July 2019

RECongress (2019.2)

RECongress 2019 Themes Announced

The themes for the 2019 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress have just been announced. Our event starts off with Youth Day on Thursday, March 21; the theme for Youth Day, "Trust! God’s Gotchu," was chosen by a group of young people who reflected upon the readings of the day. The theme for the adult days — “Thirsting for Justice” | “Sed de Justicia” | “Khát Khao Công Lý” — was developed from the readings of the day for the Third Sunday of Lent (First Reading, Ex. 17:3-7; Psalm 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9; Second Reading, Rom. 5:1-2, 5-8 and Gospel, John 4:5-42)

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Reflection on the Youth Day Theme

The theme for Youth Day 2019, "Trust! God’s Gotchu," was chosen by a group of young people who reflected upon the readings of the day.

The first reading gives as warning to those who place their trust in others and not in the Lord. Like a barren bush in a scorching desert, those without hope in the Lord will receive no relief. However, those who hope in the Lord should not fear, for they will be rewarded. The passage reminds us that the Lord alone knows our struggles and will judge “everyone according to the merit of his deeds” (Rom. 2:6).

We see God’s judgment later in the Gospel as we hear of Lazarus and the Rich Man. Lazarus had little and suffered greatly throughout his life. Through it all, his faith never wavered. Though he sat at the door of the rich man’s house, he received no comfort or aid. When he died, he was carried away by angels and brought to a place of peace. The rich man also died but found himself in a place of torment. He had a vision and saw Abraham with Lazarus in heaven. He begged Abraham for mercy, yet Abraham replied, “My child, remember that you received what was good during your lifetime while Lazarus received what was bad.” The rich man begged for Lazarus to be sent to his family to warn them so that they would not suffer as he did. Abraham reminded the man that his family had Moses and the prophets, saying, "If they will not listen to them, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead.”

These passages invite us to reflect upon our own trust and disbelief. In what ways are we Lazarus? In what ways are we the Rich Man? As those who have hope in the Lord, how are we being invited to deepen our trust in God’s goodness? In modern jargon when someone says “I gotchu” it means that they have you covered and that you can lean on them for support. Trust! God’s Gotchu offers a message of comfort and hope to young people attending the day. It is a reminder that when we persevere in faithfulness, we will be rewarded. Our theme is broadly applicable and transcends time and circumstance. Young people will discern their own faith journey and be called to renew their commitment to trust in Christ. They will leave challenged to joyfully embrace this message of hope. Whatever you are experiencing, whatever struggle or burden — Trust! God’s Gotchu.
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Reflection on the Theme

Fr Chris Bazyouros, Director of the Office of Religious Education, shares a brief reflection on the adult days theme:

The theme for the adult days springs from the Sunday Gospel reading in which a Samaritan woman encounters Jesus at a well. Their conversation opens new possibilities not only for the woman but for her whole town as well, possibilities for a new life found in Christ himself. This reading has special significance in the Church’s life. For many centuries, this reading has accompanied those who are seeking initiation in our Church. The imagery of finding one’s thirst quenched not from water drawn from the deep underground but from the infinite love and mercy of Jesus have called so many to conversion and faith.

This theme also recalls Jesus’ teaching in the Beatitudes of those who have a yearning for justice that is so deep, so intense it feels like a persistent thirst, a gnawing hunger. In this, we are again called to turn to Jesus who reconciles all creation to God and through his death and Resurrection and sends the Spirit to awaken in us the courage and gifts necessary to work for justice and peace.

Our theme, "Thirsting for Justice," not only describes a condition of the heart but it also is meant to begin a conversation. Thirsting for justice, what am I willing to do to help build the kingdom of God? How will you respond?
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A Look Back ... at 1999

Attendees of the 1999 Religious Education Congress had the opportunity to inspect updated models of the interior of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels at their exhibit booth in Hall A (The Cathedral was dedicated on September 2, 2002).

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RECongress 2019

RECongress Dates
March 21 (Youth Day) &
March 22-24, 2019

Anaheim Convention Center
800 West Katella Ave.
Anaheim, Calif. 92802
(just south of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure).
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Congress Milestones
1956 - first two-day CCD Institute (500 teachers in attendance)

1967 - first three-day “Southern California Confraternity Congress” (7,000 in attendance)

1973 - CCD Congress moves from Los Angeles to Anaheim Convention Center

1973 - first "Religious Education Congress" as CCD office renamed to Office of Religious Education
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