2017 Registration Guidebook

Religious Education Congress
February 23
, 2017 (Youth Day)
February 24-26, 2017

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RECongress 2017 Program Book 
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 Complete Registration Guidebook

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 Registration Guidebook in PDF Sections  
   Congress Overview pages
       Friday   Saturday   Sunday   Spanish
(PDF: 8 pgs, 818k)
   Youth Day (February 23, 2017)
        Schedule, Workshops, Registration Form
(PDF: 9 pgs, 1 MB)
   Youth Day Registration Form
February 23, 2017
(PDF: 1 pg, 135k)
   General Information pages
        Schedule   Events   Overview
(PDF: 28 pgs, 3.3 MB)
   Friday Workshops pages
February 24, 2017
        Period 1   Period 2   Period 3
(PDF: 20 pgs, 1 MB)
   Saturday Workshops pages
February 25, 2017
       Period 4   Period 5   Period 6
(PDF: 18 pgs, 1 MB)
   Sunday Workshops pages
February 26, 2017
       Period 7   Period 8
(PDF: 12 pgs, 920k)
   Sección en Español (Spanish section)
      24-26 de febrero, 2017
      Viernes   Sabádo   Domingo
(PDF: 24 pgs, 1.5 MB)
   Hotel Information Pages
       Hotel listing and Anaheim area map
(PDF: 4 pgs, 530k)
   Information Pages
       Hotel listings, Anaheim area map, hotel ads,
             Congress registration information
(PDF: 10 pgs, 848k)
   Registration Forms
   YOUTH DAY - Download Registration Form

(PDF: 1 pg, 135k)
        CONGRESS - Register online  
        CONGRESS - Download Registration Form  

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If you would like information about RECongress, please contact us. Be sure to provide your name and complete mailing address:
Register: Register Online
By e-mail: congress@la-archdiocese.org
By phone: Call (213) 637-7348
By mail: Religious Education Congress
Office of Religious Education
3424 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90010

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