2014 RECongress Exhibitor Listing by Categories

Religious Education Congress
March 14-16
, 2014
Anaheim Convention Center Hall A

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249 exhibitors listed as of 11/25/2020
Adult Faith Formation: Little Rock Scripture Study
Contact: www.littlerockscripture.org
Art Works: John August Swanson, Artist
Contact: www.johnaugustswanson.com
Art Works: Madonna Arts
Contact: www.madonnaarts.com
Art Works: Pamela T. Hardiman Liturgical Fiber Art
Contact: pthardiman.com
Art Works: Poor Clare Sisters of Rwanda & Italy
Contact: laurap1215@gmail.com
Art Works: Richard A. Jarrett Stained Glass Studio
Contact: www.richardajarrett.com
Art Works: Sisters of the Holy Names / Clay Creations
Contact: www.snjmca.org
Art Works: Tori Art on Fire
Contact: www.torisfire.com
Bibles: American Bible Society
Contact: www.bibles.com
Bibles: Fireside Catholic Publishing
Contact: www.firesidecatholic.com
Books: Ave Maria Press
Contact: www.avemariapress.com
Books: David Whyte
Contact: www.davidwhyte.com
Books: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Contact: www.eerdmans.com
Books: HarperOne
Contact: www.harperone.com
Books: Image Books
Contact: www.imagecatholicbooks.com
Books: Megan McKenna - The Wayfarer's Tale
Contact: www.meganmckenna.org
Books: Paulist Press
Contact: www.paulistpress.com
Books: Paulist Press Book Center
Contact: www.paulistpressbookcenter.com
Books: Random House / Image Books
Contact: www.imagecatholicbooks.com
Books & Videos: Family Theater Productions
Contact: www.familytheater.org
Books & Videos: Fr. Tony Ricard - KnightTime Ministries
Contact: www.FatherTony.com
Books & Videos: Guadalupe Radio
Contact: www.guadaluperadio.com
Books & Videos: Holy Cross Family Ministries
Contact: www.familyrosary.org
Books & Videos: Hombre Nuevo
Contact: www.hombrenuevo.net
Books & Videos: Nest Family Entertainment
Contact: www.bestbibledvds.com
Books & Videos: Torch3m: Dominican Movies, Music & Magic
Contact: www.torch3m.org
Books & Videos: Twenty-Third Publications
Contact: www.23rdpublications.com
Books & Videos: Word on Fire Catholic Ministries
Contact: www.wordonfire.org
Camp & Conference Center: Alpine Camp and Conference Center
Contact: www.alpine-cc.org
Candles: Acadian Candle Company
Contact: www.acadiancandles.com
Candles: Marklin Candle Design
Contact: www.marklincandledesign.com
Candles: Root Candles
Contact: www.rootcandleschurch.com
Cards, Bookmarks, Magnets: Cards by Anne
Contact: www.cardsbyanne.com
Catechesis: NCCL
Contact: www.nccl.org
Catholic Schools: Department of Catholic Schools - Los Angeles Archdiocese
Contact: www.la-archdiocese.org/Pages/Schools
Celtic & Irish Art: O'Keeffe Religious Articles
Contact: jmccarthy1425@sbcglobal.net
Children's Resources: Herald Entertainment
Contact: www.brotherfrancisonline.com
Children's Resources: Pauline Books & Media
Contact: www.pauline.org
Christian Service Organization: Christian Foundation for Children & Aging
Contact: www.unbound.org
Christian Service Organization: Holy Land Franciscans
Contact: www.myfranciscan.com
Christian Service Organization: SCRC
Contact: www.scrc.org
Christian Service Organization: Society of St. Vincent de Paul, L.A. Council
Contact: www.svdpla.org
Christian Service Organization: Unbound
Contact: www.unbound.org
Church Goods: Meyer-Vogelpohl Co.
Contact: www.mvchurchgoods.com
Computer Software: Gradelink
Contact: www.gradelink.com
Computer Software: Ministry Tracker
Contact: www.ministrytracker.com
Computer Software: ParishSOFT
Contact: www.parishsoft.com
Craft Supplies & Gifts: A Thread of Hope Guatemalan Fair Trade
Contact: www.athreadofhope.org
Craft Supplies & Gifts: Concern America
Contact: www.concernamerica.org
Craft Supplies & Gifts: Plowsharing Crafts
Contact: www.plowsharing.org
Craft Supplies & Gifts: Soft Saints, Inc.
