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Photo: Archbishop Mahony

Friday, February 7, 1986
Archbishop Mahony Invites Adults and Youth to Congress

Known by many titles, she is celebrated and honored by Catholics all over the world, and has inspired countless works of art. Now, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been depicted in a new, artistic, somewhat playful but clearly reverential (and colorful) book of prayers.

Archbishop Mahony Invites Adults and Youth to Congress

Archbishop Roger Mahony has assured participants in the Religious Education Congress Feb. 13‑16 "of my special prayers that this year's Congress may bear much spiritual fruit, among us."

"We are all bound in the unity of faith and the Holy Spirit.," wrote the archbishop.

"The Religious Education Congress is always a joyful celebration of that oneness. This Congress is especially exciting for me, because, for the first time, I will be participating with you as the new Archbishop of Los Angeles.

"WITH AN OPEN heart, I welcome the people of God who gather for this event. These are, indeed, blessed days of grace, in which we will grow in our lives with God and with each other," wrote Archbishop Mahony.

"Our theme this year, `The Word Is in Your Heart,' is a challenge to all of us to be rooted in scripture and to be people of deep prayer. Indeed, this is the call for all who are involved in catechetical ministry. Let. us approach the fountain of living water and be renewed again in this Spirit," he wrote.

The new archbishop has spoken to the Congress in years past.

He addressed the 1985 Congress while serving as bishop of Stockton. In that talk he explained the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' pastoral letter on war and nuclear weapons.

ARCHBISHOP MAHONY will concelebrate Mass Thursday, Feb. 13, at Youth Day. The event annually attracts more than 10,000 high school youths.

"Youth Day again offers a unique opportunity for youth to come together to celebrate and to participate in exciting and challenging workshops in English and Spanish. Many excellent, speakers and musicians will share their talents and insights," said Sister Edith Prendergast, associate director of the archdiocesan office of religious education.

SPEAKERS AT Youth Day will include Jim Burns on "The Private Life of the American Teenager"; St. Mary Carlann, S.N.D. of St. Matthias High School, Huntington Park, on "Reflections on Christian Sexuality"; Teri DeSario on "Dealing with Peer Pressure"; Fr. Michael Harris, principal of Mater Dei High School, on forgiveness; and Fr. Tom Weston, S.J. on drugs and alcohol.

Other Youth Day speakers include Fr. Liam Kidney, principal of St. Bernard High School, on youth's struggle for love and acceptance; Fr. Don Kimball on music and Dr. Ernest Smith on parent-teen communications.

"IN A SPIRIT of joy and anticipation, you are invited to be a part, of Youth Day," said Sister Edith.

Youth Day begins at 8:30 a.m. with music in the arena of the Anaheim Convention Center. There is an opening session at 9 a.m., workshops at 9:45 a.m., and Mass at 11 a.m. Workshops resume at 1:30 p.m. There is a closing rally at 2:45 p.m.


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