Wishing you a Blessed Christmas Season and New Year!
From the Religious Education Congress Staff

From left: Victoria Radleigh Smith (Youth Day Coordinator), Jan Pedroza (Program Coordinator), Joanna Aguilar (Administrative Assistant), Natalie Aviles (Administrative Assistant), Fr. Chris Bazyouros (Director of the Office of
Religious Education), and Paulette Smith (Event Coordinator).

The Twelve Gifts of Congress

12 Tips for Congress               
11 Ways to Volunteer              
10 Scheduled Speaker Signings
9 Ways to help on Youth Day
8 Workshop sessions
7 Dollars for the Young Adult Dance
6 Eucharistic Liturgies on Saturday
5 Make 5 new friends!
4 Days of Congress
3 Keynote Speakers
2 "Arenas" to gather (Arena for English; Hall B for Spanish)
1 day of Youth to start it off!