Contact: www.softsaints.com
Craft Supplies & Gifts: Tutwiler Quilts
Contact: www.tutwilerquilters.org
Craft Supplies & Gifts: Vietnam Catholic Artistic Crafts & Books
Curriculum: Veritas Religion
Contact: www.veritasreligion.com
Curriculum: William H Sadlier, Inc.
Contact: www.sadlier.com
Diocesan Organization: Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix
Contact: www.eparchyofphoenix.org
Diocesan Organization: Catholic Cemeteries
Contact: www.LACatholicCemeteries.org
Diocesan Organization: Diocese of Orange
Contact: www.rcbo.org/respect-life
Diocesan Organization: Diocese of San Bernardino
Contact: www.sbdiocese.org
Diocesan Organization: Office of Parish Life - Los Angeles Archdiocese
Contact: www.la-archdiocese.org/org/parishlife
Diocesan Organization: Office of Religious Education
Contact: www.la-archdiocese.org/org/ore
Diocesan Organization: Office of Restorative Justice
Contact: www.la-archdiocese.org/org/orj
Diocesan Organization: Technology Center - Office of Religious Education
Contact: archive.recongress.org
Diocesan Organization: Vocations Office
Contact: www.lavocations.org
Disability Ministry: Friendship Ministries
Contact: www.friendship.org
Disability Ministry: Ministerio Amistad / Friendship Ministries
Contact: www.friendship.org
Education Institution: Aquinas Institute of Theology
Contact: www.ai.edu
Educational Institution: Boston College School of Theology & Ministry
Contact: www.bc.edu/stm
Educational Institution: Catholic Theological Union
Contact: www.ctu.edu
Educational Institution: Creighton University Graduate Programs
Contact: gradschool.creighton.edu
Educational Institution: Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology /Dominican Friars
Contact: www.dspt.edu
Educational Institution: Fordham University Graduate School of Religious Education
Contact: www.fordham.edu/gre
Educational Institution: Franciscan School of Theology
Contact: www.FST.edu
Educational Institution: Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University
Contact: www.scu.edu/jst
Educational Institution: Loyola Institute for Ministry-Loyola University, New Orleans
Contact: lim.loyno.edu
Educational Institution: Loyola Marymount University
Contact: www.lmu.edu
Educational Institution: Loyola University Chicago, Institute of Pastoral Studies
Contact: www.luc.edu/ips
Educational Institution: Magis Center
Contact: www.magisreasonfaith.org
Educational Institution: Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles
Contact: www.msmc.la.edu
Educational Institution: Oblate School of Theology
Contact: www.ost.edu
Educational Institution: Sacred Heart School of Theology
Contact: www.shst.edu
Educational Institution: Saint John's School of Theology Seminary
Contact: www.csbsju.edu/sot
Educational Institution: Saint Joseph High School
Contact: www.sj-jester.org
Educational Institution: Saint Joseph's College
Contact: online.sjcme.edu
Educational Institution: Santa Clara University /Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries & The Jesuit School of Theology
Contact: www.scu.edu/pastoralministries
Educational Institution: Thomas Aquinas College
Contact: www.thomasaquinas.edu
Educational Institution: University of Dallas School of Ministry
Contact: www.udallas.edu/ministry
Educational Institution: University of San Diego
Contact: www.sandiego.edu/um
Educational Institution: World Youth Alliance
Contact: www.wya.net
Educational Programs: Catholic Charities of Orange County
Contact: www.ccoc.org
Educational Programs: Catholic Mobilizing Network
Contact: www.catholicsmobilizing.org
Educational Programs: Endow (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women)
Contact: www.EndowGroups.org
Educational Programs: Healing the Culture / Principles & Choices
Contact: www.principlesandchoices.com
Educational Programs: School of Applied Theology Sabbath Programs
Contact: www.satgtu.org
Educational Resources: African American Catholic Center for Evangelization
Contact: www.aaccfe.com
Evangelization Resources: Paulist Evangelization Ministries
Contact: www.pemdc.org
Fair Trade Coffee: Just Coffee / Caf Justo
Contact: www.justcoffee.org
Faith & Justice: Get on the Bus
Contact: www.getonthebus.com
Faith & Justice: Homeboy Industries
Contact: www.homeboy-industries.org
Faith & Justice: Life, Justice and Peace - Los Angeles Archdiocese & Diocese of Orange
Contact: www.la-archdiocese.org/org/oljp
Faith & Justice: St. Camillus Center - HIV /AIDS, Pax Christi, Justice & Peace
Contact: www.stcamilluscenter.org
Faith-based Tours: Executours Travel Service
Contact: www.executours.com
Gourmet Food/Baskets: The Tomorrow Project / Catholic Charities
Contact: www.tomorrowproject.org
Icon Art & Jewelry: Sofia Christine
Contact: www.sofiachristine.com/byzantine
International Association: International Catholic Stewardship Council
Contact: www.catholicstewardship.org
Lay Religious Order: Secular Franciscan Order / St. Francis Region
Contact: www.stfrancisregion.org
Liturgical Furnishings: Anthem Church Supply, Inc.
