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February, 2001




FY 01 US Army
Directors of Religious Education Annual Training Event

February 13-18, 2001
Anaheim, California 

For the FY01 annual DRE conference it was decided by the steering committee to participate in the very exciting Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, an annual event sponsored and conducted by the LA Archdiocese.  Each year, this great event attracts thousands of participants who come to participate in the three days of intensive workshops, and an all day youth event.  This year, the US Army was privileged to have 30 DREs attend both the youth day, and the three days of workshops.

Day three was Youth Day at the LA RE Congress, and it truly lived up to its billing.  The arena was a packed house as youth from around the Roman
Catholic church provided exciting programs.  Workshops for youth day provided great insight into new and innovative ways to reach our youth.

Days four, five, and six were days of workshops, music, liturgies, and an exhibition put on by many religious publishers from our the world.  There was no shortage of great information, excitement, and most of all, a sense of the Divine in everything that was happening.  Everyday was a new rush of fresh spirit as thousands of participants attended this years congress.

Events such as this continue to prove that religious education is alive and well throughout the world, and US Army DREs are indeed leading the way.


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