The early years of the Los Angeles
Religious Education Congress

1962 — At a planning meeting for the CCD "Institute” are Timothy Brunet (from left), Janet Murphy, Father Leland Boyer and Arthur Holzman.
1962 — The Institute at Immaculate Heart College saw classrooms packed with catechists.
1967 — More than 7,000 people jammed the International Airport Hotel (near Los Angeles International Airport) for the 1967 Congress.
1969 — Beds and TV sets were moved aside in hotel rooms to make room for speakers and catechists.
1970 — Prior to the first Congress at the Anaheim Convention Center, building officials worried that the Anaheim Room (pictured) and other venues would be empty.
1975 — With the theme of "Praise, Pilgrim & Rejoice," the Religious Education Congress ended its three days in Anaheim, California, with a Liturgy which invited all participants of the weekend to share and celebrate.

1979 — Los Angeles Cardinal Timothy Manning met with some of the students on Youth Day, the prelude to the Religious Education Congress. Youth Day, open to all high school students, is always well attended.

1979 — The Closing Liturgy of the Religious Education Congress held in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena, with the theme "He Calls Us Each By Name."

Copyrighted photos courtesy of The Tidings, Archdiocesan paper of Los Angeles



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