2002 Speaker Listing

Religious Education Congress
February 15-17, 2002

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Abraham, Domathoti      Topic:  Keynote & Social Justice

Angrisano, Steve       Topic:  (Youth Day) - Prayer & Liturgy

Bañuelas, Rev. Msgr. Arturo J.      Topic:  Christian Leadership

Barron, Rev. Robert      Topic:  Theology

Books available at Congress:
Crossroad Publishers booth
Books booth

Bartlett, Bob       Topic:  (Youth Day) - Relationships

Books available at Congress:
"Growing Toward Intimacy" (Good Ground Press)

Beaudoin, Thomas More      Topic:  Young Adults

Becker, Mary Lee       Topic:  Junior High

Beckman, Betsey       Topic:  Liturgical Dance

Bellante, Rev. Ruben Francisco      Topic:  (Spanish) Communication

Benson, Rev. Richard      Topic:  Morality

Betten, Mary Rose      Topic:  Catechesis

Web: http://www.valyermo.com/retreats.html
Books available at Congress (St. Andrew’s Abbey booth):
“God Stories” – read at Fr. Joseph Brennan’s workshop
“People of the Passion” (Sheed and Ward)

Bird, Nancy       Topic:  Catechesis

Bishop, Sr. Peg       Topic:  Leadership; Speaking with Tom Sweetser

Web: http://www.pepparish.org
Books at Congress:
"The Parish As Covenant, A Call To Pastoral Partnership”
"Transforming the Parish” (Sheed and Ward)
“Recreating the Parish” (Sheed and Ward)
“Changing Pastors” (Sheed and Ward)

Boadt, Rev. Lawrence      Topic:  Scripture

Books available at Congress (at the Paulist Press booth):
"Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction" (Paulist Press)

Bonnot, Rev. Bob       Topic:  Spirituality

Boyle, Rev. Greg       Topic:  Detention Ministry/Gangs

Boys, Mary C.       Topic:  Catechesis

Brennan, Rev. Patrick J.      Topic:  Parish Evangelization

Bright, Thomas J.      Topic:  (Youth Day)  

Burland, John       Topic:  Sacraments/Elem/Early Childhood/Music

Web: http://www.nedderpublishing.com/music.html#music
Music CD and music book collections:
“Songs For The Journey”
“Let's Celebrate”
“Let's Celebrate Too!”
“Sacred Moments”
“Celebrating The Sacraments”

Burns, Camilla       Topic:  Scripture

Campbell, Rev. Antony      Topic:  Scripture

Carotta, Michael       Topic:  Family

Carrillo, Carlos       Topic:  (Spanish) Young Adults

Cerveny, Caroline      Topic:  Technology

Web site: http://www.cyberfaith.com/weblinks/weblinks.html 

Cieslak, Rev. William      Topic:  Liturgy

Web site: http://www.fst.edu

Coleman, Rev. Gerald D.      Topic:  Gay & Lesbian Min

Books Available as Congress:
"Divorce and
Remarriage in the Catholic Church" (Paulist Press)
"Human Sexuality: an All-Embracing Gift" (Alba House)
Homosexuality: Catholic Teaching and Pastoral Practice" (Paulist Press)
"Following in the Footsteps of Christ" (Paulist Press)

Coloroso, Barbara      Topic:  Life Issues

Cortez, Jaime       Topic:  (Spanish) Music & Liturgy

Cozzens, Rev. Donald B.      Topic:  Priesthood & Ministry

Crosby, Rev. Michael H.      Topic:  Social Justice

Cruz, Rev. Faustino      Topic:  Multicultural Catechesis

Curry, Bro. Rick       Topic:  Disability Education

Cusick, Rev. John C.      Topic:  Young Adult Ministry

Davidson, James D.      Topic:  Young Adult/Sacraments

Books available at Congress: 
"American Catholics: Gender,
Generation, and Commitment," co-authored by William V. D'Antonio, Dean R. Hoge, and Katherine Meyer (Alta Mira Press)

de la Parte París, Ángel      Topic:  (Spanish) Ecclesiology

De Roo, Most Rev. Remi J.      Topic:  Vatican II

Web site: http://www.remideroo.com
Books available at Congress (Booth 505) and at http://www.enneagram-applications.com
"Even Greater Things: Hope after Vatican II" (co-authored)
"Biblical Characters and the Enneagram: Images of Transformation" (co-authored)