Contact: www.anthemchurchsupply.com
Liturgical Furniture: The Wood & Iron Factory, Inc.
Contact: www.thewoodironfactory.com
Liturgical Vestments: Chagall Design Limited
Contact: www.chagalldesign.com
Liturgical Vestments: CM Almy
Contact: www.almy.com
Liturgical Vestments: Cotter Church Supplies
Contact: www.cotters.com
Liturgy & Music Resources: OCP
Contact: www.ocp.org
Liturgy & Music Resources: Spiritandsong.com - a division of OCP
Contact: www.spiritandsong.com
Liturgy & Music Resources: World Library Publications
Contact: www.wlpmusic.com
Military Chaplain: U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps
Contact: www.airforce.com/chaplain
Ministry Resources: Abbey Press
Contact: www.carenotes.com
Ministry Resources: Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons
Contact: www.la-archdiocese.org/org/cmlgp
Ministry Resources: Claretian Publications
Contact: www.claretianpubs.org
Ministry Resources: Concordia Publishing House
Contact: www.cph.org
Ministry Resources: Fecom-Americas
Contact: fecomamericas@icloud.com
Ministry Resources: Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Atonement
Contact: www.atonementfriars.org
Ministry Resources: Group
Contact: www.group.com
Ministry Resources: Hershey & Associates
Contact: www.terryhershey.com
Ministry Resources: Hispanic Ministry Resource Center
Contact: www.hispanic-ministry.com
Ministry Resources: Native American Concerns - Los Angeles Archdiocese Ministry
Contact: nativeamericanconcerns.la@gmail.com
Ministry Resources: RENEW International
Contact: www.renewintl.org
Ministry Resources: Retrouvaille
Contact: www.retrouvaille.org
Ministry Resources: Sandalstrap
Contact: www.sandalstrap.com
Mission: Catholic Legislative Network
Contact: www.cacatholic.org
Mission: Franciscan Mission Service / Franciscan Action Network
Contact: www.franciscanmissionservice.org
Mission: Lay Mission-Helpers Association
Contact: www.laymissionhelpers.org
Mission: Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers
Contact: www.maryknollsociety.org
Mission: Mission Haiti: Hands Together
Contact: karlholt@holyfamily.org
Mission: Mission Office - Los Angeles Archdiocese
Contact: www.missionsla.org
Missionary: Catholic Volunteer Network
Contact: www.catholicvolunteernetwork.org
Missionary: Comboni Missionaries
Contact: comboni@verizon.net
Missionary: Mission Doctors Association
Contact: www.MissionDoctors.org
Missionary: Oblate Vocations
Contact: www.omiusa.org
Music: Catholic Association of Music
Contact: www.CAMmusic.com
Music: Ceili Rain
Contact: www.ceilirain.com
Music: Dennis Doyle / Incarnation Music
Contact: english.glendale.edu/doyle.a.html
Music: GIA Publications, Inc.
