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Religious Education Congress Report:

The 1999 Annual Religious Congress was held in Anaheim Convention Center from February 12th through 14th. This year’s convention brought about 30,000 catechists from all over the United States even from Canada and Australia. From our church 15 teachers participated in it and with our church council’s generous support they stayed in a hotel nearby the Convention Center unlike previous years which they had to drive back and forth for three days.

In addition to numerous different workshops, there were number of booths featuring religious publishing company like St. Paul, the press; mission groups like St. Columban; and religious gift items.

Ms. Ellene Song, the 6th grade teacher, said "I was very happy to get so much resources from this year’s congress. Especially books about ‘media liturgy’, I think nowadays culture for the youth is definitely media and it will be very effective tool in youth ministry.

Ms. Christina Hwang said that she bought a set of video cassettes on the subject of relationship featuring the worldly known speaker, Pamela Ethanzel, to deliver the message to her high school students.

Ms. Leila and Angela Han, the fifth grade teacher, attended and workshop on "self-esteem" and shared: "We’re excited to get practical ideas which we can bring to our own class right away."

This congress not only provided knowledge and tips for teaching but also rejuvenated catechists who got tired from their classes.


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Los Angeles, CA • Posted July 1999