Del Rey-Schaller, María      Topic:  Music/Catechesis

Web site: http://www.mariadelrey.com and http://www.soundcovenant.org

DeMartini, Rev. Rodney J.      Topic:  HIV/AIDS

Dembrowsky, Constance      Topic:  Life Issues/Psychology

Web site: http://www.iasd.com

Doran, Ken       Topic:  Junior High Catechesis

Dunlap, Judith A.      Topic:  Catechesis

Early Childhood Advisory Board,      Topic:  Early Childhood

East, Tom       Topic:  Youth Ministry

Eckert, Ann Marie      Topic:  (Youth Day) & Youth Ministry

Web site: http://cmdnet.org
Books available at Congress: 
"Environmental Justice Resource Manual" (National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry).

Elmer, Rev. Gregory      Topic:  Spirituality

Ezell, Lee       Topic:  Topics of Choice

Web site: http://www.leeezell.com

Fabing, Rev. Bob       Topic:  Sacraments

Ferder, Fran       Topic:  Human Sexuality

Web site: http://www.TARAseattle.org
Books available at Congress: 
"Fire and Tenderness: The
Christian Quest for a Liberating Sexuality" with John Heagle (Crossroad, Feb 2002)
"Words Made Flesh: Scripture, Psychology and Human Communication" (Ave Maria)
"Your Sexual Self Pathway to Authentic Intimacy" with John Heagle (Ave Maria)

Fiand, Barbara       Topic:  Spirituality

Finke, Rudolf       Topic:  (Spanish) Christology

Florian, Amy       Topic:  Elementary/Evangelization

Web site: http://www.amyflorian.com
Books available at Congress:
 “Sign & Symbol, Word & Song: Creating and Celebrating Classroom Rituals” (Ave Maria Press)

Florián, Dr. Lorenzo R.      Topic:  (Spanish) Music & Catechesis

Web site: http://lorenzoflorian.iuma.com

Ford, Paul F.       Topic:  Spirituality

Fragomeni, Rev. Richard      Topic:  Liturgy / Catechumenate

Web site: http://www.ourladyofpompeii.org

Funk, Sr. Mary Margaret      Topic:  Spirituality

Gaillardetz, Richard R.      Topic:  Theology & Spirituality

Gallen, Rev. John      Topic:  Liturgy

Garcia-Mina Freire, Ana      Topic:  (Spanish) Psychology/Catechesis

Gaupin, Linda L.       Topic:  Confirmation

Available at Congress (at William H. Sadlier booth):
"The Spirit Sets Us Free -- Confirmation
Preparation for Youth" (Student & catechist guide and video)

Gilbert, Rev. Richard B.      Topic:  Bereavement

Books available at Congress:
“Finding Your Way After Your Parent Dies: Hope for Adults” (Ave Maria Press)
“Healthcare & Spirituality: Listening, Assessing, Caring” (Baywood Publishing)

Ginel Vielva, Rev. Alvaro      Topic:  (Spanish) Adult Catechesis

Goebel, Jerry       Topic:  (Youth Day)

Goizueta, Roberto S.      Topic:  Theology/Culture

Gordon, Greer       Topic:  Spirituality/Sexuality

Books available at Congress:
"Symphonies of the Heart:  Spiritual Harmony and the Quest for Holiness" (Pauline Books & Media); http://www.pauline.org

Groome, Thomas H.      Topic:  Catechesis & Evangelization

Books available at Congress:
"Educating for Life: A Spiritual Vision for Every Teacher and Parent" (Crossroads) -- available at both Crossroad and Sadlier booths
"What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life" (Harper, new)

Groves, Richard F.      Topic:  Bereavement

Guajardo, Guadalupe      Topic:  Multicultural Catechesis

Haas, David       Topic:  Liturgy & Music

Hailer, Sr. Gretchen      Topic:  Media

Halpin, Marlene       Topic:  Elementary-Prayer

Hannemann, Jeannie      Topic:  Elizabeth Ministry-motherhood

Web: http://www.elizabethministry.com

Hartman, Rev. Msgr. Thomas A.      Topic:  (Youth Day) / Ecumenism

Haugen, Marty       Topic:  Liturgy & Music

Hayes, Diana L.       Topic:  Social Justice

Heagle, Rev. John L.      Topic:  Human Sexuality

Web site: http://www.TARAseattle.org
Books available at Congress: 
"Fire and Tenderness: The
Christian Quest for a Liberating Sexuality" with Fran Ferder (Crossroad, Feb 2002)
"Your Sexual Self Pathway to Authentic Intimacy" with Fran Ferder (Ave Maria)