Contact: www.giamusic.com
Music: Katrina Rae / Mizpah Ministries
Contact: www.katrinarae.com
Music: Steve Angrisano
Contact: www.steveangrisano.com
Music: ValLimar Jansen & Frank Jansen
Contact: www.afwmusic.com
Music / Intergenerational Ministry: Jesse Manibusan / 2 x 2 Ministries
Contact: jessemanibusan.com/home/
Music/Religious Apparel: Joe Melendrez Ministries
Contact: www.rosaryrap.com
Newspaper: National Catholic Reporter
Contact: www.ncronline.org
Online Resources: The Five Loaves
Contact: www.thefiveloaves.com
Pilgrimages: Catholic Travel Centre
Contact: www.gocatholictravel.com
Radio & TV Media: El Sembrador Ministries
Contact: www.elsembrador.org
Religious Apparel: CATgear
Contact: www.catgear.com
Religious Apparel: La Cruz T-Shirts
Contact: www.lacruztshirts.com
Religious Apparel: Liturgical Apostolate Center
Contact: www.pddm.us/LiturgicalCenter
Religious Apparel: Seraph 7 Clothing Company
Contact: www.seraph7.com
Religious Art: Al's Art
Contact: alfonsosoltero@yahoo.com
Religious Art: Ancient Arts Stained Glass
Contact: www.AncientArtsStainedGlass.com
Religious Art: Creator Mundi Distinctive Sacred Art & Gifts
Contact: www.creatormundi.com
Religious Art: Lalo Garcia Sacred & Fine Art Studio
Contact: www.lalogarcia.com
Religious Art: Notre Dame Creations
Contact: www.inthebetween.com
Religious Art: SHCJ Art / France White
Contact: www.shcj.org/white_reproductions.html
Religious Art: Val MacRae Designs
Contact: vmacrae@mac.com
Religious Articles: 3 Arches USA / HolyLandShopping.com
Contact: www.holylandshopping.com
Religious Articles: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Gift Shop
Contact: www.olacathedralgifts.com
Religious Articles: Ecumenicus USA
Contact: www.religiousmerchandise.com
Religious Articles: Fundacin Ramon Pane
Contact: www.fundacionpane.org
Religious Articles: Gifts from the Holyland
Contact: www.giftsfromtheholyland.com
Religious Articles: Multicultural Resources / Gift Center
Contact: ging12353@gmail.com
Religious Articles: St. Andrew's Abbey
Contact: www.saintandrewsabbey.com
Religious Articles: Tree of Life Imports, Inc.
Contact: www.thetreeoflifeimports.com
Religious Articles: Verbum Dei Libreria Catolica
Contact: www.libreriasvd.com
Religious Books: ACTA Publications
Contact: www.actapublications.com
Religious Books: Baker Publishing Group
Contact: www.bakerpublishing.com
Religious Books: Buena Prensa
Contact: www.litpress.org
Religious Books: Catholic Book Publishing Corp.
Contact: www.catholicbookpublishing.com
Religious Books: Cistercian Publications
Contact: www.litpress.org
Religious Books: Crossroad Publishing Company
Contact: www.crossroadpublishing.com
Religious Books: Gethesemani Libreria Catolica
Contact: www.gethesemani.com
Religious Books: Give Us This Day - Liturgical Press
Contact: www.giveusthisday.org
Religious Books: Ignatius Press
Contact: www.ignatius.com
Religious Books: Liguori Publications
Contact: www.liguori.org
Religious Books: Liturgical Press
Contact: www.litpress.org
Religious Books: Liturgy Training Publications
Contact: www.ltp.org
Religious Books: Loyola Press
Contact: www.loyolapress.com
Religious Books: Magnificat
Contact: www.magnificat.com
Religious Books: New City Press of the Focolare
Contact: www.newcitypress.com
Religious Books: Paraclete Press
Contact: www.paracletepress.com
Religious Books: Saint John's Bible
Contact: www.sjbible.org
Religious Books: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Contact: www.wipfandstock.com
Religious Education Resources: California Catholic Conference
Contact: www.cacatholic.org
Religious Education Resources: Catholic Media Resources
Contact: catholicmediaresources.com
Religious Education Resources: Catholic Relief Services
Contact: www.crs.org
Religious Education Resources: Center for Ministry Development
Contact: www.cmdnet.org
Religious Education Resources: Creative Communications for the Parish
Contact: www.creativecommunications.com
Religious Education Resources: Franciscan Media
Contact: www.americancatholic.org
Religious Education Resources: Good Ground Press
Contact: www.goodgroundpress.com
Religious Education Resources: National Catholic Educational Association
Contact: www.ncea.org
Religious Education Resources: Orbis Books
Contact: www.orbisbooks.com
Religious Education Resources: Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division
Contact: www.osvcurriculum.com
Religious Education Resources: Our Sunday Visitor Publishing
Contact: www.osvparish.com
Religious Education Resources: Pflaum Publishing Group
Contact: www.pflaum.com
Religious Education Resources: RCL Benziger
Contact: www.rclbenziger.com
Religious Education Resources: Saint Mary's Press
Contact: www.smp.org
Religious Education Resources: The Storykeepers
Contact: www.storykeepersedu.com
Religious Jewelry: Compelling Creations, Inc.
