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Another spectacular musical by Marty Haugen!

The Feast of Life

Stories from the Gospel of Luke

Marty Haugen with Gary Daigle

Debuted at the 2000 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, The Feast of Life reminds us of the fourteen banquets mentioned in Luke's Gospel and invites us once again to hear and experience the stories of Jesus. In this new musical by Marty Haugen, a diverse group of adults and children gather around a banquet table to retell the parables in Luke's Gospel. The group tells and sings of "The Good Samaritan," "The Prodigal Son," "The Journey to Emmaus," and other parables, as well as the birth and the Passion of Jesus.

CONTENTS: Gather 'Round This Table • Come to Us, Emmanuel (The Birth) • God Has Anointed Me DAIGLE• Take Up Your Cross • Who Is My Neighbor? • Where Your Treasure Is (G-5443/1.40) • The Banquet • God Rejoices When the Lost Are Found • Look on Us, Saviour (The Passion) • Emmaus/Within the Reign of God.