HealthWorks,       Topic:  (Youth Day)

Web site: http://www.healthworkstheatre.com

Hens-Piazza, Dr. Gina      Topic:  Scripture

Hershey, Rev. Terry      Topic:  Adult Education/Spirituality

Web site: http://www.terryhershey.com and http://www.soulgardening.com
Books available at Congress:
“Soul Gardening: Cultivating The Good Life” (Augsburg Press)

Hilkert, Mary Catherine      Topic:  Liturgy/Spirituality

Books available as Congress:
“Naming Grace: Preaching and the Sacramental Imagination” (Continuum)
“Speaking with Authority: Catherine of Siena and the Voices of Women Today” (Paulist)

Ho Lung, Rev. Richard      Topic:  Liturgy & Music

Huebsch, Bill       Topic:  Adult Ed/Spirituality

Books available at Congress:
“A New Look at Grace"
(Twenty-Third Publications)
"Rethinking Sacraments" (Twenty-Third Publications)
"A New Look at Prayer"  (Twenty-Third Publications)
"A Radical Guide for Catholics" (Twenty-Third Publications)
"People of God at Prayer"  (Twenty-Third Publications)
"The General Directory of Catechesis in Plain English"  (Twenty-Third Publications)
"New Scripture Way of the Cross"  (Twenty-Third Publications)
"John XXIII  Way of the Cross" (Twenty-Third Publications)
"Praying with John XXIII" (St. Mary's Press)

Hurley, Rev. John      Topic:  Evangelization/Catechesis

Web site: http://www.usccb.org/evangelization

Jabro, Sr. Suzanne      Topic:  Detention Ministry

Jansen, Val Limar      Topic:  Music

Joncas, Rev. Michael      Topic:  Theology/Music/Liturgy

NOTE: Michael Joncas has had to cancel. His replacements, presenting the same workshops, are:
#6-09  Kenan Osborne
#7-17  Marty Haugen

Kaighan, Herb       Topic:  Spirituality

Kendzia, Tom       Topic:  Music

Kline, Rt. Rev. Francis      Topic:  Spirituality/Prayer

Books available at Congress:
"Lovers of the Place" (Liturgical Press)

Kopecky, Robert       Topic:  Media

Lanzagorta Bonilla, Teresita      Topic:  (Spanish) Young Adults

Law, Rev. Eric H.F.      Topic:  Multiculturalism

Web: http://www.chalicepress.com
Books available:
"Sacred Acts, Holy Change" (Chalice Press, new Jan. 2002)
"Inclusion" (Chalice Press) 
"The Bush Was Blazing But Not Consumed" (Chalice Press) 
"The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb" (Chalice Press) 

Lawton, Liam F.       Topic:  Liturgy & Music

Levine, Dr. Alexandra M.      Topic:  HIV/AIDS

Livingston, Patricia H.      Topic:  Spirituality

Macaluso, Sr. Mary Christelle, The “Fun Nun”      Topic:  Catechesis/Evangelization

Web: http://www.funnun.com/faxmailorder.html
Books available at Congress:
“God Knows Best About Stress: Biblical Reflections To Lift Up The Heart”
“One-Liners From God: Biblical Affirmations To Lift Up The Heart”
“God Knows Best About Joy: Biblical Reflections To Lift Up The Heart”

Malave, Reinardo “Rey”      Topic:  (Youth Day)

Marcheschi, Nancy      Topic:  Drama & Catechesis

Marcheschi, Graziano      Topic:  Drama & Catechesis

Marins, José F.       Topic:  (Spanish) Small Christian Comm.