Contact: www.compelling-creations.com
Religious Jewelry: Contreras Religious Art
Contact: www.contrerasreligiousart.com
Religious Jewelry: Faith-Sharing, Inc.
Contact: www.faith-sharing.com
Religious Jewelry: My Saint My Hero
Contact: www.mysaintmyhero.com
Religious Life: California Jesuits and Lay Partners
Contact: www.jesuitscalifornia.org
Religious Life: Capuchin Franciscan - Western America Province
Contact: www.beafriar.com
Religious Life: Carmelite Friars - Order of Carmelites Vocations
Contact: www.carmelites.net
Religious Life: Claretian Missionaries
Contact: www.claretians.org
Religious Life: Congregation of the Sacred Hearts
Contact: www.sscc.org
Religious Life: De La Salle Christian Brothers
Contact: www.brothersvocation.org
Religious Life: Dominican Sisters
Contact: www.sanrafaelop.org
Religious Life: Glenmary Home Missioners
Contact: www.glenmary.org
Religious Life: Priests of the Sacred Heart (SCJ)
Contact: www.scjvocation.org
Religious Life: Saint John's Abbey /School of Theology
Contact: www.abbeyvocations.com
Religious Life: Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Contact: www.bvmcong.org
Religious Life: Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart
Contact: www.sacredheartsisters.com
Religious Life: Society of the Divine Savior: The Salvatorians
Contact: www.salvatorians.com
Religious Life: The Marianist Province of the United States
Contact: www.marianist.com
Religious Life: Vincentian Family
Contact: www.daughtersofcharity.com
Religious Publication: America Press
Contact: www.americamagazine.org
Religious Publication: Catechist Magazine
Contact: www.catechist.com
Religious Publication: Commonweal Magazine
Contact: www.commonwealmagazine.org
Religious Publication: Little Books of the Diocese of Saginaw, Inc.
Contact: www.littlebooks.org
Religious Publication: RTJs Creative Catechist
Contact: www.rtjscreativecatechist.com
Religious Publication: The Word Among Us
Contact: www.wau.org
Religious Publication: USCCB / Vatican
Contact: www.usccbpublishing.org
Religious Software: Parish Data System
Contact: www.parishdata.com
Retreat Facility: Ponderosa Pines Christian Camp
Contact: www.pondo.org
Retreat Facility: St. Anne in the Mountains Retreat Center
Contact: www.mountaincatholic.org
Retreats & Seminars: Franciscan Renewal Center
Contact: www.thecasa.org
Retreats & Seminars: Greg Wasinski - "Let Me Be" Ministries
Contact: www.wasinski.com
Retreats & Seminars: Hard as Nails
Contact: www.hanm.org
Retreats & Seminars: Mary & Joseph Retreat Center
Contact: www.maryjoseph.org
Retreats & Seminars: Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
Contact: www.sistersofprovidence.org
Spanish Religious Resources: Editorial Verbo Divino
Contact: www.verbodivino.es
Spanish Religious Resources: Librera San Pablo
Contact: www.sanpablolax.com
Spanish Religious Resources: Ministerio Biblico Verbo Divino
Contact: www.verbodivino.org
Spanish Religious Resources: USAMadrid Books
Contact: www.usamadrid.com
Supplies & Gifts: Sunrise Printery
Contact: www.sunriseprintery.com
Teen Resources: Life Teen Inc.
Contact: www.lifeteen.com
Teen Resources: Outside da Box
Contact: www.outsidedabox.com
Vocations: Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
Contact: www.csjorange.org
Youth Resources: Cornerstone Media
Contact: www.cornerstonemedia.org
Youth Resources: Girl Scouts, Camp Fire & Boy Scouts
Contact: www.laccs.org
Youth Resources: NET Ministries
Contact: www.netusa.org
Youth Resources: Salesian Youth Ministry
Contact: www.salesianym.org

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