey of the Sacred."

Kathy Coffey
Kathy Coffey is author of books, catechetical resources and many articles in Catholic periodicals. She taught for 15 years at the University of Colorado and at Regis University in Denver, and presently works as an editor for Living the Good News. She gives frequent retreats and workshops nationally, and has spoken at national conventions, including the L.A. Congress, the East Coast Congress, NCCL, NCEA, and many diocesan gatherings.

Paul H. Colloton, O.P., D.Min.
Rev. Paul Colloton, an ordained Dominican Friar of the Central Province, is Director of Continuing Education for the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM). Both musician and liturgist, he has over 30 years experience as pastoral musician, educator, lay and ordained pastoral minister and preacher.

2-24 How to Retain Your Sanity While Parenting a Teenager
If your adolescent has ever said, "Why cant I stay out till 3 a.m.? Dont you trust me? I hate it when you ask so many questions," then this seminar is for you. End the battling. Learn to identify normal developmental behaviors, increase your credibility and influence as a parent, and create more harmony in the home.

Patt Saso
Patt Saso has been self-employed as a marriage and family therapist for more than 15 years. She is co-owner of Saso Seminars & Counseling Services in Milpitas, Calif., where she has her psychotherapy practice. She has been a popular seminar leader for more than 15 years and, with her husband Steve, authors the award-winning book, "10 Best Gifts For Your Teen," and a set of parenting cassette tapes.

Steve Saso
Steve Saso has 30 years of experience in the field of education as a high school teacher, administrator and pastoral counselor. As a media personality and a professional speaker for over a decade, he travels extensively giving seminars. He and his wife are co-owners of Saso Seminars & Counseling Services and authors of the award winning book, "10 Best Gifts For Your Teen," and a set of audiotapes on parenting.

2-25 Putting Life Back Into Your Liturgy!
Our liturgies need more than hymn sandwiches! This workshop will show how we can involve our assemblies in active singing without holding up the liturgy for a song. Come, sing and get some great ideas!

Chris Walker
Internationally known lecturer, composer and liturgical musician Chris Walker is currently Director of Music for St. Pauls Church in Westwood, Calif. His music is widely sung throughout the world by adults and children. His latest work, a music resource for RCIA, is entitled "Christ We Proclaim."

2-26 Paul the Apostle as Model Teacher
Catholics have long tended to avoid the writings of St. Paul. Many find him too abstract and difficult to comprehend. This workshop will address a neglected aspect of Pauls writings, namely, how Paul models good teaching practices for any "educator," including preachers, teachers, catechists and parents.

Ronald D. Witherup, S.S.
Sulpician priest Ronald Witherup is currently Provincial Superior for the U.S. Province of the Society of St. Sulpice (Sulpicians) in Baltimore. Formerly he served as a high school teacher and then as Academic Dean and Professor of Sacred Scripture at St. Patricks Seminary in Menlo Park, Calif. He is a frequent lecturer at catechetical and liturgical conferences and retreats and writes frequently on biblical and liturgical topics.

2-71 Hiep Nhat Gia Nhng a Dang Va Hoa Hp Trong Mot Niem Tin
Trc nhng bien chuyen ve nhan so tai Hoa Ky va nhat la viec tang trng ve dan so cua cac sac dan A Chau, Hoi ong Giam Muc Hoa Ky a ra hai van kien: "on Chao Ngi La Gia Chung Ta: Hiep Nhat Trong a ang" (November 2000) va "S Hien Dien Cua Ngi A Chau/ Thai Bnh Dng: Hoa Hp Trong Mot Niem Tin" (November 2001). Trong bai noi chuyen nay, chung ta se cung nhau tm hieu hai van kien tren va on lai bai hoc hiep nhat va yeu thng ma Chua Kito a day chung ta, e cung nhau chap nhan, ton trong s khac biet cua tha nhan, ong thi giup nhau tang trng trong cung mot niem tin ni mot Thien Chua duy nhat.

Sr. Theresa Thanh-Thuy Phan, L.H.C.
S Theresa Thanh-Thuy Phan la thanh vien thuoc Hoi Dong Men Thanh Gia Los Angeles. Sau nhieu nam sinh hoat trong Hoi Dong vi nhiem vu Be Tren Giam Tap, S a tham gia trong chng trnh Giao Ly Song Ng tai Giao Phan Orange. Ben canh cong viec muc vu chnh, S thng nhan li mi noi chuyen vi nhieu oan The Cong Giao va cong tac vi cac bao ch Cong Giao tai Hoa Ky. Cuon sach au tay cua S vi ta e: "Con ng Tnh Yeu" a giup cho nhieu ngi cam nhan c nhng thach o cua tnh yeu Thien Chua. Hien nay, S gi chc vu giam oc van phong muc vu A Chau / Thai Bnh Dng tai Giao Phan San Bernardino.

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