2014 RECongress Speakers/Topics Listing

Religious Education Congress
February 21, 2014
(Youth Day)
February 22-24, 2014


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"Youth Day" indicates a Youth Day speaker; "KEY" denotes either the Saturday Keynote or a Sunday address. Language indicates whether the session is in English, Spanish or Vietnamese. Workshops indicates the number of workshops presented by the speaker.
Workshop sessions are designed by two numbers separated by a dash. The first number indicates the period (periods 1-3 are on Friday; periods 4-6 are on Saturday; periods 7-8 are on Sunday); the number after the dash is the workshop number within the period. Workshop numbers -00 to -30 are in English; numbers -50 to -59 are in Spanish; number -70 is in Vietnamese; number -80 is Korean (when presented). Asterisks following a workshop "(*)" indicates which sessions will be recorded (available on Audio CD or downloadable).

This topic category has been identified by the Office of Religious Education. Speaker-identified categories can be found on the Speaker Categories listing page in the Registration Guidebook. ** are replacement speakers.



Topic Language
Abundio Parra Snchez, Abundio Adult Education Spanish
Aguilera-Titus, Dr. Alejandro Catechesis/Evangelization & Family Spanish
Allen Jr., John Ecclesiology English
Alonso, Tony Liturgy/Music English
Anderle, Donna Liturgy/Music English
Angotti, John Spirituality/Prayer English
Angrisano, Steve Spirituality/Prayer English
Angulo, Katherine Youth Day & Family English/Spanish
Atkinson, Patrick Justice/Peace English/Spanish
Awiapo, Thomas Youth Day & Spirituality/Prayer English
Bauelas, Msgr. Arturo Parish Leadership English/Spanish
Beckman, Betsey Liturgy/Music English
Benavides, Luis Catechesis/Evangelization & Elementary Spanish
Bird, Nancy Sacraments English
Boyle, Rev. Gregory Restorative Justice English
Brennan, Fr. Pat Parish Leadership English
Bryant, Sr. Kathy Women's Issues English
Burland, John Elementary English
Cameli, Fr. Louis Parish Leadership & Theology English
Chavez, Msgr. Eduardo Theology Spanish
Chinn, Andrew Early Childhood & Elementary English
Crosthwaite, Prof. Alejandro Theology Spanish
Cusick, Rev. John Parish Leadership & Young Adult Ministry English
Dahm, Fr. Charles Life Issues Spanish
Deasy, Fr. Ken Catechesis/Evangelization English
East, Msgr. Ray Catechesis/Evangelization English
East, Tom Confirmation & Youth Ministry Track English
Ellair, Steven Elementary & Junior High English
Fabing, Fr. Robert Liturgy/Music English
Ferder, Sr. Fran Human Growth/Development English
Fernndez, Santiago Youth Ministry Spanish
Flecha, P. Jos Romn Morality Spanish
Florian, Amy Life Issues & Spirituality/Prayer English
Fragomeni, Fr. Richard Liturgy/Music English
Francois, Jackie Youth Day English
Frawley-Mangan, Anne Elementary & Liturgy/Music English
Furst, Renata Scripture English/Spanish
Gaillardetz, Dr. Richard Ecclesiology English
Galea, Fr. Rob Youth Day & Youth Ministry Track English
Galipeau, Dr. Jerry Catechumenate/RCIA English
Garcia, Rev. David Justice/Peace Spanish
Garca-Lpez, Estela Sacraments English/Spanish
GIA workshop, Liturgy/Music English
Gordon, Dr. Greer Adult Education English
Griffith, Dr. Colleen Spirituality/Prayer English
Groome, Dr. Thomas Catechesis/Evangelization & Spirituality/Prayer English
Haas, David Liturgy/Music English
Hall, Darrell Theology English
Hart, Mark Catechesis/Evangelization English
Hart, Sarah Spirituality/Prayer English
Haugen, Marty Liturgy/Music English
Heagle, Fr. John Human Growth/Development English
Heft, Rev. James Morality English
Hendey, Lisa Media/Technology English
Hernandez, Sr. Glenda Spirituality Spanish
Hernandez, Wil Spirituality/Prayer English
Hershey, Rev. Terry Spirituality/Prayer English
Jansen, ValLimar Youth Day & Spirituality/Prayer English
Jezreel, Jack Justice/Peace English
Joncas, Fr. Michael Liturgy/Music English
Just, Fr. Felix Scripture English
Kaczor, Dr. Christopher Family/Parenting English
Kempf, Fr. Joe Elementary & Sacraments English
Kennedy, Dr. Saundra Catechesis/Evangelization & Elementary English
Kicanas, Bishop Gerald Ecclesiology English