Marta, Suzy Yehl       Topic:  Family

Web: http://www.rainbows.org

Martínez, Dr. Gabriel N.      Topic:  (Spanish) Family Communication

Massingale, Rev. Bryan N.      Topic:  Social Ethics/Morality

Mazar, Peter       Topic:  Catechesis

McCarty, Robert J.      Topic:  (Youth Day) & Youth Ministry

McChesney, Rev. Robert W.      Topic:  Detention Ministry

Web site: http://www.jesref.org
Published on the web: 
"Immigration and Terrorism" (America magazine, October 29, 2001)

McCormack, Dr. Patricia M.      Topic:  Family (Spirituality & Parenting)

Web: http://www.formativeparenting.org

McGrath, Bro. Michael O'Neill      Topic:  Elementary Catechesis & Art

Web site: http://beestill.com
Books available at Congress:
"Patrons and Protectors" (Liturgy Training Publications)
"Journey with Therese of Lisieux" (Sheed and Ward)
"Clip Art for the Parish" (World Library Publications)

McKenna, Megan       Topic:  Justice & Peace

Books available at Congress:
"Prophets: Words of Fire" (Orbis Books)
"Mary, Mother of All Nations" (Orbis Books)
"2001 Lent" 2 Vol (Orbis Books)
"Marrow of
Mystery" (Sheed and Ward, 2002)

Mecum, Shelly       Topic:  Evangelization/Catechesis

Web site: http://www.godsphotoalbum.com
Books available at Congress:
"God's Photo Album: How We Looked for God and Saved Our School" (Harper San Francisco)

Miller, Dan       Topic:  Spirituality

Mitchell, Nathan       Topic:  Liturgy

Books available at Congress:
"Real Presence: The Work of Eucharist" (Liturgy Training Publications)

Mullen, Rev. J. Patrick      Topic:  Scripture

Murray, Rev. J-Glenn      Topic:  Liturgy

Nagel, Leland       Topic:  Catechesis

Neeley, Rev. Peter G.      Topic:  (Spanish) Detention Ministry

Web site: http://www.jesref.org
Web resource: http://www.LIRS.org

Noguez Alcántara, Armando      Topic:  (Spanish) New Testament

Books/libros at Congress (Editorial Dabar booth):
"Biblia, ética y Apocalipsis"

Cuadernos de estudio at Congress (Editorial Dabar booth):
"Apocalipsis, revelación de Jesucristo"

O'Dea, Shelia       Topic:  RCIA/Catechumenate

Odien, Rev. Terry M.      Topic:  Catechesis

Osborne, Rev. Kenan B.      Topic:  Sacraments

Pacatte, Rose       Topic:  Media

Web: http://www.pauline.org/store/index.html
Books available at Congress (Pauline Books & Media booth):
“Lights, Camera, Faith... A Movie Lectionary, Cycle A"

Palmer, Victoria       Topic:  Media

Parra Sánchez, Abundio      Topic:  (Spanish) Old Testament

Patin, Michael       Topic:  (Youth Day) & Youth Catechesis/Morality

Phan, Dr. Peter C.      Topic:  Asian Pacific Perspective

Phong, Frère       Topic:  Catechesis (Vietnamese)

Piercy, Robert       Topic:  Liturgy

Pilar Latorre, María      Topic:  (Spanish) Catechesis

Ponnet, Rev. Chris      Topic:  HIV/AIDS

Web: http://www.la-archdiocese.org and http://circlesofhope.org

Prejean, Sr. Helen      Topic:  (Youth Day)

Ricard, Rev. R. Tony      Topic:  (Youth Day) / Topics of choice

Ristow, Kate       Topic:  Elementary Catechesis

Web site: http://faithfirst.com

Robinson, David       Topic:  Justice & Peace

Web site: http://www.paxchristiusa.org

Rodríguez, Cardinal Oscar Andrés      Topic:  Keynote & workshop

Rodríguez, Rev. Domingo      Topic:  (Spanish) Evangelization & Culture

Books available at Congress:
"El Momento Catolico" (Claretian booth)

Rodríguez, Rev. Edmundo      Topic:  (Spanish) Ecclesiology

Rohr, Rev. Richard      Topic:  Catechesis & Evangelization

Books available at Congress:
“Everything Belongs” (Crossroad Press)
“Job and the Mystery of Suffering” (Crossroad Press)
“The Enneagram:  A Christian Perspective” (Crossroad Press)
“Hope Against Darkness” (St. Anthony Messenger Press)
“Radical Grace” (St. Anthony Messenger Press)
“The Great Themes of Scripture” (St. Anthony Messenger Press)
“Jesus' Plan for a New World” (St. Anthony Messenger Press)
 “Near Occasions of Grace” (Orbis)

Roof, Dr. Wade Clark      Topic:  Morality/Values

Rose, David R.       Topic:  Special Education

Roush, Sheryl       Topic:  Communication

Web site: http://www.SparklePresentations.com
Books available for Congress:
"Solid Gold Newsletter Design"

