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Friday, February 4, 2005
Congress workshops: An endless wealth and variety

Workshop selection can be the most exhilarating part of the Religious Education Congress experience -- and the most exasperating.

And not because there aren't any worth selecting; on the contrary, there are usually too darn many worth selecting, and the problem is deciding which ones of the more than 200 offered (more than 250, counting the Spanish- and Vietnamese-language workshops).

So ask yourself. Do you select based on your ministry, or on your personal needs? Do you go for fun? For enrichment? To be challenged? To be healed?

All of these reasons are legitimate, so here is a suggestion: Select workshops that feed each of these areas. Chances are, you can find more than one of your needs met in a single workshop, given the quality of the speakers and the breadth of topics. (And if you can't get into the one you want, remember that many workshops are taped and available for purchase.)

Let your practical, playful and spiritual selves be nourished, awakened and renewed at Congress.

Following is the list of English-language workshops offered at Congress 2005.

See the list of workshops

(Note: Because of pre-registration, some of the workshops listed may already be full. Visit the Congress website, archive.recongress.org for updated information on workshops, as well as additional information on speakers.)

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