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Friday, February 9 2001
The Past History is of the Religious Education Congress

The first Southern California Confraternity Congress was held Jan. 13‑15, 1967, at the International Hotel near Los Angeles International Airport, with a registration fee of $5. The theme was adopted from the words of Pope John XXIII in his opening address to the Second Vatican Council:

“The greatest concern of the Ecumenical Council is this: that the sacred deposit of Christian doctrine should be guarded and taught more efficaciously.”

"From these words the decrees of Vatican II have formulated for Christians everywhere certain duties: to learn; to live and to share more fully the message of salvation, " the pre-event materials stated. "The Southern California Confraternity Congress hopes to provide an atmosphere of Christian unity.. and learning, where all who attend may advance scholastically and spiritually for the benefit of each and the common good of all."

At the second CCD Congress Feb. 2‑4, 1968 (also at the Interna­tional Hotel), registration remained $5, with, self‑parking 50 cents, $1 or valet.. The theme: "The unmistakable work being done today by the Holy Spirit in making the laity ever more conscious of their own responsibility and encouraging them to serve Christ and the church m all circumstances."

The third Congress (Feb. 21‑23, 1969) was the last at the International Hotel, and was the first to incorporate Scripture in its theme: "How beautiful on the mountains, are the feet of one who brings good news, who heralds peace, brings happiness, proclaims salvation, and tells Zion, `Your God is king' " (Isaiah 52:7).

In 1970, Congress moved to the Anaheim Convention Center (Feb. 20‑22), where registration was $5 for one day or per workshop; $10 for two days. The first day was a Youth Conference for high school students only.

The March 26‑28, 1971 Congress carried the theme "You Shall be my Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth" (Acts 1:8), while the Feb. 18‑20, 1972, Congress was a 50th Jubilee celebration of the creation of the CCD in Los Angeles.

In 1973, the event was retitled the Religious Education Congress, and bilingual themes were adopted in 1979. A list of Congress dates and themes:

March 1‑4, 1973: Who Do You Say 1 Am?

Feb. 7‑10, 1974: Jesus, Others, You

Feb. 27‑March 2, 1975: Praise, Pilgrim Rejoice

Feb. 12‑15, 1976: Free to Live

Feb.10‑13, 1977: Come Follow Me

Feb. 2‑5, 1978: Doing the Truth in Love

Feb. l‑4, 1979: He Calls Us Each By Name/¡Nos Llama por Nuestro Nombre!

March 6‑9, 1980: Family Together in His Love /Familia Unida por su Amor

Feb.12‑15, 1981: Many Gifts – One Lord/Diversos Domes Pero un solo Señor

Feb. 11‑14, 1982: Growing in Age, Wisdom, Favor/Creciendo Edad, Sabiuría, Favor Favor

Mar. 17‑20, 1983: Making alt Things New to Christ/Haciendo Todas las Cosas Nuevas en Cristo

Mar. 22‑25, 1984: The Lord is d With Us/El Señor está con Nosotros n Jan. 24‑27, 1985: Journey Sod gether to Faith/Caminar Juntos en Fe

Feb. 13‑16, 1986: The Word is in Your Heart/La Palabra está en su Corazón

March 12‑15, 1987: Sent to be a Blessing/Enviados a ser una Benedición

March 10‑13, 1988: We are God's Work of Art/Somos Obra de Arte de Dios

April 20‑23, 1989: Proclaim God's Glory/Proclama la Gloria de Dios

Jan. 25‑28, 1990: Voices that Challenge/Voces que Desafían

Feb. 14‑17, 1991: Waters of the Earth/Aguas de la Tierra

March 19‑22, 1992: On Holy Ground/En Tierra Santa

Feb. 18‑21, 1993: Compassion Poured Out/Companion Derramada

Feb. 17‑20, 1994: Live the Promise/Vive la Promesa

Feb. 16‑19, 1995: Passion for Justice/Pasión por la Justicia

March 21‑24, 1996: God's Liberating Power/Poder Liberador de Dios

Feb.13‑16, 1997: Embrace and Echo the Word/Abraza y Haz Eco la Palabra

Feb.19‑22, 1998: Imaging Love: Empowering Lives/Reflejando Amor: Dando Poder

Feb. 11‑14, 1999: Lead with Eyes of Wisdom/Dirige con Ojos de Sabiduría

April 6‑9, 2000: Embrace Hope: Shout Jubilee!/Despierta la Esperanza: Grits Jubileo

Feb. 15‑18, 2001: Clothed in Love, Summoned Beyond/Vestidos en Amor, Llamados al más allá.


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