Kim, Paul Youth Day English
Kolar, Peter Liturgy/Music English
Landry, Carey Elementary & Life Issues English
Leal, Douglas Young Adult Ministry English
Leonard, Fr. Richard Media/Technology & Spirituality/Prayer English
Loftus, Fr. David Adult Education English
Lombardi, Dr. Josephine Theology English
Lumas, Sr. Eva Multicultural English
Macalintal, Diana Spirituality/Prayer English
MacBeth, Sybil Elementary & Spirituality/Prayer English
Mahony, Cardinal Roger Catechesis/Evangelization English
Mangan, Michael Elementary & Liturgy/Music English
Martin, Rev. James Spirituality/Prayer English
Massingale, Fr. Bryan Morality English
Matovina, Dr. Timothy Theology English/Spanish
Mayersohn, Rabbi Michael Ecumenism/Interreligious English
McCarty, Robert Youth Ministry Track English
McCorquodale, Charlotte Youth Ministry Track English
McDonald, Judy Youth Day English
McGrath, Bro. Michael O'Neill Spirituality/Prayer English
McKenna, Dr. Megan Spirituality/Prayer English
McMahon, Bishop Malcolm Ecumenism/Interreligious English
Miles, Ted Youth Day & Youth Ministry Track English
Montenegro, Juan Carlos Youth Ministry Spanish
Moreno, Rafael
Morris, Fr. Jonathan Ecclesiology English
Mullen, Fr. J. Patrick Scripture English
Murua, Marcelo Catechesis/Evangelization Spanish
Nelson-Johnson, Dr. Terry Young Adult Ministry & Sexuality English
Nguyen, Fr. Bao Vietnamese English
Nguyen Tan, Bishop Joseph Vietnamese English
Ospino, Dr. Hosffman Theology English/Spanish
Pacatte, Sr. Rose Media/Technology English
Pacholczyk, Fr. Tadeusz Morality English
Paprocki, Joe Human Growth/Development English
Pascuzzi, Dr. Maria Scripture English
Patin, Mike Youth Day & Youth Ministry Track English
Pereda Bulllrich, Hernn Scripture Spanish
Petitfils, Roy Young Adult Ministry English
Pham, Fr. Thinh Duc Vietnamese Vietnamese
Phong, Bro. Fortunat Vietnamese English
Preston, Anthony Youth Day & Sexuality English
Quinlivan, Sr. Carol Spirituality/Prayer English
Radcliffe, Fr. Timothy Spirituality/Prayer English
Recinella, Susan Restorative Justice English
Recinella, Dale Restorative Justice English
Reese, Thomas Ecclesiology English
Reinhard, Sarah Media/Technology English
Reyes, Dr. Jonathan Justice/Peace English
Ricard, Rev. R. Tony Catechesis/Evangelization English
Rickern, Bishop David Spirituality/Prayer English
Roberto, John Family/Parenting English
Rodriguez Zambrana, Rev. Domingo Adult Education Spanish
Rodriguez-Maradiaga, Cardinal Oscar Ecclesiology English/Spanish
Rolheiser, Rev. Ronald Spirituality/Prayer English
Rubalcava, Pedro Sacraments English/Spanish
Ryan, Bishop Sylvester Justice/Peace English/Spanish
Rymarz, Dr. Richard Catechesis/Evangelization English
Sawyer, Sr. Kieran Sexuality & Junior High English
Searle, Susan Junior High English
Sedano, Maruja Adult Education & Catechesis/Evangelization Spanish
Senior, Fr. Donald Scripture English
Shepp, Vikki Youth Ministry Track English
Siller Acua, Clodomiro L. Multicultural Spanish
Skinner, Michael Special Needs English
Skinner, Christine Special Needs English
Smith-Christopher, Dr. Daniel Scripture English
Sofield, Bro. Loughlan Parish Leadership English
Spitzer, Rev. Robert Life Issues English
Stanz, Julianne Adult Education & Young Adult Ministry English
Steinfels, Peter Ecclesiology English
Stenzel, Pam Sexuality English
Sullivan, Sr. Maureen Theology English
Tagle, Archbishop Luis Antonio Ecclesiology English
Theisen, Michael Confirmation & Youth Ministry Track English
True, Lori Liturgy/Music English
Turner, Rev. Paul Liturgy/Music English
Valenzuela, Victor Sacraments English/Spanish
Wagner, Nick Catechumenate/RCIA English
Walker, Christopher Catechesis/Evangelization & Liturgy/Music English
Wallis, Jim Justice/Peace English
Wells, David Adult Education English
Wenc, Char Family/Parenting English
West, John Liturgy/Music English
White, Dr. Joseph Early Childhood & Elementary English
White, Vanessa Multicultural English
Whyte, David Spirituality/Prayer English
Wicks, Dr. Robert Spirituality/Prayer English
Yzaguirre, Dr. John Family Spanish
Zanotto, Rev. Luigi Adult Education Spanish
Zukowski, Sr. Angela Media/Technology English
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