Rubalcava, Pedro       Topic:  (Spanish) Music & Catechesis

Web site: http://www.ocp.org/composers/rubalcava.html
Web site:

Ruiz de Arana Marone, Crista      Topic:  Family

Rupp, Joyce       Topic:  Spirituality/Prayer

Web site: http://www.JoyceRupp.com
Books available at Congress:
"The Cosmic Dance:
Experiencing Our Oneness" (Orbis Books)

Rye, Rev. Gary C.      Topic:  Scripture

Saso, Patt & Steve       Topic:  Parenting/Family

Web site: http://www.SasoSeminars.com
Web resource: Saso Seminars email newsletter
Books available at Congress (at Ave Maria booth):
"10 Best Gifts for Your Teen" (Sorin Books)
Books and Cassettes available at Congress (at U.S. Catholic booth)

Saunders, Kevin       Topic:  Scripture-NT

Scally, Anna       Topic:  Youth Ministry

Web site: http://cornerstonemedia.org

Senior, Rev. Donald      Topic:  Scripture

Shea, John       Topic:  Storytelling/Scripture/Spirituality

Shelton, Rev. Charles      Topic:  Morality

Books available at Congress:
"Achieving Moral Health" (Crossroad)

Slon, Rev. Thomas R.      Topic:  Liturgy

Smith-Christopher, Dr. Daniel      Topic:  Scripture

Books available at Congress:
"Subverting  Hatred: Essays on Nonviolence and World Religions" (Orbis Books)

Sparough, J. Thomas      Topic:  (Youth Day) Youth Ministry & Spirituality

Spitzer, Robert J.      Topic:  Respect Life

Stauring, Javier       Topic:  (Spanish) Reconciliation/Violence

Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien      Topic:  Keynote

Sweetser, Rev. Thomas J.      Topic:  Leadership; Speaking with Sr. Peg Bishop

Web site: http://www.pepparish.org
Books at Congress:
“The Parish As Covenant, A Call To Pastoral Partnership”
”Transforming the Parish” (Sheed and Ward)
“Recreating the Parish” (Sheed and Ward)
“Changing Pastors” (Sheed and Ward)

Tagle, Rev. Luis Antonio G.      Topic:  Ecclesiology

Toan, John Francis "Cha"      Topic:  Vietnamese/English Workshop

Van Hien, Rev. Peter Nguyen      Topic:  Vietnamese/English Workshop

Vela, Rudy       Topic:  (Spanish) Liturgy

Villarroya, Rev. Pedro      Topic:  (Spanish) Social Justice

Walker, Christopher      Topic:  Liturgy

Latest publication: "Christ We Proclaim" (Oregon Catholic Press, new 2002)

Wallis, Jim       Topic:  Justice

Web site: http://www.sojo.net
Books available at Congress:
"Faith Works: Lessons
From the Life of an Activist Preacher" (Sojourners)  on the web

Wanland, Donna Maree      Topic:  Scripture & Life Challenges

Weber, Jean Marie      Topic:  Evangelization & Catechesis

Welch, Bud       Topic:  Detention Ministry

Wells, David       Topic:  Adult Catechesis

Weston, Rev. Thomas C.      Topic:  Ecclesiology/Spirituality

Web site: http://www.inlight.com (for tapes and schedule)

Witter, Jacquelyne      Topic:  Adult Catechesis

Wlodarski, Mary       Topic:  Catechesis

Yzaguirre, Dr. John      Topic:  (Spanish) Psychology/Family

Zannoni, Arthur E.      Topic:  Scripture

Books available at Congress:
"Jesus of the Gospels: Teacher, Storyteller, Friend, Messiah" (St. Anthony Messenger Press)
"Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations" (Paulist Press)
"Tell Me Your Name: Images of god in the Bible" (Liturgy Training Publications)
"Tell Me Your Story:The Parables of Jesus" (Liturgy Training Publications)

Zanotto, Rev. Luigi      Topic:  (Spanish) Theology

Zanzig, Tom       Topic:  Confirmation

Web site: http://smp.org
Books available at Congress:
"Confirmed in a Faithful Community"

Zuniga, Luis       Topic:  (Spanish) Sacraments


We've asked our speakers to respond and send link information if they have a web site or a publication available at Congress 2002. Only those who have responded are listed here. If you'd like to add something, let us know

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